misstree@chaosmagic.com okay, so this is kind of a strange request... but i do live action role playing (see misstree's_rambling_corner for details), and my character is illiterate but has some poetry memorized (oral tradition and all that)... problem is, i need more... no love poetry, or sex poetry, got more than enough of that... but it's a vaguely medieval setting, and i'm playing a gypsy who spent a few years in the badlands with a bunch of ogres (long story, email me at chaosmagic if you want me to mail you the rather long but relatively intersting character history)... so ANYWAY, the point is that if anyone has/knows of any poems that would be vaguely appropriate and aren't too long to be memorizable in less than a week, please let me know... if you know ones that are longer, well, there's one more event, and then a whole winter but nothing to do but talk to myself and rebuild my repetoire... toss 'em here or email them to me, pretty please? okay i'm done. (boobies! dammit! there's gotta be a cure...) 031027
p2 a cure for boobies? i sure hope not!

interesting request, i'll give it a shot when i get a chance. perhaps something about an epic ogre battle?
misstree yes! battle poetry is especially coveted, and especially hard to find (i've been looking), and i can't quite capture it in my own writing. :) 031027
Death of a Rose ooogra.....arrrrgggghhhh.
give me stone, bash he head.
rip and storm, roar to make he dead.

rumble little worm, me coming now
run fast before I trap you,
beg he will, when I reap.

me crash and drag you in to deep.
bump and stump, you alredy fled.

misstree eeeeeeeeheheheheheehehe!
that makes me tingle in delicious ways!
in character i talk in an accent that is vaguely related to a really bad russian accent, and it just growls beautifully when muttered under my breath. 8D

more! more!

i'm refraining from ranting about battle chants, too, as there are two that I've been taught, and one is very good with calming focus, and the other just begs to be growled louder and louder, it makes hands twitch and blood boil, it's glorious. :)

here's a poem i found in a 'zine years back and copied, with a couple of lines cut out. author was listed as j0b.

Why not mimic the hail
and pummel the earth with your breath
Or like the cyclone tear
the sod and rock to shreds
Or force the gnomes to seek
the fissures of the striated clay
to wait for your shadow to pass
Or haunt the marshlands with
clenched talons and wide, yellow eyes?
I will open you up and drink you,
if you fail to answer me.
Death of a Rose simple death I will bring,
my bone driven harrow,
scream walking towards you.

might of armies in one,
corpse eater and pulp madness
is in these eyes.

take the time to separate
your limbs from each other
paint my chest with ribs
bandersnatch hook us up with th battle chants, ive alwase been drawn to highly rythmic chants and poems that can be bellowed out over the steady beating of a drum.

and i am sorry aboutnot having anything to contribute to your search, but ill try.
misstree *bites her lip*
man, i really really wish i could, but the chants are based on a huge system done by some people i know, and it just wouldn't be right of me giving access to anyone without checking with them... i'll try to think of some of the non-ogrish ones i know, but most times i've heard battle chants, i was too stupefied to notice what they were saying. howling, growling, and especially barking at people is one of my flavorite things to do, especially as a wearer of boobies.

but i'll check with my man and see what he says.
oldephebe well..is there an online source of klingonese 'cause those guys can git dwon with the whole martial postures..and vows of obliteration kind of thing..and how about the medieval norse sagas..? 031027
pipedream YAYYYY doar, that was a GOOOOD ogre poem....*laughs at the boobies yell*

um..and ogre poem should be brutish and growly and bloody. gnash-y. let me think.

naah, can't think of anything, DOAR's poem was the epitome of good ogre stuff. does lord of the rings have anything? im sure it will....
misstree i search not only for ogre poetry, but battle poetry, and anything growly and stoic, or any beautiful pieces... having never read the lotr series (please don't hit me), i wouldn't know if there's anything in there... even if there are just good insults or battle cries or whatnot (and i found a few battle cries last night, still waiting to see if i can post ogre ones), i *demand* that y'all go "gerrrrr!" in some way here. or something. i dunno, it's too early to be making demands. :P 031028
Death of a Rose geez....all this positive female attention is going to make me smile.

thank you pipedream.

oh...misstree...are there any BA meetings?
misstree nope. incurable affliction. you and i are cursed to run around saying "boobies!" for the rest of our days. personally, i am also cursed with "poop!", "bag!" and "dictator!" 031028
Strideo from: poetry_stylings_of_rotk7

"King, if here you wage your war
I will lend you my pike
That by blood we may ally"

"Dreams are waves upon the sea
Children play on their shores
Oblivious to fate"

"The sword and the bow
Cowardice and might
Simply two means to a common end"

"A hundred years of life
Can bring a thousand years of sorrow
The day suffers through night"

i dunno . . .

Death of a Rose good one strideo...

misstree.....I shall personally never forget "but....fuckin", I think it was.

you rock you delicious wearer of boobies.
Doar boobies! 031028
Death of a Rose gnash and grrrrrrrrrr

I shall cleave thy useless skull
from your wasteful body, wretch!
king kong NINJA when the moon and sun share the sky, the wind carries my battle cry,
you'd waste your time to stop and pray, run from this earth, this death, run away.
misstree oooh... chills... yeah, i'm gonna make some kiddeos pee their pants... 031028
minnesota_chris that's weird... several months ago I was making fun of a misspelling... someone was talking about a gorgeous poem and it came out ogrgeous poem... which I had to shorten to:


(click it! you know you wanna)
pipedream that would be me...*turns red*
damned typo

and i'm cursed with 'potty' these days...say it everywhere hehehe can't say i'm complaining, though...*softly yells 'boobies!' and giggles*

potty! potty! we've all gone pottyyyyy
Doar pipedream, you 'potty' mouth....

now get back to your banjo playing...
p2 metal clashing
swords a-flashing
through your shields
my axe is crashing

bodies thrashing
cowards dashing
it's their blood
that i love splashing

grunting, bashing
skulls are smashing
your tasty flesh
i will be gnashing
Doar good one p2. 031029
Lemon_Soda Lovely, p2 031029
p2 thank_you_very_much
no_no, thank_you
seriously_though, thanks_alot
pipedream yessir, DOAR, sir!
*plinks her banjo in time to p2's fantastic ogre ditty*

swing yer ogre, do si do

p2 Ah-Sh'rq of Legend

Behold the tale of Ah'Sh'rq
Our mightiest of kings
The Elven do not speak his name
For the terror that it brings

Unsatisfied with our small lands
He led us out to war
He declared that ogrekind
Would rule from shore to shore

For forty years we ogres marched
The rivers ran blood red
And after every victory
We'd feast upon the dead

He'd take entire villages
And tie them in a pile
Light their bodies into flames
Laughing, all the while

One by one, the kingdoms fell
The elves, the dwarves, and man
And as we marched on Shri'paril
Victory was at hand

When he defeated the Elven Queen
He took her for his own
And so he ruled the ogre kingdom
The elf chained to his throne

For forty years we ogres rules
The Age of Darkness reigned
But in this time of revelry
Our battle skills had waned

A rebel group began to form
The Elven Queen conspired
She knew the King's youngest son
And knew what he aspired

Seducing with her elven ways
He couldn't resist her spell
He pledged to her eternal love
His father's head as well

Late that night the son crept in
And freed her from her bonds
To his surprise he found himself
Surrounded by many wands

The mages lifted cloaking spells
A mighty force unveiled
That youngest son of Ah-Sh'rq
Soon found himself impaled

The Elven Queen now freed from chains
A sleeping spell, she cast
They set about killing us
And saved the King for last

The fate of Ah-Sh'rq is in dispute
Some say that he is dead
Yet there are some that say the rebels
Had found an empty bed

Ogrekind has since been scattered
Each waiting for the day
That Ah-Sh'rq, the King of Legend,
Returns to lead the way
p2 pronounciations:
Ah-Sh'rq: ah'-shuh-rock
Shri'paril: shree'-pah-ril'
p2 grrr
it's so uneven
please consider this only a rough draft
i will finish it on my own site, so i do not double post here
pipedream- two thumbs up but it was very very good, wonderful imagination y'have there :) 031030
misstree p2, you must marry me. now. you caught my thoughts from a zillion miles away, that was the most exquisite thing, i am overflowing but words and i are separate creatures right now, you must please forgive me if i ask you to carry so very much in "thank you" and "wow". with a side of god-damn. 031031
p2 corrections:
Behold the tale of Ah'Sh'rq -> Behold the tale of Ah-Sh'rq
The fate of Ah-Sh'rq is in dispute -> The fate of the King is in dispute
p2 pipedream, thankyou

"a side of god-damn"?
* blushes and bows *
p2 pipedream, thankyou

"a side of god-damn"?
* blushes and bows *

misstree see: creatures 031109
smurfus rex
A battle chant...think of a packed college football stadium when you're looking for the rhythm...:)

Run! Run!
Here we come!
Grab you! Crush you!
Choke you blue!
Bend your spines! Break your lines!
See us charge and lose your minds!

Swing! Swing!
Axe blade sings!
Club is DOOM!
Ogres ready?

now I want to larp my half-ogre again...hehehe
misstree arrrr! gnashing teeth! gnashing teeth! not conducive to resleep. worth it, though. grrrrrrrrowlyum! 031110
oE norse/scandinavian mythology has a lotta fodder to fuel those grand oaths of imperial bellicosity... 040305
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