unhinged and that cosmic chuckle changes my heart

i watched him walk off the stage and wave at a little boy that ran to the railing to see him.

damn man, if that man can be that happy....he is a living bodhisattva_vow and the coolest old man i've ever seen.
unhinged there were thousands of people in that arena and you could hear a pin drop

mothers moved quickly to the nearest exit with their noisy children
Ouroboros tell me more! 070506
misstree i imagine that seeing him
that which he is
would wash over and suffuse,
effervescent glowing alive with love.

to me, he embodies hope, happiness, dreams, in his easy laughter and simple smile. he knows what the animals do, the secret to unabashed_affection, not just for other beasts, but for it All.
mt (and seconded, tell us more. :) 070507
fuffle wheres da lama ?

wheres he gone... me want to visit him one day.
unhinged his lecture was in a university basketball arena. i guess the university of wisconsin madison has some pretty strong ties to the dalai lama especially in the science proving the benefits of meditation department.

as the dalai lama came out from the underbelly of the arena to walk up on the stage, the crowd stood up in a wave. he raised his hands to his forehead in a blessing and bowed slightly in all directions and then he motioned somewhat impatiently for everyone to quiet down and/or sit down. (the lecture started about a half hour late because it took that long for the sold out crowd to get in the place. most of the people with the good seats on the floor didn't get in until after he was already talking.)

have you ever seen the movie kundun by scoresese (sp)? it is a very good biographical movie about the dalai lama. in that movie, there are repetitive shots of the dalai lama's feet as if he was looking at his own feet. they had a throne-like chair for the dalai lama to sit on and the first thing he did was bend over and untie his shoes so he could fold his legs up into the lotus position.

the chancellor of the university introduced him 'his holiness often refers to himself as just a humble buddhist monk'

sometimes it was hard to understand him with his thick accent. he had a translator that he turned to occasionally for help, but for the most part he spoke english well and tried very hard to speak english as much as possible. i think 'therefore' is his favorite english word. heh heh. he also gestured with his hands quite a bit.

'i hear stories of people coming to see me because they think i can perform some kind of miracle. i am no miracle worker. (big belly laugh)'

'confusion blocks happiness. drugs only cause more confusion in the mind. drugs are not the way to happiness.'

'anger is caused by fear. self_confidence eliminates fear. therefore, to be happy, you must have self_confindence'

i couldn't help but notice the logical way the dalai lama laid out happiness; from his books i always felt somewhat of an economical and practical approach. that is the beauty of vajrayana buddhism. so many karmic_links that day like links in a chain.

it was so beautiful to hear that cosmic chuckle
unhinged marred by the jesus freaks with their bibles and trust jesus posters screaming at the crowd as they filtered into the arena about how we were going to hell.

how fucking ignorant can you be?
Ouroboros yeah, but i bet he would just smile at them and bless them too 070507
unhinged i'm sure he would, but i, on the other hand, am not that realized.

fundamentalists are why hate and war still exist in the world.
epitome of incomprehensibility Coincidence--and people have been writing of dreams lately--I dreamed a while back that I went to some kind of international peace conference with my ten year old cousin (who was bored, so I gave her some paper to draw on).

The Dalai Lama was there, only he was called the "Dali Llama" after some silly surrealist cartoon I'd drawn the day before. He wore a dark red, flowing robe, very dignified and serene.

He explained to the audience that he was the head of his order; there were others currently being trained to take his position after he passed away. These
were called "Baby Llamas" and under them, he explained gravely, there were lesser orders named after smaller animals.

The funny thing is, it all sounded very plausible and philosophically appealing as he was saying it. He explained that everybody had their own place, and nobody was really less important. He said it was like "water flowing upwards"...if we follow the right path, we can only move ahead...

My cousin wanted to go out of the room and get something to eat; there was a kitchen with food-laden tables everywhere. I took a piece of pizza which was, curiously enough, balanced upright. (Reference to artist Dali's upside-down pyramids?)

Then my cousin found an ancient computer with a black and white screen. She turned it on, and it burst into (metaphorical) life instantaneously. Then she showed me how to play this connect-the-dots game. There were dots scattered across the screen and the object of the game was to connect as many as possible just by madly scribbling.

That is all I remember. I don't know what it all means, but maybe it would make the Dalai Lama laugh.
caribbean fundamentalists are not why hate and war are still in the world. fundamentalists are the exception and not the rule. the rule are everyday people like you and me, hating and waging war with each other. 070508
? rules are there to be broken !

who made them up anyway?
unhinged and i have thought of the peace and happiness that emanated from him many times since that day 070520
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a sing all peace contain soul moments in time.

it's a puzzl in g aim whereas whence you fit in one more aspect the rules become more in trick it's to
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laughter is design8ed as a dalai for you to play wi tHIS religion is happiness.

once clear on whview you really are, you realize you cannot be threatened because all schemes fit into that v(ie)w (you). that endgineered structure is yourealies erasing system.

you c an only die in your dreams and wake up into a well invested reality estate. location_location_location.

it's like bla ther e xcepti'me seeing to it that your life is a CAPTCHA to make sure you understand it for the fun love it.

we can only pretend not to laugh when it's calledoubthIS ourealaundry (we ar) because inside we're knewd.
hsg that coolest_old_man
is in a soul,
every laughed one of us.
unhinged it came up in conversation a few months ago:

'i fucked up when i didn't go with you that day. i still kick myself for that. i just had so much video work to do.'

it's amazing to me that he still uses work for the excuse for dropping me on my face back then. either he's really good at lying to himself or maybe it's true.

it was something i really wanted to share with him though, the dalai_lama , the center of my spiritual universe. he was the only one that seemed to understand my spiritual bent, the way he grew up, how in more recent years he got really involved in native american spiritual circles, had asked me to go with him.

but it was at that point that i_realized he said a lot of things he never followed through on. but also i_realized because of him how to keep a little love for myself. that just the fact that my heart could feel that way about someone was amazing regardless of what they did or didn't do with it, my love. just to be the boat that carries someone across the river of their suffering. a boat doesn't expect anything in return; a vessel is completed in the filling and more than likely emptied and filled again.

that even from almost the farthest corner of that arena, i could feel how amazing the dalai_lama was, literally feel the love and compassion that radiated from him like a small sun in a smaller universe. molecular and eternal all at once. that was definitely an amazing day in my life. (one that i needed to be reminded of)
hsg laughtermath 091022
unhinged needed_reminders

he commented on my prayer beads recently at work.

'i got this mala the day i saw the dalai lama in madison'

'i remember that. you were standing right over there and you were so excited telling me about it'
unhinged ah ta_da

in the past year particularly
i've surrounded myself with other
buddhist teachers
in a different but similar

and the feeling is often the same

i've been getting better at
keeping my feet
on the path
unhinged .

hey boo
unhinged people go to see the dalai lama to hear him laugh. - jack kornfield 151107
unhinged 170309
ergo his laughter is
mv style
nobody knows!
ergo He didn't laugh at me, but because of me.
This sound that we call real...Is but an
what's it to you?
who go