fifteen when we're done cleanin the rubble from the last wall torn down,
when we're done putting back what we took from the ground,
when the last republican and bureaucrat and liberal can admit to being a human being,
when the last stubborn man stops refusing to learn from who he's met and what he's seen,
when the last line on all maps has been erased,
when the last person learns to derive the simple pleasure of seeing another's smiling face,
there will come a day when there will be no more enemy,
and no one left to hate,
and on this day, the earth will stand up and walk away.
alexit Utopia...ah the bliss no conflict.
no conflict
no reason to fight.argue..disagree...debate....?
ah utopia!
what a wish
What a wish!
girl damn hippies 000327
MollyGoLightly Good topic. Have much to say about this. Cannot identify with hippies. Try sometimes, but cannot. I dislike nature. I like synthetics. Computers. VCRs. Pokemon. Robots. I wish that robots would take over the world. Because if they can, they deserve it. 000328
Brad *clap clap* bravo Molly. hehe. No, i'm not so enamored of robots... i like sunshine and rain an' stuff... but i too fail to identify with hippies. I mean, let's just face it, most of the time it's just drug induced stupidity, and a "who loves everyone more" contest. A clique, like any other. 000328
dean-bean I had a crush on a curly-haired hippy once. It ended in disintrest though. That was a long time ago. Wow. We used to complain beautifully together. It's all we really did. It's hard to find common intrests, you know, but if you can find a shared dislike, conversations are sure to follow. 000328
king of swords the intrinsic and undisputed territory of the trailer_park_sorceress.

yeah, fuck it.

There is no transcendence, there is no karma, this is not babylon and you are not some brave rebel just because you chose to run away from home and travel with the deadheads all those years ago.

any hardships you endured from your self-imposed homelessness are just that: SELF IMPOSED.

Don't try to compare being hassled by belligerent small-town redneck cops for the fact that you were all stoned and unhygienic with anything.

You chose it.

I didn't choose to spend eight years watching my parents take turns dying of cancer and I'm pretty damn sure they didn't choose to die slowly of diseases that made them decompose from the inside out while they were still alive to notice it.

the old lady down the street didn't choose to get alzheimer's.

the child sleeping behind the presumed safety of her own bedroom wall didn't choose the stray bullet that tore through her body as she slept.

The space shuttle did not choose to explode

Yeah, your family might have been bad, but a lot of people have bad families-
I was lucky to have a pretty good one.

But i've an old friend who can tell you what it's like to have his arm broken by his father in a moment of rage. I can introduce you to a girl who was molested by her alcoholic, speed-freak, pothead uncle from the time she was eleven until she was eighteen.

so spare us the lectures on what a hard life you lived when you were on Dead Tour, you volunteered for it.

Most of us don't sign up for anything that will entail being surrounded by body odour and constant fear of lice

you looked really funny in that picture with your hair chopped off.

I may just decide to bill you for the stolen books.

Like me, wherever you have run to now, you are only wearing the PRETENSE of respectability.

what do your tarot cards say now?
marjorie i know a fellow named david.
he is good with needles and thread.
he ruins cars.
not on purpose. he didn't mean to.
i borrowed his old jacket once
it smelled like incense
moonshine Fuck you, on behalf of the hippies 000919
moonshine For all the negativity, Gee why dont we generalize the rest of the population? 000919
Barrett Hippie crap is some of the most worthwhile crap. If you can't hug a tree once and a while, then what's the fuck'n point. Computers shut down, power goes out. Mother Earth is always ready to play. 000922
Id Lab 'Love and peace' - the cliche, the ignorable, forgettable, hippy crap cliche. Died in 1969, with hippy wigs in Woolworths, now it's hate and war, same as it was before. A phrasal reappraisal is needed - take it apart, who can disagree with the words? The whole has become less than the sum of its parts, its glorious components damned by faint proponents in an anti-Gestalt. 010920
cube i guess some hippies loved technology too. just look at who's running things - scratch a little and you'll find many an old hippy just below the surface. a little slower, a little less hair maybe - yearning for the halcion days of drugs, rock 'n roll, and free sex... 011209
...ooo... she used to be a hippy, then she got deppressed and was an anti hippy and now she's a neo hippy. whatever hippy means, makes no sense to me at all. 020206
good people i guess i am kind of a hippy. 020418
silentbob i can identify with hippies but i am not one.
i can identify with punks but i am not one.
i can identify with emokids but i am not one.
i can identify with goths but i am not one.
sabbie "For all the negativity, Gee why dont we generalize the rest of the population?"

take a look around.
everybody does.
generalisations make the world go 'round.

does hippy crap smell like insence and mull?
MyFigureFemale I thought I knew a hippy once He was liberal and care free. He reused and recycled, his hair was long; it said weee. I thought I knew this hippy, I came out then I could see. Now his hair is short and sad, he litters and kills trees. All because his girl is a dyke, tears fall like sap. But now I understand he was just full of hippy_crap. 030630
irrelevant even hippies need hearts 030701
south parker brothers grimm reaper CARTMAN: Hey, stop defending your girlfriend for writing about some stupid fish.
STAN: Dude, dolphins are intelligent and friendly.
CARTMAN: Intelligent and friendly on rye bread with some mayonnaise.
STAN: Dolphins are way smarter than you.
CARTMAN: If they're so smart, then why do they live in igloos?
STAN: Dolphins don't live in igloos! That's Eskimos!!
CARTMAN: Dolphins, Eskimos, who cares? It's all a bunch of tree-hugging hippie crap!
ferret crappy hip 030701
sc im hippy. hippie hippy hippie. with a flower to boot. and the weed. tinted glasses to shade sights. but it isnt shadowy, not half. maybe i should turn hippie goth and be a succesful schizophrenic. bipolarity. 031218
Glower Child I'm a hippie. Never did drugs, not a whore, never ran away, and have a good family. I go to college because I'm an artist but I don't want to be poor.

Ponders the spiritual, but not a flake-those are all stereotypes. Don't care for the Dead. I like technology and animals too. Wish I went outside more, but gotta love the computer. I'd save a bug, but could punch a person.

I think peace is good, but the world is too complicated and too many people are mean. I'd like to be nicer, but I can't- I'm just human too (or maybe a fancy robot), and no way could I consider loving everyone. A little morbid too- I think I'm a hippie-goth.

I'm realistic.
white_wave when i was seventeen, i was a hippy-goth.

my how things have changed....
Beck She took me off my guard,
with disappointment.
I got sucked in side
of her apartment.
She's got dried up flowers,
and flaky skin,
a beaded necklace,
and a bottle of gin.
She's a nightmare hippy girl,
with her skinny fingers fondling my world.
She's a whimsical, tragical beauty,
self-conscious and a little bit...
It's new-aged let down,
in my face.
She's so spaced out,
that there ain't no space.
She got marijuana
on the bathroom tile.
I'm caught in a vortex,
she's changing my style.
She's a nightmare hippy girl,
with her skinny fingers fondlin' my world.
She's a whimsical, tragical beauty,
uptight and a little bit...
She's a magical, sparklin' tease.
She's a rainbow chokin' the breeze.
Yo, she's busting out onto the scene,
with nightmare bogus poetry.
She's a melted avocado on the self.
She's a science of herself.
She's spasing out on a cosmic level,
and she's meditating with the devil.
She's cooking salad for breakfast.
She's got tofu the size of Texas.
She's a witness to her own glory.
She's a never ending story.
She's a frolicking depression.
She's a self inflected obsession.
She's got a thousand lonely husbands.
She's playin' footsy in another dimension.
She's a goddess for milkin' the time,
for all that it's worth.
daughterofthemoon i love the earth
i am a goth, but i think the world needs more peace, i think we need to accept everybody and thier differences
what's it to you?
who go