caldwell hippy food 000305
Shinequwa is actually really yummy when made right, i don't know why so many people are so prejudice toward it. I think that they should go and try it, they will probably like it. Tofu makes the world a better place! 040116
white_wave_isnt_a_soybean *sings tofu makes the world go round tofu makes the world go round* 040226
.fallen hmmm I wonder .... would the bathtub full of tofu be more fun than the chicken part and jello filled bathtub experience ... hmmmm perhaps I'll go ask_sabbie_a_question and then ask_misstree ..... perhaps if i'd ask_birdmad there will be some good insight ..... hmmmm 040226
emmi how strange. this is the first time i've ever craved tofu. you know, those cubes they put in noodle and stir-fry dishes. 040515
deb scrambled
tossed with garlic
cut into shapes, rectangles or triangles,
it is pretty good stuff

But tonight's lemon pepper tofu...
just not
like I'd hoped.

Vs. Me No try a small sprinkle of fresh ground italian seasoning and frying it to a golden with it cut into cubes. You can eat it with all sorts of combinations. That is like, whoa!! 100130
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