eddie monster what the fuck 020801
battle-scarred birdmad the old wound i keep re-cutting to keep it semi-visible the way i heal and the way my scars (even the worst ones) tend to fade from sight

vertical line just above my right eyebrow starting from the peak of the brow and stopping about a half inch from my hairline
eddie bird striped eye
could never try
days went bye
he couldn't
unhinged i have one almost in the middle of my forehead from the chicken pox 020808
sabbie my darling unhinged, i have some monumental news. we just happen to be facial_scars_sisters
i have one in almost the middle of my forehead from chicken pox.

i used to tell people that i ran into a nail cos its a good circular one.

i feel we should link little fingers or something
eddie monster the scar over her lip
brings out
her pearly white teeth
the scar over her lip
tells a story

she gave me my first kiss
so gentle
her tongue moist and playful
tells me the things i don't want to know

i haven't seen her
since that kiss
i can only imagine
the things i miss

she's sad
she sais it's held her back
i'm sorry
i think it's wonderfull

like a birthmark
like a earing
like a tattoo
right now it's the thing that attracts me most to you

a blemish that will never fade
an attraction i can't understand
i love you
i love your every fault

her facial scars
unhinged *links pinkies with sab and presses thumbs together to make the pinkie swear heart* 020811
IKC 56-80 i don't have any but if i did i would want one that looked like Blofeld from the old sean_connery Bond flicks
the "doctor evil" scar

i've already got the shaved head, it would rock ass maybe except for the getting-the-kind-of-nasty-cut-that-would-leave-that-sort-of-scar part of the whole deal
devalis Invisble, imagined, hoped. So when they call me ugly behind my back it's because of my facial scars and not because my face is one. 020811
devalis Invisble, imagined, hoped. So when they call me ugly behind my back it's because of those scars and not because my face is one. 020811
Mahayana so darn sexy 020812
cheer-up-emo-kid I have a chicken pox scar in the middle of my forehead too. 020812
kerry i have one also...
more on the left side though
deb five years old
curious about the kitty
we were watching for my uncle-
big kitty
mean kitty
didn't like kids

he was eating his breakfast
one day
and i squatted beside him,
reached out to pet his head
he looked at me,
didn't growl,
and went back to his food.
i thought he wouldn't mind,
so i smoothed the fur
between his ears,
and again

next thing i know he lunges for my face-
takes a chunk out of my right temple
and a little from my forehead-

had to go to the hospital,
they thought i needed stitches,
but all i got was green soap

i remember i was mad
because i couldn't go swimming that day-
we took the bad kitty to the
humane society to be
disposed of
and brought a kitten home instead-

now, when i smile,
i look like i have a dimple
by my right eye,
and there is a small crater-like scar
in my forehead

you'd think i would hate cats,
wouldn't you?
eddie women with facial scars
are my infatuation
so, mahayana, cheer up and deb
thanks so much
eddie monster once when i was at the peak of my addiction
i was running from imaginary people
wearing black

i ducked behind bushes in the apartments
when people looked strange
i ran from the man walking
wearing all black
leaping over the fence
i smashed my face on one of those fucking electrical box things that the electric company finds it necessary to put in the ground every five feet
man in black still walking
nearest pay phone
dripping crimson
eyebrow laceration
mom they're after me
the people in black
they want information
i know too much?
you need rehab
but i'm serious!
pensais also have a huge chicken pocks in the middle of my foreheaad ... along with some smaller and less substantial ones on my cheeks. i got them when i was thirteen!! 020814
daxle 15 conversations about one thing 020822
eddie monsrer love em 021124
eddie monster go get some 021209
Rhin i have one tiny scar right above my left eyebrow... when i was but 4 years old, i use to love to spin and spin really fast (mimicking a propeller). during one such spin session, i became extremely dizzy upon stopping, and fell into the coffee table. everyone claims the scar has disappeared, but when i press my nose against the mirror, i can see it. i love that it's still there. 021209
littleidiot my forehead: some jerk pushed me headfirst down a slide when i was about 2 and i smacked my noggin on some metal. 9 stitches. dont remember the pain, but mom says i was wailing.

my upper lip: playing goalie in road hockey at age 12 without a helmet...got a stick in the mouth. 6 stitches outside, 3 inside. hurt like a bitch..walking down the street back to my house, dripping blood on the sidewalk.

my chin: fell off my bicycle while trying to ride a very narrow elevated log-bridge. smacked myself on that log very hard. went numb. didn't even realize how serious it was till i saw myself in a mirror. fell asleep in the emergency room, waiting. 5 stitches. couldn't shave that area for several weeks and looked very "uncool".

above my left eye: i have no idea. this scar is completely mysterious and i have no recollection of it, nor does anyone else in my family.
i dunno...
ashmanzhou sripped of thou visage doth thou bear
scars forever
thou seest them ever more
and thou hatest them less each time
for more scars seem to make thee
into thee
remember not how thy was
see how thee is
hate it love it care not
but do not ever aspire to be not
thunderbuck ram broken bottle, searing pain
no reason
wrong place, wrong time
only 14
flesh laid open
neatly stitched
like a cosy blanket
age fades the physical
but not the mental
she says its sexy
violent sexy
sexy violence
my face
still beautiful
to me.
Borealis I was 8, and had finished another swimming course at the pool. My mother met me in the change rooms, and trying to be helpful turned on the hair/hand dryers which were above me. I stepped backwards a little too quickly, and ended up doing a face plant on a tile floor.
in short:
broken front tooth which later required a root canal, and now they're suggesting a cap.
and a scar just below my lower lip where the sharp piece went through the skin.

practical as always, knowing that it would require stitches, if not worse, I asked my mother while they were trying to convince themselves that it wasn't as bad as it was, if I would be forced to go to school the next day (me who ended up going to school without pause through every major childhood disease I ever acquired...)
I was laughed at...
fuck it! I wasn't a normal 8 year old just wanting a chance to stay home and watch tv!

doesn't feel understood.
has never felt understood.
still has good teeth in spite of it all though. :)
misstree i have a small red dot
a "love_cherry," the doctor called
the ones flecked over my breast
like the hint of a spray of blood
but this one
in particular
is in the direct center of my forehead
looking less like a visceral freckle
and more like a zit that never heals

part of me wonders
if it wouldn't look better as a scar
my meat and i need a good sit down talk anyway
and somehow, it seems appropriate,
but in this mood,
so do a lot of other things
that are patently bad_ideas.
megan i have a piece if metal in my head
top corner, left
it's looking blue these days

i got hit with a bookbag in homeroom
6th grade

i have bangs now
megan i have a piece if metal in my head
top corner, left
it's looking blue these days

i got hit with a bookbag in homeroom
6th grade

i have bangs now
the ever changing face of birdmad the one over my eye has faded to near invisibility and i haven't felt the need to touch it up for effect 060531
Doar two of them, nestled above my right eye, one neatly split my eyebrow and the other is like birdmads, almost invisible now, it starts just below the hairline and once covered the whole upper right half of my forehead. 060531
the economies of grendel i tell you that dipshit and his knife ruined a perfectly good (and horridly expensive)pair of shades.

i credit the idiot's combination of liquor_balls and a total lack of knife technique for how i didn't lose my right eye,...

after that, i never bought a pair of shades that cost me more than $15
rhin sometimes i look at you and find you touching the thin scar that runs down the side of your face. i know you only remember what others have told you, or do you remember more? your responses never seem to betray you, nor does the sound in your voice. you are always so robotically happy. do you feel emotion chris? do you feel anything? i have to believe that you do. i want to believe that you do. i've noticed the looks on your face chris. something is there. i'm so sorry chris. where was your guardian angel that night? i walk in each day and i'm a stranger to you. today you began singing a nickelback song...a song i played yesterday during hab. coincidence? ::sigh:: i'll see you tomorrow chris, and introduce myself all over again. 060531
three words sit_on_my_face facial_scars what_use_is_poetry 180208
  i think they're beautiful.

yes, even you, chris.

you should be painted.
what's it to you?
who go