deb "Abbie!" A voice came from behind her and to the left. "Psssst! Abbie!" Abbie figured it was Brad Karne again, and ignored the intent whispering. "Tay!" Abbie's head shot up. Whoever it was either knew her middle name or overheard Michelle calling her that. She slowly turned around to find Jeremy Lansky, her best guy friend, smiling triumphantly at her.
"Yeah?" She was surprised simply because he never called her that. He always called her 'Abbie', or 'Ab', or 'Abbies'. Never any form of her middle name: Taylor.
"Finally got your attention!" He grinned, showing off those deeply engraved dimples he bore.
"Yeah?" She asked again with a smile, reminding him he needed something.
"Oh, yeah. Um, I was just thinkin', and, well, uh, whatcha doin' on Friday night?" He smiled hopefully.
"Oo," She wrinkled her brow and bit her lip, hoping he wouldn't think she was making it up. "Um, I just kinda made plans with Shelly. Should take all night. Why? Wha'd you have in mind?" She asked, just to see what she would be missing.
"Well, there's that new movie coming out. The one that's supposed to be really scary. What's the name of it? Do you know?"
"Are you talking about 'Halloween H2O'?" Abbie offered, not having any clue what she was talking about, but knowing a movie by that name was coming out soon.
"Yeah! Yeah, that's it. It's coming out Friday and I figured, if you wanted, we could go catch the first showing. They're always better when no one has seen 'em yet," he commented, "But since you and Shell are doing somenthin'," He tried to sound disappointed, "Well, what about Saturday?"
"Saturday's good. I don't think I'm doing anything yet," She informed him and began to laugh.
"What?" He looked at her and spoke suspiciously.
She shook her head and kept laughing. Abbie looked down at the floor, up at Jeremy's confused features, then above his head to Mr. Truell, the Drama instructor. He was imitating Jeremy perfectly: hunched over, drumming his fingers on an imaginary desk as Jeremy was doing on the wooden desktop. The expressions were an identical frown coupled with smiling eyes.
"What?" Jeremy looked around the room and once he saw everyone was staring above him, not at him, he finally turned around.
Mr. Truell jumped back and hid his fat fingers behind his back as he started whistling and staring at the ceiling innocently. Suddenly, he began to do the mime-stuck-in-a-box routine. Jeremy laughed while flushing for his stupidity. Why hadn't he just turned around to start with?
Once Mr. Truell was finished with his miming, he looked at Abbie and Jeremy collectively, then spoke, "You two want to talk? Why not act? It's MUCH more fun!" Jeremy rolled his eyes and glanced sidelong at Abbie. "I want you two to go sit on that piano bench." He pointed to a piano-less bench they used for a prop while practicing. "Go on."
They got up hesitantly and walked to the lone bench that sat beside the wall. They both sad. "OK. Good. Now, I want you two to convince me that you are a couple. Not just any couple. One that's madly in love. And fighting." He nodded his head at them, giving them their cue to begin.
Abbie looked at Jeremy and spoke softly, "Roger, honey, I don't see what the problem is. Why can't you just admit that I'm right?" She gave him her best 'let's-be-friends-again' look while he scoffed at her.
"You're right? Why do you always have to be right? First it was about the colors in the kitchen. Then the car. Now this." He turned his back to her and frowned.
"But I'm right. All those times, I've been right. The kitchen would look like a plant exploded in there if we had painted it avocado and creme like you wanted. It looks SO much nicer in blue and white. And if we went ahead and bought that bug, we would have ended up walking everywhere because it would have died on us the first day we owned it. Think about it sweetie. Do you seriously wand to name our child Breckford Eugene?" She paused for effect and asked again. "Seriously?"
"Yes! I do!" He tried not to laugh and somehow managed to keep a straight face.
"Breckford Eugene." She spat the words out as if they were lukewarm coffee. "Really honey. With a name like that, how will he ever fit in with the other children? Joshua Micheal is, well, a much more normal name." Her features pleaded with him.
"I suppose it is more normal... But Regina,"
"Regina? Who's Regina?"
"Uh, well, I meant-"
"Are you having an affair, Roger?" She scowled at him and Mr. Truell laughed aloud.
"Me? Oh, no, honey. I could never do that to you." He smiled sweetly.
"Alright. MY name is Jennifer. So, who's Regina?"
"My secretary?" He tried weakly, knowing Abbie could draw the scene into next hour, but he personally wanted it over soon.
"You don't have a secretary!" She exclaimed with a jump, landing with her hands on her tiny waist.
Mr. Truell interrupted with a laugh, "OK. We'll stop here. Very good. You were quite convincing, but Jeremy, you need to work on your reactions. That's very important for impromptu skits. Other than that, great!" They walked back to their seats smiling.
"Well? How's Saturday?" Jeremy whispered over Mr. Truell's directing.
"Saturday's good for me."
"Alright. Saturday it is. I'll pick you up at 8:30 or so, OK?"
"Sure." As she turned around Jeremy smiled, but he still had yet to hell her how he felt about her. Maybe on Saturday...
girl no more. 000328
Zoe one of the only things in america that allows you to be someone else for some time period of time and not have to worry about your problems or anything. heck, it's even legal! 000718
elana the only way for me to be myself... 010307
Seth Drama is the space of time between forming a thought, and communicating said thought... Therefore, it is either a pause, allowing space for another persons thought... Or an interruption of another persons thought. Therefore, all socializing is "dramatic". So deal with it... 010308
kx21 Drama is the String or Art to shuffle the holes in empty space. 010308
mikey uncomfortable pause 010308
kx21 Drama is the String or Art to twinkle the tiny holes in a void space. 010308
Casey To bobby, nate, betsy, erica aaron, erika, sondra, renee, pudge, and all else, we kick ass!!!! We are the ADE!!! (Algona Drama Elite) 010514
silentbob we are hardly elite 010515
again_unnoticed_romeo we arent very elite considering u put a lot of people, this is very confusing and i thought u disliked a lot of those people? thats just weird crazy 010605
Casey I was just trying to be fair to everyone. It is true there are one or two I don't like. But you ,Nate, are not one of them


I love drama it is a chance to be someone I'm not, or will never be. It's just to bad I'm more pitiful in real life than the characters I play.
frownfaceatthemoment I fucking hate drama.
but i believe that i'm talking about a different kind of drama than most of you
i just hate HOMETOWN drama
coming back from college drama
old friends drama
things you can't get away from drama
that drama that bites you in the ass and you say- JESUS FUCKING CHRIST I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.
Casey It's all gone to shit, I'm glad I'm not as nieve and stupid as I once was. After this I'm finally done, fucking people running my life. I hate them oh so much. 020402
eklektic highschool drama is something that everyone goes through, hates, and looks back on with fond memories. but when you're there - murder seems like the only possible answer. 020405
Rickster Everywhich way you look it seems,
Drama is to be seen as if infabricated with earth itself,
Weeping willows show you the way,
Persecution will unlock the door binding you,
From the north to the south there is nothing innocent to be seen,
Each has a dark-side eager to be keen,
Slave to the womb of the ties that bind us,
Death is always there to take your hand,
One small weave along an infinite universe,
Eternal life among the wicked,
Plague upon the good,
Nothing is as it seems here anymore,
Nowhere to hide and get away,
Everywhere crawling with demons to slay,
Can the soul be taken from my vessel,
Can my mind be eaten by the spinning wheels of time,
Can my life turn itself around this late,
Burning out is but a dream,
Caring seems to hurt you more,
The more you show the more they fear,
The more you show the more hurt you are in the end,
Nothing makes sense anymore,
Machines with pull strings is all we are,
Slaves to an instruction booklet,
Tagged bagged and sold like meat in the market,
Life is no longer yours to choose,
You go where you fit and stay where you can,
Tools in a box cluttering like chickens,
Frenzied upon ourselves,
Selflish acts of taking life of others,
Who was man that decided these fates,
Is the answer among this emotion,
Is it ourselves reacting to what we seem
Is it our nature to destroy that which we create,
Is it time that kills the mind,
Or is that just a lie,
Do we know if death is the end,
Do we wish for that to be the answer,
Killing ourselves creating our own plagues,
Mankind is its own worst enemy,
Nothing can hide it seems,
Five million signs point the way,
Hiding feelings shows us the way,
To hate and rage among other things,
The urge to kill festers within my mind,
The urge to hate escapes with each breath,
The urge to see the truth escapes my grasp,
There is nothing here to see,
An empty mirror not even a reflection of me,
I try to cry but feel only hatred,
Nothing to soothe the beast anymore,
Wanting to escape this prison I'm in,
Seeing no doors nor walls entrapping me within,
Is it in my mind,
Could it be it was meant to be this way,
So many answers to one question it seems,
Life goes on all by itself,
It needs no push or urge to thrive,
Life is our punishment here at this place,
Drama seeping out of the cracks of earth,
Governerning our lives day by day,
Is it here we are trapped,
Forever to stay.
Big Daddy J I just want to get to jello 030928
insane_child FUCK YOUR FUCKING DRAMA! 041105
insane_child FUCK THEIR FUCKING DRAMA! 041105
somebody gods, why don't my friends get along? *needs more male friends* 070520
white litte red button some people can't live without it.
it seems stupid, to say the least, that these people will go to extreme lengths just start up some drama. WHY?

do they need the drama to validate/justify their lives?

do they just like to engage in bullshit because somehow they are masochists?

are they so jaded?

the extreme version of these individuals often end up in talk shows.
amy - as in not comedy as in, not "drama" but

what's it to you?
who go