eric the most distracting, most beautiful thing on the planet. 980907
charley hey -- this stuff is making me feel all lovey, lovey.. 980908
dallas whooo-maaannn!! (think animal from the muppets) 980916
emma jeez, not every woman. 981103
[marissa] you sprang from
womb and

love us.
OTK too pompous sounding.

try holding the term "delicate rebellion" on your lips a while.

try dancing with a fire-light pixie under a glass.

try melting the edges of your arms in her plastic grasp.
me? Easter woman came today
And took away my wife
Took her to an open doorway
To the afterlife
Colleen I am woman, hear me meow. 991111
jennifer pale cream sweater draped like shadows over soft shoulders and graceful arms that reach their peak at long fingers clutching a silver shiny spoon burrowing through rich vanilla ice cream in a large blue bowl 991210
Lyndsay the essence of me, or at least what i want it to be, beautiful, powerful, strong. The kiss of my lips is the one men desire, the touch of my fingers lights them on fire. The smell of hair, the flesh of my breasts. My delicate finger. Hide what they don't want to see. The side of the woman they pretend doesn't exist. The kind of woman I will become, when I live for myself. 991212
andrea she carries a battered suitcase in hand
packed inside it are threads of her past
a picture from childhood
an old porcelain doll
her mother's photograph
she treasure them all
she switches the suitcase from
her left hand to her right
it contains heavy thoughts and
will never be light
her dreams stowed inside
she's pounding the streets
disappears from my view
in the sticky new york heat
deb last night at Village Inn, around 11:30 or so,
i sat there with my coffee
and a slice of caramel pecan pie.
i noticed in a corner booth
sat a woman, waiting anxiously,
it seemed,
for someone to return from the restroom
and join her there

the table sat,
uneaten food strewn about
she managed to fit her elbosw in
to clasp her hands tightly beneath her chin
her eyes shifted across the room,
following the drunken walk of a girl
seated nearby, then her hollow eyes
rested upon me
and i looked away

as we walked by to leave
half an hour later,
she still sat there alone
the food, long since cold
still sat there, untouched
i don't know why she waited-

she was there alone
BoofPixie can't think of myself as anything but a girl. and here i am, nineteen years old. 000312
Brad Yes i have heard you roar. Now that you have my attention, say something to hold it. 000312
grasshopper I started calling myself a woman and began using the word for others as well. I'm 20. I'm an adult. I'm no longer a girl with a growing body. I am a woman :) 000502
Brad I don't know grasshopper... i'm 19 and i'm still a kid. And i call my 19-20 something friends girls and boys still. I guess i refuse to let it go :) 000502
grasshopper I'm a woman and a kid at heart too... wonder is all the more magnificent when you have the experience to appreciate it. 000514
MollyGoLightly "Woman Is:
--learning to sit with your legs crossed, even when your feet can't touch the floor yet.
--feeling proud of and disgusted by your own body, for the first, but not the last, time.
--being labeled a tomboy when all you wanted to do was climb that tree to look out and see a distance."
from "Barbarous Rituals" by Robin Morgan
crimson_piles I'm a real live woman
In love with this man I see lying
Here next to me
Lost in the way that he's holdin'
This real live woman
In the arms of a man where I'll
Fall asleep knowing
There's nothing on earth he loves
More than this real live woman
crimson_piles I'm a real live woman
In love with this man I see lying
Here next to me
Lost in the way that he's holdin'
This real live woman
In the arms of a man where I'll
Fall asleep knowing
There's nothing on earth he loves
More than this real live woman
//trisha yearwood "real live woman"
Tank magic... 000714
Tank the biggest compliment in the world! 000714
misstree the power i can feel,
and could wield,
if only i could get over
being ashamed of it.

"woman" is the glass
that defines my liquid self,
the exception to the assumed
a label that hangs heavy
between my tits.

is it any wonder
that some women,
upon finding their power,
use it to drive a dagger
into men's hearts,
though they weren't the ones
who started the game?
carrie "dux femina facti"
("a woman was the leader of the expedition")

---Vergil yet again. (the Aeneid, Book I)
Lumen any woman is the bane and the brilliance of existance. I love them. The curves of face and body alike. 010406
dumbhead a tall slender one at a party, beautiful artist, kept giving me suggestive glances. but did i imagine it? grateful dead: "from the other direction, she was calling my eye, it could be an illusion, but i might as well try" so i talked to her. 010413
Fire&Roses My mother and her mother before her... and me? am I? Can I balance the checkbook and take care of sick children? Can I rise early and work hard? Can I be strong? Will I be able to handle all the trouble of growing up? And when? When will I cease to be a girl and blossom into a woman? 010724
kx21 Oops... nag(s)!!!

ffffrozen I wish I would find you
or you would find me
very very soon
fealty I meet a woman once
I meet a girl once
They where the same

It turned out that it was not for me, which breaks your heart,

I will meet another woman
I will meet another girl

They come they go, revolving door.
eee Didn't some glasses wearing Beatle sing a song called Woman once? 020517
julietlives she talks of boys as if they were men. 020822
nick woman
whoaaaaa man!
josie and those hot pussycats
they make me horny,
saturday morning,
girls in cartoons
don't leave me in ruins
i want to be betty's barney!
oak barrel an equal to me in ability. the body of a woman is something I find beautiful, in mind and spirit, a woman can do exactly what i can do.
I don't like how some women hate all men, without even getting to know them. I am passed over many times that way, but I do nothing to them.
I knew a woman once, but she is now bitter as can be
barney stubble bitches aint nuffin but hos and tricks...only good fo fuckin and lickin dicks 020826
bethany "woman is the nigger of the world"
yeah he was a beatle
wouldnt you like to know All this talk about women and no mention of lesbians? 021212
minnesota_chris no woman no cry 021212
p2 girl,
you'll be
a woman
(urge overkill)
Strideo "... My plan is to keep Blathering mostly every day, with photos (taking my
digital camera, of course!). Packing was somewhat of a challenge. ..."

from somewhere out there
catherine i'm not a girl, not yet a woman.

sad I love one of them- but do I? 030430
Glory Box I used to say girl, but maybe I've grown up. 031006
milady barney stubble,
you are deranged and perverted.
your outlook on a woman's purpose is so...wrong.
you disgust me.
for shame.
randi I would love to be a woman.
Soft, curvy, emotional, giving.
I would love to give myself to my man,
feeling him enter, filling my depths,
leaving me sofmething to carry all day and night.
having our children, being the source of love
being a walking work of art.
laughter that lightens a room like tinkling glass
being able to enjoy the moment not live for the project of the moment like a man.
falling asleep with my child at my breast.
Oh yes this is a gift.
Lila Pause The baby girl is excused from a life of violence upon birth.
...And so the transsexual dreams of a better life.
Yet, although she may adorn herself in all the colors of the rainbow,
and shed tears as the sun sets on Barbara Hershey's face,
this is no compensation for that debt which the woman must repay (the one bought for her on the day of the very first ultrasound)

Didn't you know...?
- The curves just don't cut it. Fool.
me something about that word. is it that i hate what i am? or is it purely what's put behind the word "woman"? feminist bullshit. man haters. oooh, they're oppressing. nah, we're keeping ourselves down by being down. tired of being "oppressed"? don't be. 040912
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