haldan that is way too cheesy, i mean the one i got this from.
oh shit, wrong type of...
typhoid damn gamit.
dont you understand how happy i am just to see you?
and you wont even look me in the eye
amy how do you know? it's not as simple as all that... yet. you are unsullied. a good thing. 000317
breakage and rust you can drown in it and it's warm and safe...and before you know it your soul has died 000408
silentbob i had no one. i had no one and nothing. i felt like nothing to everyone. i felt like something to no one.
she popped back around last spring, made me see i too can be loved.
maybe if everyone saw that they could be loved by SOMEBODY...maybe then they wouldn't be so sorrowful.
but that's just me.
rkb looking through trees in sorrow, hardly a sound til tomorrow 001021
danielle i feel sorrow because i dont feel i can love.
love someone back...

sorrow is deeper than sadness.
birdmads inferno through me lies the way 010207
Dark Rifter X Lost love. 010305
mikey sorrow is the cradle that sadness resides in.

sorrow is the tree the leaf of sadness grows from

sadness is the calm before the storm. sorrow is the storm
SadProfessor I never had love and did not own sorrow until I had loved and lost.
Sorrow entered my heart and infected my body, like a cancer eating my hope and dreams. Now it is my life force and lonliness it's only friend.
monadh Sorrow came with her eyes of glass
hands reaching out to feed the souls
of weary sailors
kingsuperspecial feelings hurt

Mean monkey teeth pulling red cords wrapped,
tight lines of eyes drenched in felt hard hurt.
Mine is agony
begging's reward
cold stamped impression of indifference,
grave dug, hope fled, heart felt illness
under crawling skin yearn breathes scorching low sorrow.

Me in two words; feelings hurt.
monadh Sorrow sings our songs of rememberance
Joy, our visions
EECP Is my current constant state. 020427
unhinged if i had a blanket
to wrap around you
because my arms can't keep you warm
if i had a heart
to console you
how long will we watch
each other cry?
am i hearing things that aren't there?
have i been hearing these same things for years?
i will lose you
because i have to
and lips
and hands
and hips
all of you
tell me what i'm hearing
EECP Is it feeling sorry for yourself? Is it a state of mind? Is it the thing that leads to numbness? Is it what drives people? Is it supposed to be here? Is it me? Am I sorrow, or do I just know it so well? Can I survive? Does anyone see it? Am I that good? Can I hide it that well? Do you feel it too? Am I weak? Should I leave? Do I know what I think I know? Are you there? Do you hear me? Are you that blind? Are you going to live in you shelter forever?
It is real.
It is now.
It is everywhere.
It is the combination of sadness, regret and any other entity you please.
It doesn't stop.
It is constant.
It is the main cause of insomnia.
It lives in me and it will not die, not now. Not until you come back to where life is real. Where life is painful and dangerous. Where safety protects but does not please. Where you will not be happy or content, just numb. Where you swore you would never go again until you felt how real life can be. The place where I have always lived. The place that has allowed my spirit to live as it was ment to live. Where reality is wonderful and horrible at the same time. Not always, but presently. Where you can be what you were. Where your spirit is free. Where you are happy not because you are respected by strangers, but because you made the scary decisions that let you respect yourself. The decisions that mean the difference between surviving and living. Living eternally. Sorrow is temporary......I hope.
De Valmont With your long blonde hair and your eyes of blue,
The only thing, I ever got from you,
Was Sorrow, sorrow.
blown cherry I always thought that was Bryan Ferry, though I expect David Bowie is right.

Written by Lennon/McCartney you know...
dom loneliness that i cannot bear, where do i find this comfort i know nothing of... 020903
Bizzar I just sit and listen. Listen to them play on my winamp. They used to be such a big part of me, and losing him meant losing them. It saddens me the most I think. During that time I was so happy and free. And I thought it would last forever. What I would give for 'Closure'. I still have pictures of all of us hanging out together.

The carelessness that followed them was so contagious. I was so blindly happy. So naive to what was really going down. In a way, I wish I would have never found out he was cheating on me. Cause I could still have that blind happiness. He could do no wrong. And his friends were my sanity. I felt so priveledged to know them. To be the one they all chilled with after shows. I miss them so much.

"Now I know why sorrow filled your eyes."
Mistress Q O' weep ye scarlet moon! For we are dieing bit by bit.
Cast your sullen tears upon us. Pale us with your rays
of darkness. Run your weathered hand over our scars so
we may whither away in peace. Weep for me, weep for the
world, weep for all humanity.

O' weep ye scarlet moon! For even the tiniest soul. Demand
we be set free! Breathe your musty fear into the hearts
of men. Shower us with your meloncholy sobs. Shadow us in
your sickley green light. Weep for the clouds, weep for the
birds, weep for the sky that holds them.

O' weep ye scarlet moon! For the end wil soon be near. It
beckons us... and like bees to sweet nectar we shall go.
Paint us your darkest image with shades of crimson and
grey. Cry us a river of bloody tears. Prepare it as our
final bath. Weep for heaven, weep for hell, weep for
everything inbetween.

So weep ye scarlet moon. For we are dieing bit by bit.
uhane kuokoa Stale arm in a tiger’s mouth
Hydrologic cycle on floor
I’m drawing circles on the ceiling
Premeditated toe-side fall

Tentative warmth and welcome
Lost in the cold steel of your labret
Hiding in my jacket sleeve
This plastered cast is filled with sweat

I saw my ghost the other day
Washing one hand with soap
For the happiness who cries

See me, close your eyes,
and open them
How do you know if I’m gone?

When you start to feel
The sadness
Washing over you
Just choose an old cliché
And pretend that you believe it

If all else fails, then be yourself

Is this good advice???
somedaysam does this misery grow from my sorrow
or is that the other way around?
a misery i can not escape
is this sorrow nurtured by misery? a wayward seed burried deep in my heart
watered by my tears
a sorrow i'll never forget
september oak i hear you. i'm sorry.

trust. trust that it will be resolved when and only when the time is right. perhaps it will merely be a fit of inspiration, flooding your heart with nepenthe, cleansing you, knowing that you found the very heart of me, with the indian summer that allows us to bask in the dreams we fail to live.
marjorie "If there be sorrow
Let it be
For things undone...
To these add one:
Love withheld...

- Mari Evans
GoodnightPetals The deeper the sorrow,
the less it speaks. . .
three words end_this_reign sorrow homeless 061106
f sorrow... real sorrow...
when you experience it...
you realise something else...
you realise that nothing really matters.. the best thing is to feel the pain... never stop trusting anyone and just be yourself.
the last two weeks of my life have been a living hell but i'm still alive!
amy nada it's usually at the base of my motivation. or would that be rage? 090717
. . 090717
hsg rage is probably a base of motivation.

i'd say sorrow might be the base of depression.
amy nada i would view sorrow more positively - like I was listening to Beethoven's Missa Solemnis yesterday, and that is not depression-inspired. it's more natural than that. it's easy to forget you're sorrowful. it's easy to channel it into pity. depression is a systematic emotional deadness. when you're sorry, you're more acitive, you greatly wish things were different. hence, is it rage, as well? i believe they are interwined. in me they are.

on the other hand, to argue your point, you might feel overwhelmed with sorrow. which would lead to depression. that overwhelm could be the base of depression.
ergo the heart of kindness. 090718
In_Bloom Sorrow is I know how you will kill this
With Xanax and a streak of bravado
But you're fighting it off in order to fill up on what you've needed so badly for far too long
In and out of consciousness, I read the fear between your smile
It's okay
I'll keep telling you not to speak while we make memories
e e i honestly think i want to leave but i don't know and i don't know where to go and everything is just so fucked and it's fucking fuck 110422
Janaewen essencially bored 110422
the most indispensable of boredom's indulgences
what's it to you?
who go