Q explication of e. e. cummings' poem "O sweet spontaneous" (see blathe on spontaneity) is aided by consideration of these poems, that were first published at the same time and in the same issue of a literary magazine as "O sweet spontaneous". "spring omnipotent goddess" appeared in this issue immediately before and "Spring is like a perhaps hand" after, but not immediately after, "O sweet spontaneous".

spring omnipotent goddess thou dost
inveigle into crossing sidewalks the
unwary june-bug and the frivolous angleworm
thou dost persuade to serenade his
lady the musical tom-cat,thou stuffest
the parks with overgrown pimply
cavaliers and gumchewing giggly
girls and not content
Spring, with this
thou hangest canary-birds in parlor windows

spring slattern of seasons you
have dirty legs and a muddy
petticoat,drowsy is your
mouth your eyes are sticky
with dreams and you have
a sloppy body
from being brought to bed of crocuses
When you sing in your whiskey voice
the grass
rises on the head of the earth
and all the trees are put on edge

of the jostle of
thy breasts and the slobber
of your thighs
i am so very
glad that the soul inside me Hollers
for thou comest and your hands
are the snow
and thy fingers are the rain,
and i hear
the screech of dissonant
flowers,and most of all
i hear your stepping
freakish feet
feet incorrigible
ragging the world,

Spring is like a perhaps hand
(which comes carefully
out of Nowehere)arranging
a window,into which people look(while
peolple stare
arranging and changing placing
carefully there a strange
thing and a known thing here)and

changing everything carefully
spring is like a perhaps
Hand in a window
(carefully to
and fro moving New and
Old things,while
people stare carefully
moving a perhaps
fraction of flower here placing
an inch of air there)and

without breaking anything.

(like the us copyright on "O sweet spontaneous, the us copyrights on these poems are also expired. also, sadly, blather does not accommodate spacing the way cummings intended it.)
amy crocuses. daffodils.
it's spring fever.
deb spring bounce yay!
i love the budding trees
the fresh smell of the
dew upon the grass, that citrus green
looking into sky to see the
grey clouds letting the sun peek through
while sprinkles flirt with the sidewalk
and worms are flooded out
...even that stink when they
are baked upon the pavement...
the way the flowers push against the dirt
to smile up into the rain
and seconds later, the sun

i just wanna run and play outside
as the droplets float down
gently splashing my face
as i laugh
because because because

spring is finally here!
amybeary warm and pretty. time outside. happiness. horniness. 000409
skiblu I prefer winter 000724
florescent light I met Spring face-to-face
for the first time this year.

Today him and I had our introductions.
I was a little startled to see him. One day it was snowing, and the next, I am wearing short sleeves with my belly button showing.
I am still grieving the departure of winter.

Seasons are like people, it takes a little while to get reacquainted.

I wore my new shiny blue sweater, makeup, and my favorite bracelet for the occasion

I am slightly reserved, hesitant. I just can't jump into Spring. Still getting over the loss of winter.

But soon it will be love.

I fall in love with each season over and over again. Everyday, every year.

Every year it's like meeting a new lover.

Everyday he makes love to me with his refreshing caresses of wind, lustful kisses of sun, passionate sighs of rain,
driving me wild with infatuation
(and boy does he smell good)
bringing me gifts of familiar feelings
experienced in new ways.
Sol has sprung.

times have changed, no longer do i stay indoors, hoping for a glimmer of sun.
bird song wakes me, light has a fascinating fluidity, it seeps through my curtains, falling onto my floor, weighing me down like golden syrup
flowers again brave the elements, even my cactus thing has started to flower!
it is beautiful
snow_angel hey its over 010604
god april 011019

You perform surgery
on the street folk
around a spring of bonfires
The ruin falls in the Hibachi

Your depth to dark
Your white's to bright
For an image to be captured

Handicappers watch your power plant
The stumbling shadows
The walking dead
The plucked ruff
reue Spring Rite (Spring Equinox)
-=- March 20/21

Its finally freaking spring, but i guess that doesn't mean much to the weather.
no reason it's going to be a beautiful day and i smile and i picture myself walking in the bright sunshine and feeling the breezes gentle against my skin with my hair flowing and my sunglasses on feeling so free

but then there's no one there and there never really is and i'm all alone and suddenly i don't feel so free after all
emmi spring put a smile on everyone's face...
but i didn't mind when the thunder came and the rain poured down.
*sipping hot choco*
sXipe Totec/s it's that Xipe_Totec feeling all over again 040428
me last spring, early spring, i drove my girlfriend home. it was lightly snowing, the snow wa just beginning to accumulate on the grass. i told her i didnt want to go out with her anymore, for a variety of reasons. yet still the snow fell.

and she cried, and she tried to make me feel like shit, and i did feel like shit, and still the snow fell.

i spent two hours talking it over with her, trying to tell her what i couldn't tell her, and still, even tho everything SUCKED so bad, the snow fell.

and then i realized, that this one moments in my life, this painful episode didn't really matter, because no matter what happened, the snow would still fall. and it did. and it was as beautiful as ever.

i smiled when i realized that, and my girlfriend..er..x girlfreind yelled at me. "are you listening to me!!!" no, i wasn't. i didn't care anymore because no matter what she said, no matter what i said, no matter what happened, the snow would still fall, and it did.

i left her, telling her that this was a waste of time, we had already discussed everything important. i smiled, no longer sad, and walked out. i was smiling, and i remember being faintly happy because the snow was still falling and that was all that mattered.

everytime it snows now, i forget all my troubles because i no that the snow will fall no matter what i do. and there is NOTHING i can do to change that. i like that. it makes me smile.
falling_alone my favourite part of the year i that first week of spring where you can smell the season and know it has come. the same with summer or fall, each with its own scent and feeling deep inside your bones.
you can feel the winter chill, and the crisp winter nights are what i love.
paul The Spring is my love. The sun, the air, the bees, the trees, the birds, the leaves. A soft breeze of exhilerating relief; love. A oneness in harmony with nature. Feeling the flow of life run through your soul; a simple truth. A feeling. 050120

" What was in that candle's light
that opened and consumed me so quickly?

Come back, my friend! The form of our love is not a created form.


There wa a dawn I remember
when my soul heard somthing from your soul.

I drank water from your spring and felt the current take me."
danny 25 degrees smells like green and -15 smells white, even if it is peas chipped out of the freezer. 090518
past the snow falls softly. we walk, one foot in front of the other, through the paths left by cars to the silent rhythms of our drinks.

yells sound in the park. arrogant youth forgetting how normal it is for the snow to fall. rich youth worried for their precious shoes.

we walk, in this winter_wonderland, between the branches and in the tracks of cars. only at intersections, where the four winds meet, do we trudge through unmarked paths (so brief, so brief).

love is here, in the snows of spring.
Risen Always makes me think of new life. Of hope. Reawakening.

I realise that I am clinging to dead things. To winter. To the bitter chill of silence. To the lonliness of the ice. To the skeletons of leaves.

If you can come up with a million arguments why someone could or should be with you, it's entirely irrelevant if they just don't want to be. If they won't ever want to be.

So if spring is about new beginings, does that mean I move on? Find someone new? Because if you cant be with the one you love, you might as well be getting laid, right?
what's it to you?
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