moonshine Okay, hail the great big cactus heaven in the sky. My Star cactus has died...I thought it was dead for two months now, guess not. It just recently turned brown and mushed over with decay. Must have been playing dead. First my dog, now the cactus. 000605
poison angel from the files of "Really Funny ways to Die":

a couple of years ago, there was one of those small half-buried articles in the local paper about some asshole from Glendale or Paradise Valley or one of those little one-horse towns further out who decied he was going to test out his new shotgun by vandalizing saguaros out in the open desert with his buddies.

He blasted a 15-footer at close range, causing it to promptly topple over onto him, killing him instantly

cactus makes perfect.
Candy Cactus reminds me of home. I miss the desert. The way it smells. My mom used to take them when we worked in the desert. She would wrap them in cloths and put them in the bin of the truck. My uncle once grabbed one and yelled angrily at her for hours. 040212
misstree blatherskites, tell me about cacti.
they don't exist in the midwest
just trees and thick black soil
in the deeper forests, where
undergrowth fears to tread
and pines guarding human establishments
and shrubbery, gleefully anarchistic
and prarie grasses waist and shoulder high
where they haven't been destroyed for
tract housing and reconstructed "nature"
and clumps of wildflowers on roadsides.
tell me about the spiky ones.
the hotcheeks bubbles reach the orange soda shaped melon with the one toe nail. I am an octopus with inside outside, steping stones in my river that gurgle from the inside outside skin. 051202
birdmad it's the needles you don't see that hurt the most

the nopal with it's paddles and white spots which hide dozens of short, thin, sharp quills

peel it (carefully), cook it

it has a texture like diced bell pepper and a tangy taste that goes well with red chile and beef or with onions, salsa and eggs at breakfast

i never learned how to prepare it and have no clue how to properly harvest the looming wall of paddles in the little space that i can almost kinda sorta call a backyard
Emptyness Alive i had a catai once i hardly ever watered it. but it never died an now its vanished. i think it got fed up of me. 060519
Emptyness Alive it ran away 061019
pSyche boy
you are so prickly
You think no one loves you,
but you just don't want them to love you
but you do not see what is
I am a cactuslover
you push me away
And yet
i might gladly bear
a few thorns in my side
if i only knew that you would be mine
Dark Green Definitely dark!
Definitely green!
Raven Jones I wish I had seen the cactus in my chair before I sat down. 160614
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