Dafremen There was a couple that (from all appearances) fell in love on this site, or at least courted here on blather. They seemed to be a very nice couple. Very much like any of us and YES their declarations of love were probably a bit sappy to some of our ears, but they were quite sincere, it seems. About a year ago or so, from the best that I can tell..they rode off into the sunset. Boy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy sweeps girl off of her feet..and they should have lived happily ever after. Or so one would have hoped.

One day about two weeks ago, she shows up at ask_daf and asks me if I ever received any emails from him. I answered her question and she responded by telling me that he had died several months ago, that she was sifting through what was left for clues..something to help her understand how this could have happened. And...all I could think to do was to give her my condolances and wish her well.

It just never occurred to me that while his family has a funeral to grieve at and other mourning relatives to grieve with..this poor lady, who lost what could have been the love of her life, had noone. Just some books and letters, emails from an email address that won't ever answer back, that eventually will begin returning her mail. And she had us...and fine I'll just admit MY part in this blather_tragedy, because I DID know them in a way, thats why she asked me. She had blather and I let her down. I don't know how I could have been so blind to her need and her heartache and the terrible, terrible loneliness she must be feeling. I don't know how I could have been so blind and I don't know how I could have passed up the chance to FINALLY comfort someone who was TRULY in need, when there seems to be more than enough empathy for the self-pitying, self-indulgent, angst motivated sort whining that goes on around here. I can't believe it took two weeks for the depth of this woman's loss to sink in.

Funny thing is, and know this about blather: Their love will ALWAYS haunt this place. Blather tends to freeze things in time like that. We should have been there for her..she needed us. This should never happen again.

I am SO sorry K. Please know that I think of you two every day now, I can't get this out of my mind. I hope you are doing ok love, I'm here for you and I mean that 100%. Daf

see also:

Flowers from Safeway I saw, I read, I was touched, and I will not soon forget. I am glad they shared their romance with all of us. It was beautiful.
Thank you Daf, for bringing it to our attention. You are extraordinary.
crying now "... and yet each and every word we cast into this blather-aether is another dot, another attractor for the lines that will bond and bind us in space, time, and identity. i scream for her..." - enriquecito 030824
ferret lovely. it's too bad that i was not aware while this was going on, but like daf says, their love is frozen here, on these blue pages. for all to see, and follow along with. 030824
pobodys nerfect I've been reading from the links you provided,Daf. Reading them brought tears to my eyes. He had a wonderful way of expressing his feelings,as does special K.

If you should see this K, I hope that reading enriquecito's words will bring you comfort and help you to think of the happier times you two shared together. Please know that my thoughts are with you.
megan these are the people we need to embrace whole heartedly
this is the heart of blather truely
kamiwhodoesntmatter I keep the poem. I kept it, I think I shall be looking at it years from now, if it is still there. I do not think I will be the same, regardless of the fact that I was not here and have no claim to knowing these people. 030825
Bespeckled It took a few days, but I think I've finally read everything there is to read (at least on blather) about and by these two people.

Daf, the reality of her loss and his death hasn't quite hit me or brought me to tears, and I don't really think it will. Mainly because I don't know these people, I don't know how deep their love went (reading what they wrote to each other on here, it's still hard to connect the dots that form what their relationship really was), I don't know what become of them (either together or apart) after they left this place, and I don't know how lost she felt when he passed away. Had he disappeared from her life, only for her to discover later that he had died quietly and unexpectedly, away from where her last words might have reached him if only she'd known she didn't have more time? Or had they shared his last weeks together, waiting for the inevitable to approach, and accepting of it, and glad that they were together in the end? Was she heartbroken at the news? Or did he slip away while they were smiling at each other? Were things left unsaid? Or did they have no regrets? I suppose I can only gauge my own grief based on the grief of she who knew and loved him. I will say this: I know that in some way, by some measure, she is hurting, and nothing I or anyone can say will abate that hurt until the time when it disappears naturally. I'm sorry for her loss, very sorry, and it breaks my heart that hearts like hers must be broken so tragically.

I'm sure you know more about this than I do, Dafremen, but I don't really see how she reached out for help; what could I, or anybody else here, tell her what she didn't know?

After sifting through their blathes, I'm left with more questions than answers, that's for sure. But I can say with about 98 percent that Special K and enriquecito were passionate people, who cared for each other on some level that a lot of people were not exposed to, who found each other some way that I don't comprehend, who made some kind of impression on each other, and on this place.
Bespeckled with 98 percent certainty 030826
rhin i am truly sorry to hear of your loss, Special K. if nothing else, just remember to breathe... 030826
User24 inamorato is a lovely memorial, like two vines, the first appears, and then the second twists around until a single entity is created, the entwined vines permanently altered by each other, the twisted vines not noted for their singularity, but their union. 030826
Dafremen There you go K. I hope you understand now, that it matters and you matter and he matters. Thank you so much for touching our lives..I only hope that I can in some way return the favor.


Bespeckled I must agree that inamorato is a very beautiful testament to what they had. 030830
User24 I hope no-one spoils it by blathering to it; blather_vote - should I close it off? 030902
Kitten They are some of the most beautiful writings I have ever seen.

The line
"I never got to see your starlight
in our children's eyes
never heard your gentle song's
maternal lullabies" brought a tear to my eye."

Love like this lives on eternally.
Bespeckled I don't think anything can be closed off here.

Even if your bill passed, User24, what's to prevent some kid in 2173 from blathering to it despite the vote, never knowning that some people years ago once held it sacred?
User24 I could stop people being able to blathe to it, but I don't think I want to; it would cross a boundary that really shouldn't be crossed, even for this. 030904
Dafremen Quite right. Free_expression must remain free. How else then, would we know what some wayward soul might have added that would have brought to our hearts and minds some little glimmer of insight that had previously remained buried in our subconscious? How would we know what tears K herself might shed at that shrine? How would we know where the "closing off" might stop? Then the division begins, then the egos and the rivalries and contentions, which have power, it seems everywhere but here on blather...would begin to work their unholy sorcery and this place would be common instead of magical. Yes, User24, you are right..we must leave blather roam free. 031011
nick does anyone else feel like this is alive? I mean blather. It's given us all a forum, and here we are ... using it, but it takes snapshots of our lives and preserves them. Like an ever expanding history of us.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that you're not alone online. There's a society, a social organism here that is comprised of us all... and even the folks who only read it once and then go away never to contribute their dreams, rants, poems, songs, and best of all love letters.

It only lives if we read it.

thank you, New Dream Networks, whoever you are... guess I should look that up huh... hehe...

Thankyou to everyone who reads our blather, it's our lives... even if only for five minutes... we had something to say.
User24 nice tribute, nick.

daf; yes.
Lemon_Soda Blather is our journal of importance.

Everything written meant something to the person writing it, even if it was just to laugh.

Our history is indeed scripted here and far more detailed than the world will ever try to be with our memory.

We make our own memorial, each post, line or word. it grows everyday more beautiful and whole.
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