trash I'm steeped in the art of making tea echo through the ages

I'm coyly sweeping a hand before web pages

I'm taking a bath! Is anyone editing this?
But what about the trash who copy and paste it
(up their personal context)
Do we leave them out?
I guess he was asking a psychic brain. Is that blather?.
nothing The exuberance of evil wipe
their brows after a hard labor
I wonder if Feminism's out if there are

Queers or just queers without favor.
I visited gay and it only made sense when I saw someone posting their ignorance. Meant that people could talk and not just be assembled somehow.
sabbie and she stared into the mirror
mesmerised by her own beauty
a mermaid catching her own reflection
a vampire greedily sucking the victim dry
ophelia glaring from her watery grave
mary grinning, her belly bulging
goddessess singing
ordanairy folks slaving away,
where their simple, filthy lives
can not touch her.

a thousand images
flicking swiftly through her mind
as she stares, entranced
at her beauty
her image smiling back at her from the wardrobe door.

"between our smiles,
we will enslave them all"

her reflection opened her beautiful mouth wide,
so that she might take
the last swallow of her wine
before she went out the door
and into the night.

the memory of music was vibrating in her bones
before she could even see the club,
or the line of impatient goths
freezing outside.
freakizh two mirrors kissing each other. 010716
Sam Vaknin A pattern of traits and behaviours which signify infatuation and
obsession with one's self to the exclusion of all others and the
egotistic and ruthless pursuit of one's gratification, dominance and
unhinged most of my existence here is an indulgence into my own narcissim. i love to have some place to put my life into print and mull over it. i haven't done my routine read through of old posts in quite awhile. now didn't really seem like the time to be fixated on myself. 010919
sarah I do imbue my blue unto myself 020517
distorted tendencies I turn myself on.
(The benefits of cloning revealed.)
Sam Vaknin A pattern of traits and behaviours which signify infatuation and obsession with one's self to the exclusion of all others and the egotistic and ruthless pursuit of one's gratification, dominance and ambition. 031014
the oneders this is my reality. 031014
a thimble in time To Sam Vaknin,

Firstly, welcome to Blather.
Secondly, it is quite obvious that you have completely bombarded this network with dozens of very high quality blathers. My hope is that this is a sign of earnest commitment to the Blather community and not a narcissistic attempt to attract attention to yourself or worse yet,
a cheap way of advertising your books to us. If you are here to interact, please stay, but if you are hear to preach, please go someplace else.
lani and jesse if i love my slef, i can cure my hate, but not anyone elses. narcissists are happy, dead but happy. 040103
egger sab 040104
Farool God, I wish the bitch would get the fuck over herself. What a fucking attention whore, a selfless fucking bitch. God, it almost makes me think some people deserve what happens to them. Sit down, and shut the FUCK up. Seriously. We don't care if you just had a counselor appointment. We're not impressed, and we're not interested. We don't care that you're a witch and do blood rituals during lunch. We're not impressed, and we're not interested. We don't care that your parents beat you or whatever the fuck they did. We were impressed, but we aren't any more. Get the fuck over it. We don't care about your love life. We're not impressed, and we're not interested. We don't care if you think you have a stalker. Chances are you don't, 'cause you're ass-ugly. We're not impressed, and we're not interested. We don't care about the scars on your arms or wrist. We grimace, and try to ignore you more. We're not impressed, and we're not interested. Everyone else gets along fine without resorting to self-destruction or disruptive behavior, what makes you think that you're so special? You claim that you're depressed, but bull-fucking shit. Depression is an introverted thing, the fact that you're so fucking loud and such a fucking exhibitionist proves that you're not depressed, you're just a needy selfless bitch who puts her wants for attention over the well being of those around her. Yeah, I just said all of that, I just said it all. Now the motto I live by is "Let it never be said that I wasn't a nice guy," the nice thing that I'm doing is writing about it anonymously so I don't explode tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll be all smiles, sunshines, and daisies. I'm really a nice guy once you get to know me, but there's one button that you shouldn't push. This is it. Get the fuck over yourself, there are people who actually need help. I manage to get all of the attention I need just fine without being a narcissistic bitch. So is every-fucking-one else. So why do you need so much more? I think that you don't need more, I think that you want more, and you refuse to accept that you don't need all that you get, you simply want more and more. So what you need is an epiphany. You need to realize, "Hey, I'm not the only one here!" Because there are other people here too. I'm not talking about myself, if I was the only one being annoyed then I'd shoulder the burden, but I speak for the collective sane minds in our class. And I'm not even sane. Bitch, look. I'm depressed. I know what it's like, and I think that if you WERE depressed you wouldn't devote all of your fucking energy to being such a fucking attention whore. You already have how many counselors? More than I have fingers on one hand, so you don't need to be so disruptive anymore. It's not a distress signal, because we've not only already sent help, it's already got there, and you already told them to fuck off. It's not a cry of pain, because you sure as fuck aren't doing anything to fix it, as a matter of fact you're enjoying it. It's not a symptom, because it's the fucking disease; you've shown no progress, so we can't accept this as acceptable. It's not for the attention of the circle jerk of attention whores you're in, because you already have it. You just want the fucking attention of the people you can't get it from, and that's over superfluous. Bitch, get along with less; you're not so important as to have your every wish granted, make do with what you need; and you need a fuckton less than you think you do. How do I know? I don't want to say experience, that makes me sound bitter. I know because I've witnessed this. Every normal person in the world is a testament to the fact that one doesn't need to be the center of the universe to survive, and what's more, they're so much better off than you. You are in a stagnant position, you will drop out of high school and become one of those crack whores that hang out next to Pegasus that creep me the fuck out. That's why I'm angry. That's why I'm so pissed the fuck off. No one deserves to have a bad life, and you are on the way to your own destruction but you don't realize it. Powdered sugar and gum drops won't make you realize it either. Someone needs to present you with the cold-fucking-hard facts BEFORE you're at the point of no-return. As a general rule of thumb, I think the slippery slope theory is bullshit, but it's been proven to work in some places, like debt and addictions. That's what this is. A habit. A bad bad bad bad habit. You need to get over it, and someone needs to take a cold wet fish and smack you upside the head with it. WAKE UP. Life is NOW. I'm at the fucking edge as is, and seeing people behind me rush towards it scaraes the everloving fuck out of me. WATCH THE FUCK OUT. As CATS said in the famous speech of 2021, You are on your way to destruction. You are. So here's what you need to do: Reality check, recover, get on with life. Back when I was in a rut I thought "I never want to be a boring normal person" SUCCESS AND NORMAL ARE NOT SYNONYMS. You can strive for one and not the other. Exceling in your classes is not normal nor is it boring. Yes, the last thing I want is to push a pen, but I still do my fucking work, because there's more to it than that! Here's the moral of the story. I won't say a word about this to you, nor will anyone. I'll keep up the smiles and daisies and hope that a good example will set you straight, because applying force won't solve anything. I'd love to get you in a room and scream at you, but that wouldn't solve anything. I'm a nice guy. I'm going to be nice. If I try to force you to change you'll just resist more, so here's how it works I'll keep on helping you. More sunshine, powdered sugar, daisies, and gum drops. If you ask I won't tell you what's really on my mind, I'll tell you what I think will help you most, unless you pressure me, then I'll tell you the truth, but that won't happen. I just hope to fucking god you don't end up with a shitty life. I don't want that for anyone. I will not lie if you ask me to tell the truth. I will be nice. Clean conscience, I'm doing the right thing, right? 070417
double bagged yeah man. this bitch sounds like a self-righteous motherfucker. i tell you, what you need to do, if circumstances allow is: gag the bitch, tie her up, blind fold her and in the trunk of a car, drive her to the middle of no where (make sure is cold night). once there proceed to degrade her any way you deem appropriate but no fucking or hitting - you don't want to freak her out. then, drive off and leave her to her wits. if she survives you giver her respekt but that does not mean you must put up with her winning or constant narcissism. an unexpected bitch-slap takes care of that problem in most cases. if she dies you, you would have given her a glorious death, maybe even news-worthy.. which is more than she could have accomplished on her own desperate attempt to be somebody. 070417
Farool Heh, I like that idea. I'm too passive to implement it, but I really like it. 070418
De Fender Some people really overreact to this. So someone's Narcissistic, so what? In and of itself, it isn't bad. It's only when coupled with other faults that it becomes a problem, and even then, the trouble usually lies with those other faults. 081125
no reason "it's not a good idea to give a narcissist a microphone." 081125
Comparer Better to date someone with narcissistic tendencies than someone with stalkerish tendencies. 081126
amy narcissism isn't terrible... though it might be you following yourself down a dark path. or, at best, one with contrived and unholy lighting. unholy might be exaggerating some, and that may be worse, that exaggeration of narcissism -- when multiplied in a what-have-you direction, who knows what can happen. that is risk. simple narcissism is a very human, common, every day characteristic, at least among the people that I know.

i say unholy is an exaggerated claim, because holy might be asking too much. Or would something holy be the exaggerated claim? confusion ensues, from this perspective.
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