elimeny A rose will bloom
But then will fade
So does youth
So does....
the fairest maid...

Comes the time
When one sweet smile
Has it's season
For a while
Then loves in love with me...
the one what a beautiful word. even though i dont know what it means. 011004
a message for THE ONE when you don't know what a word means, try looking it up. that's one of the ways that people learn. 011004
DannyH Evanescence [f. EVANESCENT a.: see -ence.]

1. The process or fact of vanishing away.
1751 Johnson Rambler No.156 "The great principles of truth...fade at last into evanescence"

2. The quality of being evanescent; tendency to vanish away.
18.. Smith Addr. Mummy poet. works. (1846) 15 "Statue of flesh! Immortal of the dead! Imperishable type of evanescence."

3. concr. An evanescent thing. (rare.)
1830 Blackw. mag. XXVII. 848 "That most celestial Evanescence - a Lunar Rainbow"

OED 3rd Edition
the one but isnt it cool that i had no clue what it meant- still liked it and then you found out what it meant and its a cool word? Its as cool as it sounds and i didnt waste any time looking it up....see?
whos laughing now!!
elimeny I have to say that i think that was about the funniest sequence of entries i have ever read.

I just don't know if I will ever laugh like that again.
Fier&Roses We had a day or maybe two
to walk and talk a bit
with you
a dream a life an incubus
around the block with you,
my aegis
your love is evanescent
an eclipsing moon and
non transecndent
Oh that you could be eternal
consant love, yet instead
you're ephemeral
celestias shadow she has the most amazing, beautiful, stunning, ethereal voice i think i have ever heard. i want to take that voice and swallow it whole. 030915
niska the essence of evan... 030916
camille I own this CD

karl the weed yeah evanescence is really good and really unique. whats sort of funny is that i had been looking for a decent rock/hard rock band with a female lead singer because i thought it would be interesting, and thats about when their cd came out. 030917
pipedream she sings from her stomach at this unbelievably HIGH note, maybe she should give opera a whirl...good listening 030919
nomatter I don't like the whole girl rock star thing.
I'm a guy's girl.
shivers i like to just close my eyes and imagine singing that song on a beach
its just kinda soothing
oldEphebe my god bring me back to life..the first time i heard that song..i almost fell apart..hearing your deepest most private thoughts hurled so equisitely out of the radio..bring me back to life..

more to come
niska i LOVE the whole girl rock star thing... (this doesn't include fukkers like avril ) because when i was growing up, all i wanted to do was sing softly to raunchy guitars - bring melody to the world of fuck-'em-all-to-hell.

i love g.g. allin and would have loved to sing a duet with him. maybe just for the fact that he would NEVER be down with that lame shit, but i just like hearing those sounds.
TalviFatin Now what am I going to do? This band is exactly...to the point...what I wanted if I were to make it big. Back to the drawing board. Literally.
She's an artist, too...

The first couple weeks that they were a fresh hit...I got calls from friends asking if I was on the radio singing that song. They said I sound almost identical...
I'm so jealous its not funny. One night at work my boss said I could almost pass for an Amy Lee...
I dont see it. I'm me. I can give a crack at most genres of music, including jazz and opera. I bet she cant do Ella Fitzgerald...

but beyond my complaining, I adore them. They're the first rock band I can actually sing to.
bruce you look like amy lee? oh bejesus, have you got the muscular calves that she's got, fuck I wanna grind myself against her NO DOUBT! 031114
Silently_Broken the song 'You', that astounding voice. Oh how it speaks to me. I shall hear it forevermore, I will see the words amongst the stars at night, Iíll hear the words carried softly on the wind and I will find the sorrow in the eyes of my long_lost, broken_hearted love. 031129
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl Evanescence - Ben Moody and Amy Lee.

Some of the most inspiring lyrics i have ever heard are in their songs, i love them.

They are the best band in the whole goddamn universe!
Any blatherers like them?
silentlybroken Yes, many people like them, as above. Ben Moody has now left the band, We all await to see how they progress, and move on. 040111
RoXXXie she's beautiful, the lyrics are meaningful, the music is enthralling, they are one of the best things to come from the family christian bookstore (i hear, anyway) since mxpx.... 040111
Helicala They're not a Christian band. They actually got pissed off that their CDs were being sold in Christian stores and ordered that it not be done anymore, or something.

I can sing like her. And I'm only 15. I used to think my voice was lame because I could only hit the high notes and couldn't really belt. And she doesn't belt at all, she sings all in head voice. She has inspired me so much.
zeke see: evanescent 040112
Alfred It's another anthem to co-dependancy and extreme, extreme postures of melancholy. This culture needs a steel rod in you know where to prop itself up. 040112
misstree though the sentiment makes me grin,
steel rods are not the way to go.
wood and bone and sinew
are much more effective.

that, or installing electrodes in couch cushions. give me the control panel. i'll get people hopping.
couch squirmer mmm, yes, a little to the left...
oh baby! keep hittin those controls, kitten!
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl tourniquet describes my life, it's scary how much it really relates to me. 040122
x could the lyrics be any more general? what's scary is how specific you think it is. people have been feeling like that forever. people are feeling like that right now. that's why we have words like sadness and despair. 040122
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl yeah but everybody relates to a specific word/phrase/idea in the song, same is in life, you can say something to somebody and they will feel a certain way, say the same thing to someone else and they probably associate different feelings or memories with it, so general words mean something to everyone that is unique from what they mean to everyone else.

sorry if this sounds like a rant or if no one gets what the hell im yammering about, im not ranting, just trying to prove a vague point.
zb.octopus find some nick cave 040323
oldephebe but golly gee, i'm thinking the thing that is so patently obvious here is the charismatic gemfire the singer exudes..how every note is freighted with her uniquely singular soul stamp..she's not running from her pain or muting it for the dictates of the sun-haired bottle blondes whove cltivated the whole glassy, eyes all agog sex kitten stare...simply., The girl can sang. 040323
oldephebe *sun-haired bottle blondes (and sheesh! the natural ones as well, 'cause a really good dye job is not neccessarily an incontravertible indice or component of shallownes, mediocre talent, harlotry, spiritual abyss from whence these exhausted gyrations and poses justate and finally crown what dimly passes for and or constutes the creative womb like..hey preying upon, and or oppurtunistically exploiting - as a market imperative - crudely gouging out the next platinum pop sex surrogate niche as incarnation of adolescent and not to mention middle-aged mens idealized and objectified avatar of many many ultimately desolate bottom of the beings well sessions of sexual self-gratification..as self loathing that always succeeds the brief face in ecstatic spasms of increasingly empty orgiastic rituals..so these same pop plaster of paris princesses who've cultivated the hook and the look and seductively saunter around the stage and or pavement and or red carpet and or run way and or set of latest celluloid cartoonish video as if it and or they were coming up with something the world hath never beheld before so...
oldephebe so i guess i'm saying that in contrast to that "aesthetic" her and i mean the now somewhat voluptous..as in you know rembrandt model here..singer is simply leagues and leagues ahead..at least to ah..me 040323
white_wave yes, she can sing VERY well. unfortunately without her lovely voice, they would sound like a clone of every other new band.

Sorry to offend any fans out there, but I do have strong opinions. And I have really intended to buy the CD. Got to support the female rockers or they might just go extinct.
oE i think i meant to use the term Reubaneque to describe the singers recent voluptousness..she's taking a little at a time though.... 040324
whisper_to_the_moon "Lies" ~Evanescence

Bound at every limb by my shackles of fear
Sealed with lies through so many tears
Lost from within, pursuing the end
I fight for the chance to be lied to again

You will never be strong enough
You will never be good enough
You were never conceived in love
You will not rise above

They'll never see
I'll never be
I'll struggle on and on to feed this hunger
Burning deep inside of me

But through my tears breaks a blinding light
Birthing a dawn to this endless night
Arms outstretched, awaiting me
An open embrace upon a bleeding tree

Rest in me and I'll comfort you
I have lived and I died for you
Abide in me and I vow to you
I will never forsake you
eclipTix I'm going through a stage of evanescence... 040713
*Amy* uuuuuuffffffff!!!! I feel so reflected in their lyrics, it`s MY LIFE in this moment. 050315
*Amy* Lie to me,
Convince me that I've been sick forever.
And all of this,
Will make sense when I get better.
patience great word spoilt entirely by associations with that awful band. 050315
valen i hate evanescence. they make music ugly. 050420
anne-girl sometimes i wonder if people insult bands to sound cool
or because they genuinely care about quality of music, and don't... idon'tknow

people flame and rant and rave about music entirely too much, sometimes
as long as it makes people happy...
anne-girl i love evanescence
the words are so beautifully depressing
screaming "i want to diiiie"

and her voice is beautiful
silentlybroken Never sleep, never die. 050719
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