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jenny_enny_dots I dreamed about one of my clients who has a Great_Dane. Then she was gone and I was at a party with lots of people and the dog was there too. It was licking me and smothering and I was trapped. It felt like a huge head on me that I couldn't escape from.

Blatherers: share your sleeping dreams, nightmares, or things you say while sleeping. I may even give insight on what your dream is trying to tell you...
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jenny enny dots minnesota chris said:

"or any other page"

are you trying to say that every bit of blather is something we came up while completely unconscious?
littlemiss bossywossy it's obvious that he meant any other dream page.

even if he didn't, a lot of writing comes from what we think we saw in our dreams and how we interpret them. a dream could also mean a desire and almost everyone has written about a desire or a want. therefore i think that yes, most of our writing stems from our unconscious because our unconscious tends to stem from our conscious.
u24 I had a choice of three doors to go through, (hey, thats a lyric by VAST... anyhow...) and for some reason I chose the middle door, and I had to

(sorry.. rewind.
let's do this narrative style, it'll be more interesting.)

The citadel..

(no, that's not right..)

The (what -was- it?)

The Keep (close enough) lay ahead, dark and ominous. I stood faced with three doors, after a long journey. And as so often happens, 2 of the doors led to certain doom, and one led to...
something else.

(I'm not quite sure what it led to, but it was better than death, and death's a pretty hard thing to beat)

The two doors either side of the center were mirror images of each other, dark, gloomy and forboding (ok, I searched for 'forboding' on, honestly, but it couldn't find it, and, well, that's what they were!)

But the door (more of a gate, really (shuttup! I'm trying to tell a story) (sorry))

The -GATE- in the middle

(No, sorry, it wasn't really a gate, either, an archway, an enterance, a piece of architeture cunning constructed to trick the mind into thinking that it somehow cut off what lay on one side from what lay on the other. An intersection. A way of telling you that if you were to walk through it, no doubt winds would howl and portcullises (portculli?) would slam down with a grinding sound that chilled the bones.

Yes. That sort of door.)


the door in the middle was different, it was more orange for one thing, and it seemed brighter.

Choosing the middle door for no apparent reason (liven it up a bit, hey?)

[may I start again?]

The Keep lay ahead, dark and ominous. I stood faced with three doors, after a long journey. Somehow I knew that only one of the three doors would let me pass alive, and that unknown horrors lay past the other two.
Choosing the middle door, for it seemed somehow brighter, through more distressingly blood coloured, I passed through a short passage and advanced into a vast hall, high as you could see, with a raised area in the center, as if a great table once stood there.

As I looked about me, searching for an exit, I saw a giant dragon wheeling in the air above me, clad in intricate red armour. The beast clawed me as I drew my sword, but thankfully, I scored a lucky strike against it's steel clad wing, twisting the blade upwards I peeled off a plate of it's armour and it fell, suprised. I darted over and drove my blade upwards from it's wing to it's chest. And so it died.

Taking the armour I had detached, I noticed it was decorated with scenes of BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP

I hate alarm clocks.
u24 foreboding 040201
x in one of my dreams, i was telling someone about another dream, thinking i had woken up
i should have realized i was still asleep when there was someone there listening and caring
jenny enny dots the reason i probably dreamt this because i have been looking for some pants to wear to work, and the kind i want is really hard to find. so the dream was:

i was at Macy's in the city i grew up in but don't currently live. i was looking for navy blue pants as that is my required uniform. but i wanted something stylish like cargo pants with pockets. i found lots of jeans but none were dark enough blue to get away with. i am not allowed to wear jeans unless they are really dark blue, no fading. but all the ones i found were faded. i ended up in a store and found a pair but they were baggy and huge. and i think they were men's pants. then i have the same REOCCURING dream that plagues me often. that i am going back to work at this souvenior store that is one of my very first jobs out of high school. they need me to fill in because they are understaffed. but i haven't worked there for about 15 years. i feel strange and awkward about going back to a place that i haven't been in over a decade.

(every time i have this dream, i think about going to the store, but i have never yet gone inside. i have had this dream many many times)
? what were you telling them 040201
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falling_alone hamsters were flying on broomsticks as professor snape taught harry to play quidditch. (i think had something to do with this)

and then i was in uniform, in a bathroom with four stalls, one for every house.

gryffindor was occupied, so i went to hufflepuff but wasnt able to go. then i went back to the gryffindor stall. i remember that they were really grimy, and snape stood outside of the door which again was uncomfortable.

i woke up and i had to run to the bathroom. i thought i was going to burst.

i'd describe the dream more, but it was too weird.
minnesota_chris I was saying that you could write your dream on any of those pages, or you could just put your dream any old place. Blather is like that, a teenagers bedroom all messy with lots of fun stuff thrown in the corners. 040203
seventeen trapped in a dark town where everyone wanted me dead.

swam through tall weeds.

arrived underwater only to be dragged under by a lioness. an underwater lioness.

woke up with my sheets and stomach in knots.
minnesota_chris for some reason, a friend and I were escaping some horrible unspeakable evil by taking an elevator (this happens often, Dr. Freud).

When we were safe, we called for an elevator. It was in the middle of the night, and there was a figure slumped against the wall of the elevator, stone cold asleep. He was pushing a baby stroller. Obviously his kid couldn't sleep, and he had to give the kid a ride in the elevator to help him sleep(this makes no sense until you have to care for a newborn).

He woke up when we opened the elevator doors, and looked at us. It was Jack_Nicholson! He looked terrible, poor guy. I murmured something in sympathy as he left.
mous don't know where i was or what i was doing, just that he was there. i don't remember what we said to each other, just the smell of his skin (instantly familiar even after all these years apart) and the sensation of kissing him. then the phone rang, and he was there. I used to cringe when the phone rang at 3 am- now it feels like getting flowers. 040301
just me my dad shot me in the stomach...on purpose...and when he realized I wasn't dead he refused to take me to the hospital. 040301
white wave has left the building be back soon. and someone who angers me out there should know that this will be one of my last blathes of the day. you've got your wish and got me to leave. are you happy now? 040302
Not the Daddy No. 040302
white_wave My dream last night seemed to be in chapters of unrelated stories. I can't remember all of them. They didn't seem to link to each other chronologically, but it was all in one dream session. Here goes:

There was a photo album with strange pictures. Pictures of people from the 1960's. Then there was a little girl in a wedding dress. I thought the album was part of a game where the book was passed throughout parts of the world. I didn't know what the game was about. I think I was at a party with interesting people I didnít' know. Then there was another photo album. But this one didnít' seem to part of the game. I thought it was of pictures of someone who was actually there. I looked in it and saw a stunningly gorgeous girl with dark curly hair. I was envious of her beauty. I didn't know her.

Second part of dream. I was on a car trip to see my family. I stopped at a place for a rest from driving. It seemed to be a house. I don't know why but I felt that I had to do dishes. The kitchen was filthy and disgusting. There were lots of people there and some I didn't trust. It seemed many of them also wanted to do dishes. I was thinking about using the dishwasher to wash one Tupperware container, but I didn't know how I would tell my dishes from the others. Then I was somewhere else in the house and I saw a very tiny dog. It looked like a white poodle that had been dyed pink. I thought it looked pretty.
im not telling i walked inside a small restaurant with my best friend. he ordered pea or tomato soup, and i ordered pizza for some reason. he was a priest, scrawny and thin and short, all in black. i was a tall, voluptous and beautiful woman who slept around.

while we talked, he blurted out something, can't remember, and left the restaurant quickly, leaving me and his untouched bowl of soup. i was simultaneously trying to cry out "(his name)! (his name)! where are you going?" and finish my pizza slice.

the place surrounding the small restaurant was suddenly a big, boring-looking white mall. lots of people and lots of escalators. anyway, i chased my best friend turned weird-ass priest down one of the escalators and, when i got to the floor below, he was gone.

could somebody please tell me what my dream means? i haven't talked to my friend since last tuesday, and i miss him a lot.
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