LordOfAlexuzz to dream on acid is insane. i've gone to gates of hell, walked in... and made my self comfortable. chillin by the hellforge with Hepasto was rather fun. i returned... and found sanity.

in order to be sane, you must loose it all to finaly realize what it is you had.

out of this world
nemo i cant fall asleep on acid.. reality is insane on it is enough for me... but anyways 011122
LordOfA;exuzz wow, i returned...

finaly feeling home, i must be insane

although icould still be dreaming.

i hope i don't spend my whole life living an insane dream.

just joined the army, recently anyhow...

ugh, ttyL
LordOfAlexuzz nevermind the fact that it's been so long. now that you're here, trust no one.

new dream, and i feel so cold this time.

btw {you only wish you were insane.}

don't fuck with me. and if you wake me from my dream you best be real.

~life after death~ Makaveli ~ M.O.B. ~
squint not so insane, but a dream.
last night I stabbed myself over and over and the wounds turned black and took up my body.
it was like...
i didn't really care if i died, but i didn't want it to be slowly, so i just kept stabbing myself. biggest one was in my stomach on my_left_side.
someone found me.
i was in a crowd
but nobody noticed that I was stabbing myself.
i really didn't mind.
but then some guy noticed me. some old man. and i felt so guilty and bad. and he told me that i was dying, but he could die if he died I would live...and I couldn't decide whether or not to take his life.

and i feel really guilty about that even as i'm awake, that i would take somebody elses life and be selfish like that...
i don't know.

anyway. weird dream. can't remember how it ended.
what's it to you?
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