kaskarkaminski A knew a Rinnie once, (Rinnie Orr) i believe she still has a bunch my books in Wyoming. 000805
ME Aaron. hmmm yup that would be me. skin and bone, flesh. a tormented mind and a kind soul. i feel the need to blather. so i do, endlessly pumping my thoughts into cyberspace, or is the world here more real than my own. a tangled web of words and phrases, to pour my out onto a screen. very few of you see these things. only those who feel the need to blather too. 000805
in many regards was it up?
was it down?
was it spinning all around?

did ya reach it?
could ya preach it?
but oh yeh,,,

you're wiser
DUTCH HUNK aaron here.. just figured i'd tell you that my name ISN'T aarondan... it's aaron. yes.. i AM a geek.. just ask jenaby...
startfires there is a whole posse of us.
erin, erin, aaron, and aaron.
we are all wonderful friends and really a sort of faction of erins.
unique butterfly well my name is erin and i like a guy named aaron... so yeah. it's weird. 010928
ClairE I like getting e-mail. 011126
ilovepatsajak he works at applebees and has a yellow jeep. i hate jeep people. 011127
ClairE I hate yellow cars. Almost as much as white. 011128
ilovepatsajak on window of jeep in parking lot- "it's a jeep thing, you wouldn't understand." i wanted to smash it. 011203
opie . yeah dude, that's just sad. fuck jeeps. 011203
bandaids go to: my_story 011221
lemonlizzles he's got firey hair, and when he bummed a cigarette from me that day at the beach, you could tell that it extended through his armpits, the light curls on his leg, the flat on his stomach where his swim shorts fell about his hips. we waded out into the surf while the rest of the girls warmed themselves on the beach, sputtering talk about kayaking to his beach house next weekend between the waves that overcame us.
when we walked on waterfront, that night, arms slung across shoulders, we carried such a familiarity in our bellies that i knew that we must have been standing on that dock for forever, just for forever.
sweetheart of the song tra bong He speaks Italian to me and I can only respond in French.

Aaron and Emily: We May Not Understand Each Other, But Hey, Neither Do You.
Julie* im dating this guy aaron. he wants to marry me. 020711
cheer-up-emo-kid a guy I went out with for ten months.
last week he fucked my best friend who happens to be his ex girlfriend. they arent even going out. the next day he tried to fuck my other best friend/ his other ex girlfriend. that night he told his best friend that he was still in love with me.
thats so fucked up.
the one i found you in the darkness and all we had was light. we made each other dance and sing and it all clicked just right. NOw i plan around you and do everything for you. i couldnt imagine living alone...especially without you. 020721
Ari shaking sweet visions
like you need to drive above
the shadows,
white winter sweat
gond under eternity.
never have i
lived a life to dream
and to soar
as i do with you.
squint is insane Aaron Aardvark Llicks Llamas.

its true.
silentbob he told us he wanted to make sure no pictures exist where he's making a normal face 020913
distorted tendencies About the hottest thing on the face of the planet. 020913
sterling625 my boyfriend whom i love very much... hopefully someone that will be around for a very long time. my only wish is for erin (his x) to go away but they have a nasty way of sticking around, huh? anyhoo, aaron is the best thing that has ever happened to me. i love you, baby. 021006
darkplastic pot reefer marijuana mota, ollie the trolley, ollie, beer, beer, dammit hows it going forget what you were typing about? all right lets go to food for less ah thanks ah you lost your seat dude little bastard drink at his friends house way to go only pot tonight and oral sex tennessee ditch-weed pop can and aluminum foil wife beaters car on cinderblocks ash tray asg tray funny shawn i heard that at work they fondle me in the butt some slower song and the original nut in flames in the week totally weak have you uhh i didnt realize that ministryrttry song lay lady lay ministry different heard the other song thre radio the other day holy shit arbie sucks ass wrote everything that we were just saying and Shawn did nic up the butt and they are gay they come on each others feet and put poopie inion theyrtrnhgk ah hah, pot, nic, get me some poot yoiu buttholes poot? y 021012
distorted tendencies So... I'm actually starting to miss you when i don't see you for a week. Strange, because I usually haul ass to get away from you when you drop me off..

I'm growing to love you slowly. Compassionately Love you, not just Passionately.

But it's none of your business.
pot_smoking_primate It's just a name! 030219
Father Sergius Aarons are far cooler than you because anyone who makes a giant idol and seduces an entire people away from God is WAY CHIC 030512
onlyme sexy 030512
Father Sergius 'Haroun' in Arabic, apparently. My friend who is part Pakistani and part Palistani and part Polish tells me this. I miss her like crazy, but she's living it up with her Italian boyfriend who is a freelance lumberjack. 030513
endless desire what i nicknamed him on my phone.
that way he's always my first contact
Machiavelli70 Not all Aarons are asses. I'm not. I drive a Jeep though. And I drive it for me, not to show everyone.

Anyone who has an "it's a jeep thing" sticker should get personal with an "it's a baseball-bat thing" sticker.
ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha back again... got a new girl in the old world.... serriously LOVE.... LIFE... it's my life... once again... i fall away.. loving... and i have to leave... so i walk away... from all i have known.. and they don't know.. how real it all is. 041007
deb perfect name
it fits so well
my little Aaron-man

cuddled up here
upon my chest
listening to the beating of my heart

so big and yet so tiny
you are
how quickly i know you'll grow
don't want to miss a second
so i hold you while you sleep

i'm still amazed this perfect thing
this tiny person
came from within me...
i can't believe i could make something
so beautiful

and i can't believe you'll be my last one....

Sterling625 Ugh... why didn't somebody stop me?

Life is very interesting, isn't it???
norren i know an aaron. he has a jaw like an ape, and lips like sausages, all he does is reads. my best friend loves him , fucks him with her eyes every time she sees him. yet only i notice. they say they love eachother & get all giddy, but in the end - how can you fuck someone that looks like a monkey? 050128
jane first love, fifteen, and you, you were twenty-four then? it seems so long ago, especially to see you now and drink beer, remember when i couldn't get into bars? and i made you that driving at night cd with my first radiohead song and playground love and that chris isaak song. and then for christmas this year you gave me the new mix; and i wonder if mine was more surprising than yours or the reverse. and sometimes it makes me sad, and we drank too much and i told you i wasn't over it and i yelled until jamie the bartender came over and gave us free drinks that we couldnt finish 050129
Star_Scribe Its me Aaron with Erin. I only have a tenuous grasp on the situation right now, like a Russian hacker. Trying to attact my dream girl, I hope that isn't a self contradictory goal. Thanks all for your help, and I know we don't saw this very often but:

We love you more than we can comprehend
Aaron. fuck me what have i done wrong concidering the books subject, please, i miss her, but shut the fuck up, cause some of it, i do not want to talk about. i know plenty about where and the worry, but what the fuck do you do about show off and snooting, just trying to crack open my new plastic heart fixtures, all plastic heart, just to keep the old one in, i don't need 10 or 20 cc's, i needed one, but she's gone, so i'm still waiting on this shell of plastic if it holds anything at all, just to see if it starts tomarrow or the next day, the next day, i'm just waiting to move on, and i can't forget her, no matter what i do. the second time i've been in love in my whole life, and i'm still questioning, if i should even look for a relationship, even if i did i know i couldn't forget her, they stole what things she had me hold onto, and i don't want to date anyone who looks like her. you think someone just dug her up outta where ever, you might think ore instead, that girl was way way too close to being the stuff they make guns out of, at least to me, and right beside me she was in all the days i have had with her, when she left, she might have missed a note, or ran from a beat, i'm just wondering why. i won't date anyone that looks like her again, she was kind of everything to me. mutual obsession was still a beautiful thing 100123
h|s|g an epic_story_of_a_best_friend 110820
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