bane are you my shadow or am i yours? either way i know i'll never lose you. 000122
sugarpie wow! only one entry for sister? 000407
Mary This is for my sisters, Julie AND Marissa. :) My sisters are my best friends. They understand me completely and know what I'm thinking, even before I tell them. They're always there for me, no matter what. Julie and Marissa, you guys both have a very special place in my heart that no one else could ever fill. I love you, and I always will. 000712
marissa aka al I have no blood sisters, but my real true one is Mary (above). She knows me inside out. She listens to me when I have problems, and offers advice, and just a set of ears to listen to me. I couldn't ask for more. I do have other friends that come close to mary, but not quite as close. We go through the same things and share the same thoughts, and it seems as we also share the same mind. I love mary like family, because, well, she practically is. 000714
clara Youíre here now
Though your life is fading
Your beauty still present
Though cancerís invading

I admire you so much
But canít know how you feel
With the pain so intense
And the despair - so real

Iíll always be here
And I will never leave
I will be strong for you
Though I already grieve

Youíre my only sister
And my love runs deep
Please donít go
And leave me to weep

As youíve battled through
These painful years
Iíve kept my distance
Iíve hidden my tears

The future is bleak now
And we canít run away
But sister Iím yours
And this time, Iíll stay

I will keep my promise
I will always be true
Everything weíve spoken of
I will do it for you

Death cannot part us
You will always be near
Have courage, my sister
So beautiful, so dear
Dafremen My first memories of my sister are some of my first memories of anything. I was about 3 or 4 years old and we were still with our biological mother. She put Gladys(that was my sister's given name, poor girl!) in the swimming pool at what must have been 2 or 3 years of age wearing one of those styrofoam lifesavers with the little seat made out of a strap of canvas or something.

Well Gladys flipped over upside down and almost drowned in the deep end and I remember all of the people yelling and I remember thinking, "Is someone mad at me again? Am I going to get beaten?"

But I didn't. Not for THAT anyway.
josie i know that i shall bless my children with the joy of the most precious friendship they will ever know... that joy of a sister.
jacqui, i lived away from you for a year and i realised that i can't live without you.
Thank you for your love
twiggie mine is a pixie and named stephanie. 010223
MexPanther sometimes she can be too goddamn annoying, but hey, she's my sis, and my only one too 010402
elisabeth you left my life when you went to collage. it was like you were never a part of it. now you say you have faith in me you know that i will make it through my ruff times. how do you know you don't know anythign about me. do you know i don't belive you when you say that you are coming back for a vist. I don't belive you untill i see you. that is how much faith i have lost in you. and sence you left i have drifted form the path i wanted. becuase i don't care about you. so i don't look up to you. and i am not on the good path. you don't even know how my mind works anymore. so don't say you do 010614
ClairE I never wanted one until I was nearly seventeen years old. I can't have one.

It is the only thing I can think of in my life that was once within my grasp, and now has absolutely no possibility of happening.

It reminds me of death.
Casey I have two, so if anyone want's one their welcome to it. The older one isn't so bad, except she takes all the hot water after showering in the morning. The other can get annoying, but she's ok. 020109
... there's this incredible mixture of love and hate. 020213
girl_jane I can't seem to get out of her shadow... 020327
Zoe my best friend. i adore my sister. she's 7 years older than me and i don't remember ever fighting. i just always knew that she could beat me up, so i did whatever she said. she taught me how to be myself, shared her thoughts on boys, drugs, mom, everything. i probably value her opinion more than anyone's. whenever she hangs out with me i still get that same feeling i did when i was in elementry school and she and her friends (the big middle schoolers) would talk to me. i love you! 020531
Rae my mother raised me and my twin sister to be individuals. we call each other twister. 020810
josie Jacqui

chance made you my sister,
choice made you my friend.
lycanthrope i wrote only one poem about her. it was about disneyland. it had a killer last line. she liked it. i'm going to miss her. she's in college in hawaii now. she wrote me the sweetest note before she left. last night i almost hesitated to lock the door because she might still be out. when i dropped her off (after lugging all her luggage up six stories) she was hugging me and crying and all the people were looking at her funny, because when my sister cries she sobs. So i's couldn't keep the baby, college is important right? isn't it? haha...and it's the kind of joke we'd both laugh at, and i figure it'd give her roomates something interesting to think about her. And i left a message on her voicemail that said...homesick?homesick?homesick? like twenty times...i figure if she ever is, after hearing how i am again, she won't be. And then i said, these are the best times of your life, remember that, remember that, no matter what, if this sucks for you, it's the best it's going to get. more direct sharing. you should never let anything separate you from the ones you an OCEAN. haha...ah i have no excuses to stay at home right? now's my turn. oh except i'd be leaving my sainted mother all home alone, to read suspense novels and cry into her wine that comes out of a box. no, she's too hyper for me to worry too much, but at night i do, if the door's cracked and i look in and see her there half asleep half buzzed but i can still tell she's trying to be somewhere she can't be anymore, it makes me sad even if it doesn't make her sad. well i suppose this is supposed to be about my sister. it is though. i wish you all could meet her, she's such a good person. 020831
Elzbieta You and me we're cut from the same cloth
it seems to some we famously get along
but you and me are strangers to each other
cuz you and me:competitive to the bone

such tragedy to trample on each other with how much we've endured
with the state this land is in

you and me feel joined by only gender
we are not all for one and one for all

sister blister we fight to please the brothers
we think their acceptance is how we win
they're happy we're climbing over each other
to beg the club of boys to let us in

you and me estranged from the mother
you and me have felt impotent in our skin
you and me have taken it out on each other
you and me disloyal to the feminine

such a pity to disavow each other with how far we've come
with how strong we've been

you and me are on this pendulum together
you and me with scarcity still fueling

sister blister we fight to please the brothers
we think their acceptance is how we win
they're happy we're climbing over each other
to beg the club of boys to let us in

we may not have priorities same
we may not even like each other
we may not be hugely anti-men
but such a cost to dishonor a sister

you and me have made it harder for the other
we forget how hard separatism has been
you and me we can help change their minds together
you and me in alignment until the end

sister blister we fight to please the brothers
we think their acceptance is how we win
they're happy we're climbing over each other
to beg the club of boys to let us in
- Alanis Morrisette
niska oh, she's angry again... 030309
me! hate my sis.....blah!! 031020
x twisted x my sister and i are complicated. not as complicated as many are...but in our own way we're very complicated. were different in more ways than i could count, and yet we're the same. i never thought that i would miss her when i went away, but like a nasty reality slap, i've realized that i do. we used to fight so much when we were younger, in fact i used to be convinced that i hated you. when i started to grow up and i was given the gift of acceptance, i started with accepting my sister for who she was and who she couldn't be. she's beautiful to me, and she always will be. 060120
danielle my sister used to scare me because she was so loud...she yelled and slammed doors and threw things and I could never speak up because I was too frightened and nervous and meek and I didn't like to fight so she tortured me and always said 'I hate this family' and that broke my heart because I loved and idolized her to no end. She stole my things and tore apart my room and left it that way because she thought she could control me but I erupted and yelled and screamed and called her stupid shallow whore and to never treat me like an inferior being because I am better than her and always will always be better because I never treated anyone the way she treated me and she was shocked and then she cried and I should have felt bad but I just didn't and I left her there, crying. 060610
nom my sister was often the one who cleaned 070108
no reason mine has just told me that my friends are "tame." whatever that means. we don't "party" like she and her friends do, by using the dining room table as a ping-pong table. or something. i'd normally be somewhat amused, but today her judgments just piss me off. 080214
no reason said she wouldn't be good at dating because she doesn't like games 080219
no reason screaming and crying and being irrational at my mom for hours
i think i've deduced that she's insane
lady_jane She's recently moved to my town after being halfway across the country for a number of years. We have a comfortable understanding of each other. She's my 'built-in' best friend. We don't have to try at our relationship; it's just there. 090512
past it was odd to call my sister on mothers' day, but it also felt fitting, giving my two month old niece and all. 090512
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