Shar My friend Dave told me I was pure once.
That's why he liked me. I was untouched and innocent.
Whenever I tell him of the naughty things I do, he's surprised.
Or maybe he's not surprised. Maybe he's just crushed. Neat and clean version of me disappears every time I talk to him.

Dave, I'm sorry.
silentbob i wish i could automatically not assume people are pure, and not automatically assume people are impure. i wish i could have a completely clean slate with people, then i'm not surprised when i'm wrong and i'm not hurt when my expectations of them are not met. i hate having expectations for anything. i don't like it when i can't get past things like that. 000623
j The only purity left are in a chils eyes.
It is there before we force them to see all the evil that we produce as adults.
As a soilder from WWII said about the NAZI the definition of evie is the lack of empathy.
We all must have more empathy in or lives or look at the future we will face again one day.
vampers i was once, as a child

i long to be again
girl theres something missing in my touch
a tension tugging at my smile?
if theres a right thing to say
im sure i missed it by a mile
swallowed in some detail
heavy in my blood
i wanna hold u close
but i cant lift my arms up
is there a reason for this distance?
more than the drug that floats my days
a nervous bug in my system
it keeps me edgy and ashamed
ive got a saint, never ever will forgive
that never understood me but still tells me how to live
it fits when i stretch
and i stretch because i can
i stretch until im sore and then i open up for more
i do it out of habit not addiction
and if i give it up, clean out my blood
will i still feel bored and disconnected?
if i do it all for love will i ever give enough?
'cuz you can never be too pure or too connected
you can never be too pure or too connected
you can never be too pure
girl ^song "too pure" by sebadoh 010823
distorted tendencies Everyone is pure. No matter. There is always that part, no matter how small. 010919
cerulean caelum i don't believe a single person on this earth is pure..true purity cannot exist in the human mind. we are all marred from birth. the entire earth is tainted. one day it'll all burn away. 011102
snatch ego-less sex is pure. after fucking for a few hours, we completely lose all ego. we become one in our harmonious lovemaking... 020207
silent storm The innocent, unconditional love that comes from the heart of a child.
j_blue i was

what i gave was

he chose otherwise

what do i do?
Freak innocence 020501
melissah a young child born into a catholic family before being brainwashed into a preset way of life and thinking. 020801
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; nothing
Gilraen (s.h.o.t.h) She is so beautiful, so pure. It seems like nobody could touch her. So full of grace, so full of love. Her eyes light up when she smiles and I feel comforted by her warmth. I wish I could be so pure. As pure as her. 030301
B.A.Dorman Purity is a state of mind 030508
Samantha After I gave a guy head my friend told me I just wasn't the pure little girl I had been anymore. Is that realy a bad thing? Isn't it possible to just be too pure? 030817
shoccolo it's a blast to be alive 030817
MirandaJean theres a difference between having a pure heart and trying to have a pure heart, but some people don't see it that way. some people can't see past the end of their own nose. 031112
pzlng_princess I got peace... I got soul...I got love...in the music. In my soul..in my mind,my body,my spirit roars. 031207
lost uncontaminated 031208
a thimble in time Dreaming of you...

The purity of dream--
there is no truer language
than a language of our own creation.

Just as a dream breaks the barrier between the conscious "I" and the unconscious "I", love shatters the walls we build around individuality.

John Milton said once, "Love is the son of loneliness."

If he is correct, and love is the product of two lonely hearts,
maybe dreams are the daughters of two lonesome spirits.

Hence there may be nothing as pure as lying awake and dreaming of you,
with the exception of course of actually being with you.
zeke an infinite regress of therefores 031209
emmi the snow is pure. 040219
emmi he told me he'd take my advice. he said i'm the purest person he knows in london. and i told him purity is a state of mind and that purity is buried deep within every heart, bla bla, and he said no it's mind body and soul...and we argued about that for a while but then the phone rang and it was my mum. 040529
you raped. 040615
you rape. 040615
lacunas coil nonexistant dreams embody what purity means to me 040615
pete there is this poem i wrote a few days ago that i feel a need to talk about. i named it 'pure dreams' and it was quite pure. the purity was so strong i didn't know who i was talking about until the last line came around. and then it all made sense. the feelings were so pure, so pained and angst-ridden that after reading it aloud to myself for the third time i was unable to do anything but go to bed.

it has been sitting in the back of my mind at work and at home and with others. it blossomed again. it has re-entered my mind, and i am thinking about it again. re-experiencing it.

the words that you know,
you never knew
... (dots for spacing in the lines i can't remember)
i never really felt that kiss you blew.

oh memories.

do you remember?
pete the words you know,
you never knew,
these roads we walk alone at night
beneath the paved skyways
shinning in their polluted hues

the words you know,
you never knew,
these frogs guide our way alone
from within the water's earth home
filling the stil air with thoughts of you

the words you know,
you never knew,
we take to dark depths apart at night
with only the heavens' laugh to remind us
of the unaware cards we drew

the words you know,
you never knew,
collapsing thoughts tumble down
around this sacred halowed ground
where they buried the angel you slew

the words you know,
you never knew,
i whispered and you heard my cry
waters once apart together again
i'll never feel the way that you do

the words you know,
you never knew,
we stood facing but far apart
you smiled into the camera's flash
but i never felt that kiss that you blew

27 june 2004
(c)Pete Anderson.

-card metaphor changed to something about choosing in edited version
-below i wrote 'how long does it take pete to recover his heart?'
ann 6 months (that was really bad, i know)
meg 2 months and counting (counting no more)
carla ill never stop thinking of you (because we always reply via mail)

one year
and im all aone
on year
and i miss you dear
one year
and a million dreams
one year
and oh how ive changed
one year
and crying's still hard
one year
and no one at my side
one year
and my heart beats strong
one year
and there will be more
one year
no less, free to livea s my financess see fit but no more, ah that is it

-written on the 1 year anniversary of movin away from home. my last high school exam, 8-11 thursday June 27, 2003, we hit the road for the park by Noon. I haven't been home for more than 2 weeks, and that only happened once.
lifay dream 040920
daMage bright white,

clear skies,

the essence of you

blue_j I was supposed to be something innocent
Something pure and white
Supposed to be an example
Of what good is
Supposed to stop his hands
But for some reason
I let him wander

I was supposed to be a loving woman
One who waited
And gave only kisses
Nothing more
But for some reason
I let myself slip

And you know now
You know the mistake I made
And I tell you,
"I wish I never did it."
And you say, you always say
With this sparkle in your eye,
A glint of stupid hope,
"It doesn't matter."
pete hardly 061113
self My love is not pure. My love is tainted, as is yours. I refuse to believe that a pure love would feel anything like this.
What to do? What to do..?
. is the eruption of a volcano pure?
i would say it is, it comes from the core,
although the pollution it causes is pretty destructive.
The core of this planet is still trying to cool down, it still ain't round and pure yet.
elise pure and true 101226
Sleepy_TK If math is the most Pure form of Truth then why are there still so many unanswered question?

Sleepy_TK Typo:


with an S at the end
as in more then one


Just farther
of my imperfection

my lack of
what's it to you?
who go