jesse cause back in school...we are the leaders of it aaaaallll... 010516
jolie hey, jess....I see you finally got to your name....that's right. Back in school we are the leaders of it all.....
Look back I sift through all the cliques
roamin the halls all year makin me sick
WHile everyone is tryin to make the cut
just when you think you know me right
I switch it up
behind the walls
smokin cigarettes and sippin vodka
hop the fence and catch a cab
hey no one can stop us
give me a break I'm on some other shit
while you act like its everything you are
pushed back to square
not that you need us
but you dont so there you go
cuz back in school
we are the leaders of it
stop that
all that
who ruined it?
you did
now grab an open can of paint
start takin notes on me and everyone whos on the top
you think were on the same page
but oh! we're not
I'll be the man (girl)
watch your backpacks pens and pencils
and just like Keith I'm flippin in while you just keep it simple
but you can't go on
rockin the cloths....
copying the stance....
cuz really its everything that you are
pushed back to square
now that you need us
but you don't, so there you go
cuz back in school
we are the leaders of it all...
or stop your lies....
's what you do
all you are...
now for the next page (page page)
its time to close the book up (book up)
cuz back in school
we are the leaders of it all...

God Bless and Jolie loves you
kalimngon sometimes I think she is a man. 010603
truly the misshapen blonde girl look everybody its the misshapen little blonde girl...fuck you Jolie n Jodie lol!! 010612
frankie woof. 010623
KiZZ the FiZZ I hatte all people named jesse. I think that if you are named jesse you are doomed to me awful in alot of ways. so if you have been named jesse....i suggest you change your name or commit suicide 010725
Dafremen Oh geezus, just pour gasoline on yourself and hand me a match why dontcha Kid Fizz? Could you give me a sweeter opportunity to smack you around with my verbal dome basher?
You probably could and will. Fortunately for you I like a challenge and slapping around some moron who thinks OTHER morons are the only wastes of skin is definitely not a challenge.

Here's a thought, next time you decide to bag on people that share your own flaws, stick your head in a sink full of water and take a DEEEEEP breath first why dontcha?

You'll be glad you did.
Teenage Jesus his only blather and he dumps on the only Rick Springfield song that isn't a vomit inducer; damn close- yet still no mess!

Hey Daf- Dead_Joe is coming- I promise it will be a treat. It's difficult to explain why- I can tell you he uses TWO Morley pedals. BTW- when/why did you reside in the Phillipines?
Dafremen Sounds cool...

I was in the Philippines for 9 months in the late 80s while in the service.
~*ThE GrEaT KaTiCa*~ ummm... leaders of it all hmm... as one teacher know as burnash told his class "at 18 we know all and its all down hill from there..." nice huh? not very reasuring is it??? hm.. leaders of the world.. where are they when we need them? We have planes crashing into buildings for heavensakes.. so oh great leader jesse have a wonderful day and keep you eyes torwards the skys... 010911
Kyle you are really hot ! ! :X 010916
distorted tendencies Have fooled around before... *Clears throat and turns red.* This is a confession. You'll laugh at me for this one. 010916
jess thaaaaaaats right 010917
looooo who have i fooled around with distorted tendencies? 010917
stupidpunkgirl seth asked me why i called him jesse from algona...since he lives in minneapolis. i told him that there already is a jesse from minneapolis, and when i say jesse from algona you know exactly who i mean. 010917
distorted tendencies No, I meant this guy I know named Jesse. Where I live... haha. I've known since I was like ten.. Alex thinks it hilarious for some reason that me and Jesse have fooled around before... 010918
Fire&Roses I tell you stories. You talk to me. You make me smile. I think that in a wierd way... I love you. 010919
Katie Rose jesse is this boy I know..
he deserves
so much more...
jodie She is a strange girl who is forcing me to write something down so i have no other choice then to sing: Sit on my face and tell me that you love me i'll sit on your face and tell you i love you to i like to hear you moralize when i'm between your thighs you blow me away..
Ok i'm done and this song wasn't ment literally so don't take it that way you sickos
jesse Hello. This is Jesse speaking. Right now i am in school sitting beside some raunchy girl that keeps talking to the person behind me about how "hot" the boy that she is dating is. I feel ike i am in bloody hell right now and all i want to do is leave but i cant because then i would have a saturday detention and i have better things to do on a saturday morning then get up at 8 o'clock in the morning. i am done now this has occupied me long enough to now stop typing and just go to sleep. I love this educational program... :| right 011203
ClairE Jesse's_girl!

C'mon, that was a hot video, guys!

I think of people from the '80's. Hey, Uncle_Jesse from Full_House was pretty fyking hot, eh?

Jesse. Silly name.
the one im in love with you . if you only knew.
id pull you so near.
my head is far from clear
but i love you
the way you smile
and i love you
i will for awhile
i want to take you,
take your hand,
i want to be with you forever and never let it end.
the one now you're gone.
not so far away
but untouchable
and farther everyday
why couldnt i have known
before it was too late
i should have know to speak
but i didnt know what to say
i will wait,
bandaids go to: my_story 011221
you no 020109
ilovepatsajak i always thought i would have a boy named jesse. he would have long wavy hair that would hang in his face when he played guitar and he would wear a ripped denim jacket. 020109
ilovepatsajak shoo bee doo bop ba-dow 020109
little wonder people always spell my name this way.
is the concept of shortening jessiCA to jessi so hard?
jess people always spell my name wrong too. Its always either jessie or jessi or jessy never jesse. i guess thats what i get for spelling my name like a boy 020217
Brandilyn is a stupid dumb shit God dam mother fucker

she is a cool person and a good buddy

jolie...Ill explain later masturbate
its me again masturbation 020228
silentbob jesse from algona or minneapolis or bancroft or wherever you want to say hes from, will now be jesse from seattle. zarah is broken. 020228
rick springfield i just wish i had his girl 020228
just the weird little kid that walkk behind you tw Jesse and JOlie are goddesses 020308
just the weird little kid that walkk behind you tw Jesse and JOlie are goddesses 020308
who the fuck do you think :D this girl I knew once named jodie was presumptios and self pittying. She thought she was a good person, better than most, but it was just an illusion she created, while she cried on my shoulder for herself, about things that never existed 020402
Jolie How can you condemn me for losing my faith?

I do not know that you care, because so many have denounced me in the past

I don not have faith in the words of my leaders because they have gone back on them so many times before

And now I do not even know if I'm going to heaven, because Science has already decided I do not posess an imortal soul.

But I can be brave. If nothing more, I can still be brave.

Jess, that wasnt directed at you, so dont think anything weird, ok lol....I just like it....Im warm....
auntie mame go to creature and read my story 020402
auntie mame chane that to story. go to story and ready my story 020402
Fire&Roses I'm back Jess Boy... It's all about you. I don't know when that happened, when i gave you control. I don't even remember the nights sometimes. I remember you... your hands hard and calloused covering the soft skin on my chest. is that frookie? 020415
silentbob when monkeys and butter sandiwches marry trouble is afoot
squee says:
the chicken legs taste as though they have been tampered with
my, my, the cruelest lies are often told without a word says:
our picnick is ruined all thanks to these intersting buttercakes
squee says:
might be the cream in the nutt juice
jess Radiance surrounded her,
Glory surged through her,
all things were possible
with the blessing of the devine.

This was written about me, by my boyfriend at the time. i dont know what it means though, what made him write it?
suggestions would be appreciated
jolie ha ha ha.... you dont know I'm writing this right now....remember that time in Reno when we picked up those two.....well I guess they were prostitutes, but I don't remember payin'.....well what I mean to say is you've always been there for when I was in rehab.....and tat time I couldn't find my car...... 020521
enriquecito i am in love, oh so in love with a waitress named jesse. she works at carpe diem in decatur. her feathery blonde hair, the confidence that explodes from her smile, her warmth and calmness. how do i tell her how i feel? what does one do, when hitting on waitresses is just about the most trite thing one can do?
my fiancee and i were eating dinner and she served us. it was then that i realized i didn't love my fiancee. we got into a fight, later that night, over the leftovers and we smashed our tiffany engagement rings in the process. do i tell jesse that?
i just want to hold her close, give her what her sinewaves of vibrant energy have already given me. perilous, this thing called love is.
how what is this shit 030109
jolie whats going're at home right now....I may as well me....cuz I dont have anything to do these last hours for the rest of the tri!!! I'm gonna have to come home wih ya sometime maybe....Ah well....did you call mike cuz he hasn't checked his e-mail yet, or at least he hasn't written back. Oh well....not a big deal, 'cept if you did forget to call then he's gonna freak out when me and nate arent at his house right'll probably call your house lookin' for me anyway....*grin* remember when he'd do that when it stormed? Its the little quirks I love 'bout him...Ah well, talk to ya later 030310
jane 030613 030615
JdAwG Yeah. My name's Jesse. I rock. And that's about it. Oh, I need a haircut. And my finger hurts. Go me.

...Oh that's right, I just wasted 15 seconds of your life while you read that. But my finger does hurt.
Fire&Roses Bear, King, Jesse...



is still here.
ethereal Knock it off. 040527
JdAwG Knock what off? 040528
anon. dearest jesse,
fuck you.
i trusted you and this, THIS is what i get. maybe you don't understand why and i'm pretty sure it's not intentional but that makes no fucking difference to me. i am mad and you will feel my wrath.
puredream I love Jesse! He's Barbeque sauceriffic! 040608
ethereal In six words... like we discussed. AND is not a word.

awe-inspiring(one word, check the dictionary), impassioned, adicting, breathtakingly musical (two words) and AWESOME!!!!!
Jess I hate it when people call me... 040609
jess havent been here in about a year... just checkin in 041011
somebody I fucking miss you. 050220
jane best

palm One day I won't miss you. 050503
lou_la_belle you still around? 050920
mous decided to work tonight. so i don't have to. 050921
jesse ...your welcome 070724
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