nah....! when he's singing on stage, he rocks back and forth......back and forth.....back and forth......oh damn.
i wonder how it feels to be the air
that his body
crashes into
ClairE I can't stop looking. 011204
Jenna musicians... rockstars... guys with guitars... anyone with a strong stage presence... writers of good songs... are we sensing a theme here? 011205
silentbob I'm sorry to inform you jenna, but i have found that most guitar players are assholes, and tho they are sexy on stage you will likely get hurt if thats all that attracts you to them.

Right now, girls don't like me even though i write lots and lots of poems and lyrics and things. But if i put it to music, and played guitar on stage, suddenly my sexyness would shoot up like 100%. i don't erally know what my point is. i guess it's this: give an asshole a guitar and he's still an asshole.
ClairE True, true.

I think maybe it's that cool girls who don't go for that also don't throw themselves all over people.

Bass is the best.

I like writers, myself. In theory, anyway. Haven't had one since...three guys ago?

But words? holy_shit_that's_sexy

So is respect.
Jenna I swear I am not backtracking... I was trying to stick to my theme before and now it's going to look like I'm buttering up bobby... but I like musicians, writers and artists. (the trinity) Creative people. Others are boring.

See? Looks like I'm backtracking.
nocturnal guitars do have the power to make damn near anybody sexy, but nothing can match the trumpet. oh, if I could get me a trumpet player, no one would ever hear the end of it. 011205
Annie111 I contest that.

I don't care how much he thrashes the guitar: Gene Simmons will never be sexy.

This also applies to any members of any band of the rap/metal genre or nuevo-guitar rock (ie: Vertical Horizon)
d annie, you are so very right about that. 011205
silentbob then how do they get girls?

bceause its obvious girls would never go for them if they didn't have a guitar....
ClairE see above, bobby.

ClairE explains it all.

they are nasty girls. or nice girls gone astray. either way, never fear. on this blathe alone you are surrounded by hottie girls who all think assholes on guitar are just amplified.

dude. trust me.
ClairE I have never had anyone look like that at me before.

choma what the hell is happening here ?
don't f*^%ing generalise about guitarists - some are shite and others are shitier, sexy doesn't come into the picture.
oren holy_f*^%ing_f*^%! 020103
yoink violin
cowboy hat

again and again...
Becky Love letters without a reason.

A boy with a tan,
an attitude,
that can dance (or will try),

::I think I'm going to go with a lot of these girls and say::
A boy who can write/sing/play ANY music
shiva 3.141592653589793238462643383279
Mahayana pi

'as to love' should be never ending
unreceitable, transcendental, not intended to appear in final printing,
capable of being inserted only by a souls hand, intransitive senses, character or matrix, Philippine Islands, 'pI-'me-"zšn, -'mA-, -'mE-, -"sšn, 'as to love'

ClairE Again?! 020111
daxle once I let a guy read my journal (late95/early96)
he wrote comments addressed at certain entries
I used to have a stupid crush on this guy who played bass and sang in a sucky band
I wrote about some stupid shite regarding his inadvertent rejection of me
comment: "It's because he's in a band. It's always the guy in the band."
Mahayana + indent in her chin
+ curly ringlets of hair
+ eyebrows/nose/lips :shape of:
+ beauty marks upon face
+ long swishy lashes
+ aussie accent
+ way inwhich she calls my name

[but 'mmmm' that chin i just wanna kiss]
T47 Major my baby in his fatigues, pressed and ready for inspection, boots laced up, vest strapped on, face just shaven, hair in the air force fashion.

i hate him going to base. when he looks like this i think "mmm. i really want a taste of that" and just want to have him right then there.

my very own soldier
Becky I can't wait til he gets that lip ring.. *purr* 020201
damn. the_way_he_plays_his_guitar 020721
redneckk the way she shits on me 020812
kerry zach in a jumpsuit...
jumpsuits, half-zipped with a white tshirt underneath... hot damn.
anne_jumps How about that glass of pink lemonade? Back and forth and back and forth and back. 020830
eklektic you, playing cadence in band while me "march". nothing spectacular about the sound, but it's how much you express the way you feel when you play. 020830
devalis passionate performers in general. the way they move, that aura of sexiness. the way the music penetrates your soul before you even open your eyes and when you open them the embodiment of that miraculous sound is standing before you, belting it out as if they were born to do just that and they're just as lost in the melody as you are, entranced . that is the epitome of sexy. 020830
devalis passionate performers in general. the way the music penetrates your soul and you have to close your eyes just to absorb the beauty because it's too exquisite for you to take in all at once. and when you can finally open them, there's the embodiment of all that wonderous sound standing before you , belting it out as if they were born to do just that and as moved by the melody as you are. like a part of them is being wrent out as well. that's the epitome of sexiness. 020830
devalis shit, which one is better? 020830
not pooly the former 020830
Elzbieta I had a guy suck on my fingers once. I always thought I'd be grossed out by that type of thing but it was such a turn on! I want it again but alas the guy is out of the state at present. 020831
josie Japanese cherry blossums tattoed on my shoulder blade.

A musician expressing their emancipation from reality through their music. Live.

Biting our bottom lips at each other.

The small of a guy's back and his delicately maintained snail-trail leading down to other delicately maintained areas!

Showing up and being innocent.

Showing up and being ravenous.

Whispering in my ear.

Licking your ear and hearing you moan.

Reciting poetry or reading a book to me, don't ask me why.. listening to your voice without you realising *sigh*
angie my jLo pants work wonders
i met boys as cute as can be :)
squint via MSN instant messenger. 020901
werewolf the nihilism of your words trying to catch up to the faith of your body. and vice versa. 020901
Mahayana perfectly placed chip
on a tooth
Freak A mans back. Shoulders and the perfect muscles in between. How his back curves down to his waist making that "v" shape. 020910
myplasticmind emotion. expressed, unleashed, in some passionate way.
attraction to the mind, rather then performace or the way he looks expressing it.
i think thats why i like boys who sing their insides better then nysync.
~gez~ your little pig-tails, your comfy red hoody (though it is nike, who cares about appearence) everything you say, your smile.
rather weird thing to say, but i love your hands, and i do not know why

i love the things you say to me, on cold nights when i am alone, lying in bed thinking of you. how could you be better than you are? i think it not possible

i have one request
never let it end
gez 4 nat
distorted tendencies The way he talks subtley dirty to me. 021113
girlnamedlover lets do it in the woods 021113
girl_jane I think any boy that can play music or sing well can be sexy-

I think it's because music makes people melt-and so the girls just get their melting for the music confused with melting for the boy...
Zed I used to do a lot of acting and after a performance there would always be a lot of girls interested in me.

I could never understand it, because before I'd been on stage no one had noticed me at all.

I thought it could have been a power thing - in that when on stage you have the power to control an audience, maybe some girls find that a turn on.

Or maybe it's just because if you put yourself on a big enough stage with a big enough audience someone is bound to fancy you.

I dunno - but I used to like it.

I never get the same sort of attention now.
forever endeavor the boy i want, baking cookies... 030323
Novice Any guy who's super sweet and strong, and can play fight and take my stubborness, is like wow...just wow 030803
megan hat placed on his head at that certain angle
his eyes in the dark
my ear on his chest when he laughs
actually anytime he laughs
the way he writes his name so no one can read it
the way he named his gun
the way we talk about the future, both of us scared, but you always say "but you know i'll love you forever"
how much you love chinese food
how unsure of yourself you are around just me
how confident you are around everyone else
you telling me things that embarrass you
talking to your puppies
when you wear a polo shirt and khakis
the way you say "i love you so much"
the way you smell (even just your deoderant)

basically everything you {insert verb/adverb here}
Fire&Roses his eyes right before bed... the way he used to look at me... content, happy, satisfied. I would want him so bad then... in the close moments when its only me and him. 030803
celestias shadow boys eyes when they're just a bit stoned, or tired, when their eyelids are dropping down about halfway over their eyes. they have to tilt their head to look at you and they look so innocent and vulnerable, you just want to take their face in your hands and kiss their eyelids until they fall asleep. which brings me to the other holy_shit_that's_sexy- falling asleep in someone's arms. that's the best it gets.
oh, and when he whispers in your ear, his lips tickling your skin, and he brushes a piece of hair off your neck. when he shakes his head to get the floppy hair out of his eyes. david draiman on stage, 30 feet from me, dripping with sweat and singing his larynx out.
cJUSTc Rob Thomas 031115
girl_jane ooohhhh....Rob Thomas...he fucking *defines* sexy.

But...he's taken.

does not do taken men.
love & hate My katie. There are so many things that i cant possibly explain all of. Her voice when she tells me i'm a tease, the way she looks at me when she pulls away from a kiss when she has to go, the way she is so sexy when she simply walks past me, the way she lies there, waiting for me to play, the way she holds me so close while we are kissing, the way she replies to the kinky messages i send her, the spontaneous of her playful moods, her lips which look so lickable, kissable and biteable, the way she takes off her bra before we go to bed, the way she handles her car, the way she talks about cars and knows everything, the way she changed my tyre for me in the rain, the way her hair looks in the moonlight while we are kissing, the way our flesh presses against each others with such force and sensuality. Everything about her is damn sexy and i cant have enough. I love her, my katie, i crave her. 040511
seg5 redneckk your a sick fuck! 070701
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