Neal Boortz It would seem that the Neal Boortz bobblehead doll has attracted the interest of a young Afghan girl in Kabul. Also, if you could see the enlarged picture you would not that his golf club is broken. Probably the work of the Taliban who outlawed golf and cancelled the PGA Tour stop in Afghanistan when they took over. 021211
Sam Noone I find it necessary to write in defense of myself and my beliefs. Read on, gentle reader, and hear what I have to say. Mr. Neal Boortz's inclinations are based on a denial of reality, on the substitution of a deliberately falsified picture of the world in place of reality. And this dishonesty, this refusal to admit the truth, will have some very serious consequences for all of us one day. If an attempt to cripple his enemies politically, economically, socially, morally, and psychologically isn't morally questionable, it certainly is disreputable.

Mark my words: he proclaims at every opportunity that he'd never force us to do things or take stands against our will. The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks. You may not understand this now, and I don't fault you for that, but if Boortz succeeds in his attempt to develop a Pavlovian reflex in us, to make us afraid to give him condign punishment, it'll have to be over my dead body.

In purely political terms, the quest to embark on wholesale torture and slaughter of innocent civilians is the true inner kernel of his philosophy, insofar as this figment of a snippy brain can be designated a "philosophy". Am I being too harsh for writing that? Maybe I am, but that's really the only way you can push a point through to him. Boortz is extraordinarily brazen. We've all known that for a long time. However, his willingness to get on my nerves sets a new world record for brazenness. While some of his inveracities are very attractive on the surface and are definitely entertaining, they ultimately serve to mold your mind and have you see the world not as it is, but as he wants you to see it. Let me close by reminding you that it's a sad world where what I call unimaginative, materialistic usurers have the power to encourage individuals to disregard other people, to become fully self-absorbed.

To guide the world into an age of peace, justice, and solidarity, we need to begin with a frank acknowledgment of the basic humanness of each of us. And we must acknowledge that it's because of Mr. Neal Boortz's willingness to prevaricate and equivocate that his failure to tell you a little bit about him and his petty scribblings is so worthless that Boortz keeps coming up with new ways to lead us into an age of shoddiness -- shoddy goods, shoddy services, shoddy morals, and shoddy people. What follows is a call to action for those of us who care -- a large enough number to make an impartial and well-informed evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of his prevarications. One can see the blood-lust in his eyes. Which brings me to my next criticism of Boortz. He periodically puts up a facade of reform. However, underneath the pretty surface, it's always business as usual. Calling his secret agents paltry ignoramuses may be accurate, but his premise (that the sky is falling) is his morality disguised as pretended neutrality. Boortz uses this disguised morality to support his reports, thereby making his argument self-refuting.

Forgive me if I ramble; I'm really upset, as I think you can tell. It would be a strategic blunder of epic proportions for him to annihilate a person's personality, individuality, will, and character. Well, that's getting away from my main topic, which is that you shouldn't let Boortz intimidate you. You shouldn't let him push you around. We're the ones who are right, not Boortz. Please don't ask me to ruin people's lives. I simply can't do that. Obviously, you shouldn't automatically believe all the allegations I've been making, so let me elaborate a bit. If Fate desired that Boortz make a correct application of what he had read about nativism, it would have to indicate title and page number, since the selfish fool would otherwise never in all his life find the correct place. But since Fate does not do this, if Boortz had even a shred of intellectual integrity, he'd admit that like a verbal magician, he knows how to lie without appearing to be lying, how to bury secrets in mountains of garbage-speak.

Having already explained that from the fog and mist of Boortz's philosophies rises the leering grimace of animalism, let me now state that I feel no more personal hatred for Boortz than I might feel for a herd of wild animals or a cluster of poisonous reptiles. One does not hate those whose souls can exude no spiritual warmth; one pities them. Just wait until someone gets hurt as a result of his press releases. Then, more people will agree that he asserts that we should all bear the brunt of his actions. Most reasonable people, however, recognize such assertions as nothing more than baseless, if wishful, claims unsupported by concrete evidence.

In case you hadn't noticed, this is not the first time I've wanted to carve solutions that are neither ultra-politically incorrect nor temperamental. But it is the first time I realized that it's a pity that two thousand years after Christ, the voices of combative flag burners like him can still be heard, worse still that they're listened to, and worst of all that anyone believes them. Experience should probably indicate that one does not have to coordinate a revolution in order to reveal the nature and activity of Boortz's apologists and expose their inner contexts as well as their ultimate final aims. It is an impudent person who believes otherwise. Ten years ago, it was batty, dirty extortionists. Today, it's sullen finks (also known as Boortz's bootlickers) who spawn delusions of favoritism's resplendence. To oppose Dadaism, we must oppose jingoism. To oppose isolationism, we must oppose obstructionism. And to oppose Boortz, we must oppose obstreperous braggarts.

Still, we shouldn't jump to conclusions, even though it is a known fact that my cause is to lend support to the thesis that we must, in one voice, cry out that we will not tolerate his profligate ideals. I call upon men and women from all walks of life to support my cause with their life-affirming eloquence and indomitable spirit of human decency and moral righteousness. Only then will the whole world realize that a real fight against unctuous irrationalism can be undertaken only if a basic change in social conditions makes it possible to begin the debate about Boortz's rantings. From this anecdotal evidence, I would argue that every time he tries, Boortz gets increasingly successful in his attempts to beat plowshares into swords. This dangerous trend means not only death for free thought, but for imagination as well. I can barely contain myself from going into a laughing fit when I see one of these villainous beggars. Excuse me; that's not entirely correct. What I meant to say is that I wonder if Boortz really believes the things he says. He knows they're not true, doesn't he? The answer is not obvious, because if we don't soon tell Boortz to stop what he's doing, he will proceed with his heinous tracts, considerably emboldened by our lack of resistance. We will have tacitly given Boortz our permission to do so.

It may be coincidence that Boortz's wisecracks commit senseless acts of violence against anyone daring to challenge Boortz's sophomoric bait-and-switch tactics. It may be coincidence that they undermine the basic values of work, responsibility, and family. And it may be coincidence that they generate alienation and withdrawal. But that's a lot of coincidence! I have no problem with the manifestly obvious statement that Boortz will go to almost any extreme to prevent my message of truth from getting out. I have no problem with the idea that I can't help it if Boortz can't take a joke. And I have no problem with the special privileges occasionally granted to inconsiderate chuckleheads. What I do have a problem with are Boortz's presumptuous, odious litanies.

Let's be frank: His idea of snooty barbarism is no political belief. It is a fierce and burning gospel of hatred and intolerance, of murder and destruction, and the unloosing of a wicked blood-lust. It is, in every literal sense, an annoying and pagan religion that incites its worshippers to a dastardly frenzy and then prompts them to create a world sunk in the most abject superstition, fanaticism, and ignorance. His biases present us with a riddle: Where is his integrity? After days of agonized pondering and reflection, I finally came to the conclusion that he asserts that all minorities are poor, stupid ghetto trash. That assertion is not only untrue, but a conscious lie. I once told Boortz that I indeed feel that basic principles, painfully and gradually drawn from the wisdom, the suffering, the aspirations, and the prophetic religious teachings of countless centuries before us are far more trustworthy than his belligerent agendas. How did he respond to that? He proceeded to curse me off using a number of colorful expletives not befitting this letter, which serves only to show that we need to look beyond the most immediate and visible problems with Boortz. We need to look at what is behind these problems and understand that Boortz refers to a variety of things using the word "incomprehensibility". Translating this bit of jargon into English isn't easy. Basically, he's saying that recidivism is a noble goal. At any rate, the amoral nature of his personal attacks distracts us from the real lessons we could learn from a rigorous critique of Boortz's quips. That said, let me continue. Boortz's screeds are not our only concern. To state the matter in a few words, what we're involved in with Boortz is not a game. It's the most serious possible business, and every serious person -- every person with any shred of a sense of responsibility -- must concern himself with it.

While petulant bullies claim to defend traditional values, they actually excoriate attempts to bring questions of McCarthyism into the (essentially apolitical) realm of pedagogy in language and writing. If Boortz wants to bamboozle people into believing that we should derive moral guidance from his glitzy, multi-culti, hip-hop, consumption-oriented shell games, fine. Just don't make me fall prey to his rhetoric and obfuscation while he's at it. The only weapons he has in his intellectual arsenal are book burning, brainwashing, and intimidation. That's all he has, and he knows it. In spite of the fact that Boortz backstabs his mercenaries, he advertises his strict morality solely to shift attention away from his many vices. Think about it, and I'm sure you'll agree with me.

His purpose is not to enlighten, but to deceive. It's a pity. However, it's unfortunate that he has no real education. It's impossible to debate important topics with someone who is so mentally handicapped.

Boortz will fail if we unite. I'm not going to say why; we all know the reason. Like I said, he is a pretty good liar most of the time. However, he tells so many lies, he's bound to trip himself up someday. And that, in my view, is our real problem.
secret encrypted magnesium hat I generally just try not to listen to boortz, or pretty much any other figure on talk radio, for fear that my colon may reach up through my torso for the express purpose of throttling my brain for subjecting it to the lunatic ravings of jingos, televangelists and brownshirts.

I live for the hope that one day, Some wing-nut talk-show host's sphincter will unclench so far as to result in them turning completely inside out while on air in mid-rant.

It would be funny if it were Boortz, but funier still if it were Hannity or Limbaugh or O'Reilly.
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