monadh last night
somewhere between the cold
and the restless stirrings
somewhere in my sleep
I found you once more
playing in my forest of memories
lost Last night i had a dream that I told this girl I have liked for a while that i liked her. It kinda sucked though cuz she didnt say anything she just stood there and looked at me. I guess not even dreams can be perfect, or even good. 010316
unhinged dreams are bad

very bad

'you have to help me make candied walnuts'
Inanna what would you do
if she came to
you in a dream
what would you do
if she had said
he's chosen you
over me
i thought i was
the only one
who is free
to choose
this story - its old - i know but it goes on no hope
no harm,
just another
false alarm
. : * p s y b o r g * : . I dreamed I was in the bookstore, sitting on the floor, talking to Justin about random things. It was as if he was my friend. Ha. I loved that dream. 011029
Inanna the massive group climbs the hill
to watch a prisoner
be devoured
by alligators
the creature goes beserk
devouring those too close
injuring those nearby
Inanna I guess that dream was censored here 011030
Teenage Jesus "Lighten up Francis."

Anyway, I dreamed I was in this big old house. It was kind of rundown, and was a combination of a radio station and a performance space. It was also a place where people lived.

There was a female folk singer whose name was *

She didn't pronounce it as "asterisk" though. She said it some other completely different way. It took me forever to understand her.

So she was playing her guitar and singing live on the air, when Paul McCartney shows up. So we interrupt the show and put Paul on live.

We (Paul and I) were sitting on this beat up old couch, and I was interviewing him. We talked a little about music but then we started discussing the fact that he had an old car back in 1962, or 1963. It was new then, of course. It was an Austin-Martin (is that right?) the same as my Mom and Dad used to have. We were laughing abou that.

Then it struck everyone present that something was going on outside. We all went out and saw hundreds of airplanes in the sky all heading in the same direction (north.) The planes were of all different types. It was understood by everyone that countries were at war. But we didn't know what the deal was with all these airplanes.

Upon closer examination most of the planes had FedEx logos on them. Then, in another area of the sky we saw another large number of aircraft heading to the southwest. They to bore the FedEx logo.

Then...my rooster alarm clock went off as it does every weekday morning at 6:23am. Bummer. I hate it when dreams (stories) are interrupted.
silentbob i had a dream we lived next to snoop dogg and my dad pissed him off and he pissed his dad off, somehow, like by not returning his movie or something. and then he died but he left us the movie cuz we got back on his good side. 011030
Aimee I dreamed I was home.... now, that's the only place i wanna be. 011030
TalviFatin I dreamt that the NBC peacock was changed to a pheasant, and anyone who thought, or called it a peacock, was forced to eat anthrax powder and suffer the concequences in a cellar filled with rock-hard chocolate cake. 011030
sheryl okay, this one is great

went to the store with a bunch of friends
and we bought this pink sugary cereal
that had all different shapes, like Lucky Charms
and we went home and started eating it
piece by sugary piece
and each different shape, when eaten produced a different feeling
you could get a piece that would make you high
or a piece that would make you low

and oh_my_god we had a blast

and then I was in this mansion with my friend Sarah who I haven't seen in years
and then I was at a carnival
and then I hooked up the phone jack to my car to try to recharge the cell phone
and I drove off without unhooking the phone wire and then the trunk to my car was huuuggee and I had all this awesome vintage type furniture stored in it
Casey I dreamed i made out with Silentbob...at least, I hope it was a dream... 011102
Sonya I dreamed of someone who no longer exists...I dreamed of possibilities that have since been dashed...I dreamed of happiness that can't be obtained...I dreamed of actually receiving the trust I was giving.

Dreams can be shattered within a matter of a few hours.
baby satan carrot soup. imagine warm, melted carrot shit. if that doesn't induce vomiting, you're in desperate need of salad tongs. wait...that wasn't a dream. i really did taste that shit. 'scuse me. i gotta go vomit now. 011102
guess you were there, she was there and he was there... i however, was lacking in attendence of my own dream... thats besdies the point

she just wanted to find some one to love, some one to be loved by, she wrote extreme amounts of deep and devoted poetry that only my nightly slumber can imagine, such beauty inside, such young confusion outside torn and corrupted with black hair and baggy clothes that hid all that would let her be touched.
he just wanted to find some one to.. i cant really say, i was a mere observer of his actions, he liked to party, he liked them older and only wanted what didnt want him.. she was too weird for him, too young, too much fitting of this word he calls loser
you laughed. what silly stupid childish things to give time to.. shut up and drink your heineken
ilovepatsajak i dreamed that there were gross lobsters in my grandfather's swimming pool. 011103
sarah i dreamed of marcus. . .

he was very upset
i held his head close to my chest
and kissed him gently
in that graying mess of fluff
messiah "temple of dreams" "did i dream
you dreamed about me?"
pralines&cream i dreamed that you trusted me again. 020224
white_wave i was in San Francisco staying with my sister, but I went wandering around the city by myself. I realized I was lost. It seemed like the street I was looking for had vanished. It simply didn't exist. I felt as though my perception of east, west, north and south could not guide me back home. I refused to believe that the street was gone. I realized that this was not a city of tall buildings because I could see far in the distance, a dried up landscape of trees. It was not the city I thought it was. I was worlds away from home.

And this strange city has reoccured in numerous dreams I've had over the years.....
sabbie ...oh how i dreamed
of things impossible...

i drempt of a show we were putting on
and all the players were faces from the past
faces from my past
a chorus line of old friends and lost loved ones
and i sat in the audience
and couldn't say
any of the words that i wanted to
to any of them
for they were all up on stage
and i was sitting
in the darkness
they were all busy with their roles
and i sat there
miserable and yerning
for the oppitunity
jsut to say
anything at all
to any of them.

but then, i sit here and wonder
what i would have said
to any of them
had even one of them
gotten off the stage
even for a moment.

like ghosts of the dead
i spent last night
being haunted by
people from my past.
Splinty this dark haired girl was kissing me. she kept telling me she would be gentle, gentle. that was beautiful. 040828
Ouroboros a child. maybe two. 060709
true fact eating pussy
Ouroboros an elephant nursing a baby white elephant (not her own, but she nursed him anyway), standing next to a family dressed in white, their child nursing at her breast, her stomach round with another new life within, standing on wide flat white ground. they walked over to greet me, flowing and filled with life and joy, i walked down the white stairs 070607
Ouroboros unhinged asked me to pick up and drive her vw van to her presentation on blather- the van was small and could fit on the bike-rack of the public city bus we wet on. in a fit of happiness i said to all the busriders "i love blatherskites'- unhinged carried a huge posterboard and had thin blond/white hair. 070608
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