Shar it's not a nerd.
it's not a jerk.
it's not a jock.
it's not pretty.

it's original.

okay, so maybe it's pretty too. whatever.

I'm a geek! Are you?
valis stay in touch with your inner geek. there is a reason you remember your most embarrassing moments most acutely. 000209
Brad I am the biggest geek I know, and I feel truly fortunate for that. 000310
dean-bean No sir, I am not a dork. A dork is a dolphin's penis. I am a geek. Its fun, except for the name calling and the snickers...mmmm...Snickers... 000310
birdmad i'm a creep
i'm a weirdo
A. DEVRIES i'm a geek and i'm proud of it. for i'm not just a geek.. i'm a geek-geek! to anyone but me and her it's sounds dumb, but really it's good. and so is she. 001213
Geek Rock I love geeks....Geeks are my heroes....Weezer is my hero...I like Weezer....I think Im going to see Weezer 001214
you too I am a loser geek
crazy with an evil streak
daxle yes I think there is a violent thing inside of me 001218
Tybay Gundam Wing = Bad 010507
Alexander Beetle It hits me, occasionally. I could be explaining the various alternate timelines of Godzilla, or correcting someone's synopsis of a scene from Final Fantasy VI, or even just firing off a cheery "Be seeing you!", when it hits me and escapes through my mouth before I can even think about it:

"Christ, I am *such* a GEEK!"

Oh, I know, there are many people worse, much much worse, than I am (heck, Tybay for one), but that's not the point, they're not ME, but I AM.
Dafremen It's only a curse if they tell you it is and you believe them.

They're tired of geeks taking all the good jobs, all the good cars and all the good chicks...

They're anti-geekitic.
Toxic_Kisses I seem to have a thing for intelligent out casts who wear glasses and call them selvesí geeks 011011
freak Finally found me a freak lovin' geek:) 011126
kerry yes i am also a geek, a wonderful weezer-obsessed geek, in love with underground bands like the get up kids and fugazi and anything else emo... sigh... there is nothing better than geekdom. 011218
psychobabe life is way to short to be kool, indulge in your inner geek 011218
moogrit geeks are so much better than cocky guys, although I guess you don't have to be a guy to be geeky. Geeks are really sweet, and uber geeks are even better! My boyfriend is an uber geek, and he is so cute. 011221
sweetheart of the song tra bong I met a cute geek guy who got me in touch with my inner geek and now that's all I've got.

Weezer and the get up kids all the way.

Geektanic Weezmacht.
Norm If a geek is original than technically I should be a geek... but a geek isn't a jock, and I'm that too, I'm really not sure what to say. 011221
Miffey today I got very excited that I got the department of defense's copy of norton antivirus 020109
ilovepatsajak everything makes me nervous. walking on snow makes me nervous. 020109
original or extra geeky biting the heads off of chickens at the sideshow 020109
ClairE dork_vs_geek 020110
girl_jane me=dweeb 020226
User24 -----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK-----
Version: 3.1
GIT d--(---) s-:-- a-- C++++ UL@ P--- L+++++ E---(-) W+++(-)$ N-(--) o-- K++ w(+)(-) O? !M ?V(-) PS+++@ PE-- Y+ PGP++ t+ 5-(++) X(+) R tv(--) b++++ DI++ D- (Quake+++) G+++ e* h r+++++ y+(+++)
User24 yes, all that shit -does- mean something..

see the website.
Toxic_Kisses I already did ^.^ 020610
firejdl -----BEGIN GEEK BLOCK CODE-----
Version: 3.12
GCM/CS/CC/E/FA/L/M/TW/O/U d- s++:+ a? C++++ UL++++ P+ L++@ E?
W+++ N+ o? K- w(--) !O M-- V? PS+ PE-(--) Y+ PGP++ t- !5 X+@ R* tv+
b+ DI+++++ D+(++++) G+++ e++ h! !rr y(**)

It means something indeed.
Freak A beautiful and humerous man, boy at heart. Scared yet never shy or showing. Wanting but afraid of loss. Smart enough to know there's always better than what you would settle for.

Through his past and his present he fought for a future. Afraid of love. Afraid of a connection lost.

She was afraid of missing out on what she knew could be. Something she thought she had once before until she realized there had to be someone who understood.

She had stumbled upon the connection that she had convinced herself could never exist. Afraid, she knew she couldn't let go.

She pulled from one in while he pulled the other until finally the fear broke and they were together again.

In the middle together.

In the middle of love, lust, happiness, and fulfillment.


A geek and a freak, right where they should be.
stork daddy you bite the heads off chickens,
and say, it's a living.
only thing i could've done
with my degree anyways.

things taste different alive.
we heat them up to make them
feel alive. but blood is warm.
blood is warm without an axe,
without a chopping block.
blood is warm without us.

no one likes a geek who doesn't leer
and luckily i've always leered,
always on the outside
of a small conglermation,
that i kept trying to pretend
wasn't already an audience to me.
but they were afraid of me,
like some fear god.

milling about, they will scatter
to their introspections
once they see me eat
what they band together against.
as if the look in a chicken's eye
is so frightening?

as if the strut of a crowned rooster
is so apt?
if it is tame for even a moment,
i can pick it up,
and confuse it past
the boundries of its instinct.

i can make it feel warm,
i can make that sordidly
energetic run without its
head feel like a victory lap.

extreme amounts of energy,
can be either wonder
or defeat. and they need context.
how do you give me context?

when you feel amazed
and frightened,
have i just exaggerated
your own hunger?

have i pressed fastforward
on your disillusionment?

pause at the moment
when the chicken passes
its glare to me.
pause at the moment
when you feel alone.

before your friends recapitulate
your glorious solidarity
and purpose.

go off into the world,
never to see me joking peacefully
with the bearded woman
or the strongman,
admitting the role change
would be strange without context,
without your leering.
~gez~ there are so many of these in my school. you cool people, trust me, you can learn to live with the freaks. just as you would adapt to living witha a society of horses or something 021004
fall of a sparrow Geek pride is KEY to a healthy adolescence. 030513
devalis Are self-proclaimed geeks really geeks? 040108
zeke a person in sideshow culture who bites the heads off rats or chickens as a form of proformance art - i imagine a defunct profession today. 040108
zeke i meant to type performance. 040108
. . 040811
jeffner you can't get much better than being cute and a geek. I think a certain cute geek would like this. 040811
jennifer I'm a geek. And I'm Proud! 050104
trox i am also a geek but who cares if i am i just need a roof over my head and who cares if i can speak binary because i am a geek 050411
lilwickedfaerie Stop pickin on me. Because Iím a geek. Iím strange to you. Youíre strange to me. Well, one of these days. Iím gonna pack heat.
Your brains on the wall. My face on tv.

They dissipate the pungent odor of a power holder.
Sand kickers cominí sixty clicks upon the sonar.
Theyíre gonna fold me over like a trapper keeper folder.
If this was D&D, youíd see me jump into a portal.
Iím a geek, spelled g double e k.
I meet my boys in the basement about every day.
Card table, comic books, and cans of coke.
That we blow out our nose after a Star Wars joke.
We got style.
Tape on our glasses, zits on our faces and hair on our asses.
Shiny shoes, belt buckles and pocket protectors.
Tricked out back packs like my main man Venkmanís.
We got problems, namely the jocks.
The SUV suckers with class rings on their cocks.
Otherwise known as the motherfuckers touchin' the tit.
If I was wolverine, youíd hear my knuckles go snikt.
Iím not perfect, the before picture of Peter Parker.
I always trip and drop my tray in front of the girl that always sparkles.
I got brains, fuck Bís and Cís.
I got a grade point average higher than Hendrix on New Yearís Eve.

Donít fuck with a geek, just 'cause he got a gift.
You get in my way bitch you get a Vulcan neck pinch.
One night I didnít go to sleep, up playiní Risk.
At dawn, I won, got global dominance.
But it in the hallway itís completely different shit.
Canít get my locker open and my pants are always split.
Canít seem to catch a ride, canít ever get a date.
But in my mind 7 of 9 thinks Iím great.
Prom night bites, primadonnas prevail.
Iím at home reciting lines from the Holy Grail.
Stuffed nose, and some swollen glands.
Never, been kissed, never been holding hands.
Just, bust my biscuits over Britney in a bubble bath.
Darth Vader with inhalers, in case my lungs collapse.
The dragon died from a heart attack
You may advance and yo, I upped your armor class.
Being a geek, it aint so bad.
I canít get laid, I got Japanime stashed.
And a mind jam packed with sci-fi facts.
Dreadknocks rock, dynabytes kick ass. - Geek - Mc Chris
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