yummychuckle I just got done watching that movie after various people requested I see it and....WOW. I'm sort of shaken from it. Its a really amazing movie, and if you haven't seen it---you must. Movies usually don't affect me so deeply, but its really hard for me to get this feeling to go away. i really really really want some weed right now to make it go away.

before I sound too crazy i better end this post, but...
that was so great!
Kate Tracee raves about this movie and I'll have to borrow it or have a movie night, it's probably the kind of movie that is best while watching it with someone who also loves it. I finally saw "Dead Poets Society", which a good deal of my friends love, and I watched it with my grandma and I thought she loved it. But she gave me a lecture about how rebelling against tradition just for the heck of it wasn't cool, and neither was suicide, and I was sad because she didn't like it and I did. 020428
silentbob i bought it for ten dollars and had already opened it in the car when i realized it was the edited version. 020428
kill rhythm i saw it and was in a state of depression for like a week afterwards..

but it is a great film
bethany she had that jewish grandmother thing DOWN

i had never heard anybody use pushing off before but my old friends, it was nice, kinda, to see it in a movie

but it was really sad to see sarah from the labyrnth doubleing up on a dildo for crack
eklektic wow. this movie can cause one of two things: utter disgust and disturbance or a better understanding of human nature and an everlasting appreciation for darron aronofsky. i happily received the latter. 020502
silentbob when tanya comes maybe we'll watch it 020502
kinkazoid i have both the directors cut the other.. and i found that really the only difference is they dont show much of the arm and also they dont show the girls doing it ass-to-ass wiht the dildo... but its still gross that they are yelling "cum" that movie is the best thing ever made and i've seen it lots of times and i still cry everytime. 020503
freakizh yup, kinkazoid. i cried yesterday night.. one of my favorite movies now.

i rented the edited version from blockbuster.. but it had the dildo and the arm. what can you say about that?
oppressed_youth I'll probably get proverbially smacked for this since everyone I meet is so enamored with this movie but...I don't know. I just didn't get it. I thought it was depressing, which is not always a bad effect for a movie to have, but that's all it did for me. It just made me really sad, and gave me a newfound zest for not wanting to do i.v. drugs.

But ehh. I didn't really care about any of the characters. You know? (No, you probably don't, because you're in love with the movie goddamnit...)
Lime Rider In love with a movie. Yes... I watched it with a friend. My father butted in and wanted to watch it with us. When the movie was over my friend and I sat there, silent. Experiencing the feeling. My father stood up and said in a very light tone of voice. "Well, that was a depressing movie." Then he put on Maverick with Mel gibson. He didn't get it. That moment I hated him. For spoiling the moment. And not understanding. And for the first time in my life longed for drugs. When I die, I want to die of an overdose. Never had drugs though. Or even smoked. It's just better than lying there sick old minddead fucker. 021015
screwing for virginity it is an exilent movie, but it is a private experience and should be watched by yourself to get the full effect (kinda like 2001).

and the edited verson is just like the unedited one except for things that dont matter, such as you watch the amputation, and get a better view of the girlfriend at the end, but those just make it more depressing which this movie doesnt need any help with even in the edited version.

the only down side to this movie is that it has no real replay value.
MollyCule Jeremy, when recommending this movie to me, said, "they should show this to every kid on the first day of seventh grade and we would have no drug problem." 021015
kss okay, you've never done drugs, and yet you have decided that's a better way to die than growing old? do the math, friend. LOTS more people grow old than overdose. why do you think that is?

if got desire to do drugs from watching that film, I think you seriously missed the point.
Lime Rider I'm guessing here you were talking to me. I think i did get the point, but besides that want to die of an overdose. It's just better than slowly wasting away. It was not because of this movie btw that I made up my mind like this. It's just: if I could choose right now overdose or slow, at least in overdose you experience something other than _blank. But I wouldn't start with drugs until I had decided to die. I think.

As for why people usually die of natural causes: people are afraid of death through evolution. I'm bored by the cycle. And before the last 20 minutes I think life was better on req_f_a_d. Now I'm just wondering if the drugs experience is remotely worth it.
birdmad That movie brought back too many memories. None of them really good, but oddly enough i get a wistful feeling for those times sometimes.

Except the withdrawal pains.

I dunno, maybe i'm all_fucked_up.
SuicidalAngel I watched the movie and hated it.

I then watched it stoned and I love it
niska i rented a movie the other night and the trailer alone made me cry for ten minutes. that's because i already saw it though. if i hadn't, i'd never understand. 030401
User24 I like the music. 030425
sylphide I agree.. the soundtrack is very atmospheric. 030425
User24 I did have the movie on DivX, but I haven't watched it, and I think I've deleted it.. (I watched magnolia instead) now that's an odd film. 030527
silentbob It really didn't send me into fits of depression either.
Granted, i was sad, but not for the whole day. and i don't get sad when i think about the movie.
It didn't affect me the way other movies have.
It didn't affect me the way it affected other people.
I find that the people it affected most are people who have used drugs or know people who have drug problems.
The characters were ok, but they certainly did not leave a lasting impression on me.
And i keep watching it, trying to get myself to feel the same way... but i can't.
And i agree, if you wanted to do drugs after watching the movie you missed the point, or it wasn't affective.
celestias shadow the movie makes me want to curl up in a corner for about a week. molly was right, it would cure every stupid middle-schooler of wanting to do drugs. the music is amazing. i freaked out when i heard it in the two towers trailer last year- it was so weird to hear it in another context. i can't remember who originally wrote the requiem. the worst thing was that i watched it with eight other people, five of whom i will never cry in front of. so i couldn't cry the way i wanted to. we just sat there in silence for five minutes. all of us. it was incredibly strange.

i want to see it again.
pipedream i haven't seen it, but it's always been one of my favourite phrases...requiem for a dream, what a beautiful string of words :)) 030903
falling_alone have yet to see it 031207
Mandijabster tis a great movie! actually...i never heard of it b4 until jillian told me she wanted to see it. she always knows of these rad films that ive never heard of...and i always end up buying them, since she wants them and ive never seen them. yea...good movie! that and donnie darko :) 031207
girl_jane My goodness. This movie... 031207
Whitechocolatewalrus This movie makes me never want to be old and never want to use drugs. I would also have to say that it was disturbing, but nothing that I would get hung up over for long periods of time. I have seen it twice, the second time it was rather boring. I don't really see how this is an excellent film. To me it qualifies as being mediochre. I did like the music though. 031207
walrus mediocre 031207
once again A softly floating whisper,
the touch of things unseen,
the pure sweet melody,
A requiem for a dream.

The stillness of the morning,
a chapel by it's right.
Mourns the death of fantasy
that comes with early light.

A gusty wind, the chaplain,
the singing birds, its choir,
and so passes a dream,
victim to the sun's bright fire.

"When you give up your dreams, you die." ~ Flashdance
unhinged puts finger on page for later use 031216
oldephebe wow - a quote from "flashdance'

the only thing i remember from the movie is a young jessica beal..and me and my friends drooling like the hormone infested, infactuated young idiots that we were...who incidentally jessica alba resembles a ayoung and much taller jennifer beals(w/o the dye job)
unhinged i stand before you today
a broken and battered soul
in going through my motions
of dreams that others have laid for me
you see
dreams were made for children
of unfaltering hope
i've watched it all
spit out
there is no hope in any of this
we have wandered down the dirty streets
waiting for the rain to start
what we wanted washed away
only soaking further in
for them
hope's been dead for awhile here
and we carry it in our eyes
there aren't any more dreams
dreams were made to come true
and it's all cold
requiem aternam
dona eis domine
sempiternam requiem
find peace now
some peace
what's it to you?
who go