jezbel i need the pieces to fall into place
but something has jammed the gears,
the vending machine will not dispense
proper opportunity.

i want my efforts back
and i want my cravings back
and i want my wasted thoughts back
and i want my words back.

and then i'll start all over with the next machine.
misstree listening to russian_dance by tom waits... higher on the screen that showed a small portion of 2 gigs of music was "blue angel" by squirrel_nut_zippers... i had noted it, contemplated it a bit... then went back to doing my work... apparently, the player decided that i should hear it, because it was the very next track...

pointless blah blah blah, i know, but it's the really strong really strange coincidences that remind me that something or someone somewhere is looking out for my entertainment.
mt wow... i was convinced this blathe was virgin... hi jez... 031212
book of eris aleatoric: to be characterized by randomness; rolling a die will give an aleatoric result.
concinnity: parts of a whole in synchronous movement, as the workings of a watch.

dance steps of the universe.
misstree wholly shit...
three_words were:

the_price_of_not_having_a_child debt_erasure attention_misstree

which would creep the hell out of me even if today weren't my first day back on birth control. now if i can just untangle it a little bit, it'll slip loose and i'll be able to figger out what the heck trois_mots is trying to tell me... is this payback for hitting the oracle earlier or what? sheesh...
misstree o ya... and the other part of the concinnity, smaller than the rest so momentarily overlooked... my fantabulous guest just mentioned attention_misstree last night, after i hadn't thought of it in months.

goosebumps for that and a bunch of other things that frankly, i don't want to share.
misstree now blather is doing it... four times today while at work, blather tossed something to the top of the recent list that i had just taken a look at. a very short time back, three very personal and very intense and very relatedtorightnow blathes came up. then, today, just after i paw over ask_misstree while putting together a printout for someone, hadn't looked at it since prolly december, and user24 drops the such a pretty brainmeat question, and again, perfectly appropriate for mindset. *happysigh* iiiinteresting... 040210
misstree beginning to learn about chakras... woefully ignorant, but ignorant can always change... after lessons last night, area just between and veryslightly above eyebrows developed strange, almost ache, but more discomfort, pressure... sensation was described to me as soon as i soundlessly started rubbing... i was told it was blockage with third eye... was knocked brainless with sensation last night, childish mind throwing tantrums and resisted... strange sideslips with when ache would disappear, then suddenly return on thought... this morning, one of three_words is third_eye... then ask_everybody pops up... signposts... hrmmmmm.... 040220
misstree just a minor minor bit... tossed something over on what_happened_to_my_blather with the phrase do_as_thou_wilt... next down the list was i've_been_cheated_on... last comment is from .fallen, and her frustration with the lack of distinction between do_as_thou_wilt and do_as_you_wish... entertaining to me, at least... 040227
mt wholly crap... urk... looking for gibson and gaiman crossover quotes for please_add_your_fav_quote... looking through the list, as i used to collect the things pretty seriously... and see the following entry...

All hail the Sun God! We think he's a fun god! Ra! Ra! Ra! --T____ "yay chaos!" K____

(name edited 'cause i like my anonymity)
now, i didn't come up with that originally, but i run around saying it all the time... i'm just creeped out mejor to see meself quoted... shivers... ahem... *cough*... going over here now...
.fallen oh Eris, dear ..... please don't be too terribly viscious right now 040227
oldephebe remember when i said to honor those things in you that have been left untouched, unmentioned, un - honured?

the chakra's especially for a truculent, complex chimera of a charismatic entity such as yourself are an invaluable avenue of self-actualization and healing and er..what not...I'm speaking to mtree and not you offense or disparity or preference is implied..i just have a little more knowledge of the Tree 'cause of all her blathes and what not...*skitters off*
quotree "Perhaps coincidence is just God's way of remaining anonymous." - Dr. Bernie Siegel 040301
misstree see: fries
if you don't understand, i'm not explaining... but to the best of my knowledge, kx21 has no way of knowing how appropriate that is... especially with upcoming plans... (and, of course, it is also vice_versa...)
misstree a polish boy
a frog
all kinds of
universal dances
too many to count
but to quote jack:
what does it mean,
what does it mean?

didn't make quota,
so the fairy godmother
is either a slack ass
or a bitchy mother
but damn
this place is beautiful
and if flowers are the earth laughing
is fate laughing
andru235 here: "hear, hear!" 050723
f oh right ! 050723
misstree condom_mints yuffie_goes_to_prison spleen

i knew when i saw the "hail eris" shirt on the corner, it was going to be an okay night. fab dancing and a book geek later, i was right.
misstree there's been a funny monkey with a wrench wreaking havoc in my brain lately. a night at an anonymous dance club sounds like a soak in a hot tub, anticipation of release, at least in some small part. anxious rats will continue to chew, but at least i'll distract a little.

i'm offered hallucination. i'm feeling a bit beat up mentally, and it's been a while since i talked to big_momma, so i agree. i make a few comments about trying to get the old girl on the telephone, like leaving a voicemail and waiting and hoping for a return call, such was the sumup of the summoning.

when we arrive at our intended destination, i see a foreboding amount of black (a bad sign for my plan to stay away from being known), and as i finish my cigarette, an acquaintanted comes out, makes brief hello, and dissapears back in. and we decide to go awandering.

of course, a bit of this wandering is strangely guided. a statue of a monkey drawing my eye before i am close enough to make it out. bumping a boy, slipping into the slightest bit of sharkskin. just tasting the people and the night. such is the relaxation of the pineal.

we eventually decide to try an 80's night, a prince song luring us in. time enough for me to glance around, get a good survey and sniff, then begin hunting for someplace to sit, thinking of an 80's night long ago when depeche_mode drew us out in a frat bar...

and depeche plays. i go to dance, not paying any attention to which song. it is only once the lyrics kick in that i realize... "your own... personal... jesus..." i laugh. "pick up the reciever, i'll make you a believer." she is belovedly blatant.

her message thereafter is for my ears only, but suffice it was full of joy and motherly cooing.

when we left, my stomach announced its emptiness, but hunger was far from my mind... an odwalla protien drink. this is what i must have. to the 24 hour grocer!

i love such places in such states. all manner of brightly colored and hypnotically displayed thing. no worries of odd stares, especially in odd stores, like the one in urbana, where you would run into the strangest people, and here, where they're also a bit odd.

we make our way randomly down a freezer aisle, and my half-distracted brain notes that there are two other people at the end. as we approach, i recognize chance, someone who has been in my brain enough to make mention past my lips several times in the past few days, despite being absent for some months.

again, i must beg leave only to say that this is two whirlwinds of synchronicity refinding eachother, likely with messages to pass that even we won't fully understand.


epitome of incomprehensibility I must resurrect this delectable combination of words.
Can it be the new ineluctable modality?
Different meaning altogether, though.
Pah. To hell with meanings.
unhinged or you could improvise
damn man
leave your academic pretensions
off my page of music
what's it to you?
who go