pan What i once claimed as knowledge,
paid by pain of dear extraction,
is still by deed
an integrated resonance.

Speak you of the charted fluctuations
from your smug plagiarizing,
or what if you see me
as i, in my blind immersion may not?
Can you make me listen?
Will i be lifted by your textbook incantations
of contemporary wisdom,
more and more a watering of fallow ground?

Insubordination may for a time
advance the yearning,
may for a time advance the learning,
and may, for a time,
find cultivation in the breast of manifest vicissitude.

But what of predestination?
What of divine cannibalism?
Can you look within yourself
and say you know my metabolic destiny?

My body knows itself
and it is, for sure, its own disease.
i am victim to the ravages of time
only through the duration of this earthly raiment.
If you see the fabric of it,
you may yet be decieved of its inner fiber, yet i may too, be ignorant
of the strands of its construct.

Where are you, O my completion?
In the feverish embrace of an impassioned young woman?
What has she of herself but her determined bloom?
And what, too, of the eloquence with which i enraptured myself
in my walking last night?
i felt with clarity the justice of the mutuality of me hungering
for your succulence,
in this moment,
and you hungering for mine,
in this moment,
without enmneshing the future,
without clotting its rejoicing with a tourniquet of convention.

Could it really never flow through its discovery without restraint or an abortive incarceration?
How much more might we sweeten our finding of one another
if in releasing ourselves
we release each other?

Am i even now hiding?
Is this yet more twisting of a cloth
that in its purer state
lies thick with transparency?

i would be clothed in my most brilliant nakedness.
Carolyn Duncan a pick that chisels away at our hearts.
the winter of our discontents-- "Too early seen unknown, and known too late."
a fixed precise date.
a recognition of the rate
at which life passes by
like a figure in the rain.
Never to come again.
mike is realizing that no matter how much you know you are still stuck in a universe that is not finite. Knowledge is realizing that the point of life is not in trying to know evertything, or more than anyone else, but...

...bathing in the possibilities of existence.

...or laughing at how stupid what you just said was...
amy mapped out ground. owned by people, traded or given away, or withheld. not always easily recognizable.

can be found on the internet, or whispered in your ear.
mott man sharing your thoughts with another person introduces a new sequence of words, ideas and concepts that become immediately interwoven in their own thoughtbank - and now an integral part of every thought that they share with others...
an extremely powerful and benevolent virus...
infect everyone you know!
Daniel knowledge is power... 000322
doggy power is flour... 000323
typhoid flower is pretty...
(flour power?)
amy pretty is gritty...
(that would be fine for flour)

iThugMail is a hardcore component of
. . . . . . . . . .
ubliss Knowledge 1 2 3

Knowledge (K) is Power (P).
K = P

Time (T) is Money (M).
T = M

P is equal to Effort(E) over Time (T)
P = E / T

and : K = E / M
: M = E / K

Conclusion: With given Effort

Knowledge up, Money down ???
Money up, Knowlege down ???

Scientific Reason for Wise Men like
Bill Gates (Microsoft) and
Jerry Yang (Yahoo) to terminate their study...
interested 000915
Q Don't waste your time going to that url. The message is completely nonsensical religious gibberish.

I'm not interested in having somebody new try to stick my head or my kids' heads into the sand. That happened to me when I was a kid, and it took a good part of my life to learn how to breathe, and do other normal and sacred things, easily.
evenmoreinterested you consider that religious? i would say it is more of a spiritual nature. i found it enlightening as opposed to confining... 000915
ubliss Knowledge 1 2 3 Version 2

Power (P) is Effort (E) over Time (T)
P = E/T

Time (T) is Money (M)
T = M

Money (M) can buy material (m)

M = m

Thus, P = E/m or
Power is Effort over material.

Given that our (including GOd ???)maximum Effort is limited,
it concluded that
to gain more Power beyond the maximum Effort is to reduce the Material.

GOD's Power is Limitless or Inifinity,
thus m must be equal to 0 or

ZERO material.

Sound Interesting, But ABSTRACT!!!.
Rebecca True POWER is knowledge.
It guides the way to success or destruction...
Tis better to know than to be happy in ignorance.
tourist Like the horizon we walk toward
it recedes before us even as we gain new ground.And as we go,the land we survey disappears into the distance.
It is the cartographers who have gone before who's maps we carry that we rely upon, not to tell us where we go. But rather where we've been.
Rebecca Although knowledge is power,
with it comes responsibility.
Must responsibility bring sadness?
Life isn't fair. I know what is right
and yet, I want to break my vow,
because I am so unhappy.
Will this too pass???
total idiot NOBODY IS SMARTER THAN ME!!! 001103
kx21 Dear total idiot,

Given your know-how and that NOBODY is smarter than YOU, how did you manage to turn into 05R runway instead of the designated 05L which caused the SQ006 accident?
complete retard it was all because the flux capacitor in the spring loaded jim-jam flopped too mightily toward the sun. that's all 001103
Rebecca I know... 001109
kx21 Dear "complete retard",
Given that NOBODY is smarter than YOU.

Who will be the next US' President after CLINTON, GORE or BUSH?

Please "don't CLINTON the Monica Lewinsky, GORE the Sunshine and beat around the BUSH" !!!
nancy it seems as though im a sponge....every aspect of my reality is a peice of my knowlege...i am interested in you 001125
complete retard uuhhhh- i am a genius!
the next president will be harry belafonte!
rumplestilskin i know something you don't... 010108
bloody potato chip whut 010108
janis you expect me to fuck like a goddamned mule. 010108
amy we'd like to think we know a lot, de facto, but we don't. we can prove this by dismantling even what we know, and finding that the only bits of gold left are pieces of existence. and what is the existence and how does it work? so we start to know again, but we will need to doubt to find the gold, again. and who has the authority to do these things for us? what things are only definitions? what things are processes? 010109
bloody potato chip i dunno. i just make stuff up.

shit! i gotta go back to werk.
amy yeah. whoops. 010109
. . 010109
kx21 What is the next e_bubble going to burst? When?

US, PCs, Biotech, ...
kx21 Knowledge is illusion!!!

Fire&Roses I'm not sure what I KNOW any more. There are always the exceptions to the rule and you can't catalog people, so where does knowing really get you? I have decided that I really don't KNOW anything. Knowledge is a useless fantasy. 010923
Lotusmagic At first I thought I knew everything.
Then I realised I really didn't know anything. I knew NOTHING.
BUT now I have realised that there is nothing to know, and therefore I know everything.
*nat* a ver fortunatething, if we didnt have knowledge, then nobody would know if anyone else was right. Maybeknowledge is a person, and everyone has a liitle bit of he/she/it in their brain 020823
Math Nut Knowledge is like math. You start with only a few very basic rules and/or facts that you just decided sounded good, then from there build up a massive theory to encompass everything. Off on incredibly divergent tangents, you get amazing truths, theorems, facts, beliefs, and pieces of information about almost anything, any shape, any creation possible. Your expanding knowledge base is looking pretty good, until somebody comes along and proves you can cut a ball up into parts which just happen to be impossible to identify precisely, but assures you with irrefutable proof that you can rearrange and mold these parts to create two new balls of the same size as the original. At this point, you decide math class is way over your head and quit. I wonder when our non-math knowledge will hit a snag like this one? 020918
[.:..The SeeR ..:.] And don't forget the paradox of reality...

If you take the space on a standard 12 inch ruler, for instance, and then cut in (half)1/2 the space between any two consecutive numbers, ex: 3 and 4...
and then cut that space in half = 1/2 inch, and then cut that space in half = 1/4 inch...1/8,1/16,1/32.... and on and on a million bijillion times!
The point is, there is an infinite amount of space between my fingers [[ Hold's out hand to show a small gap between tips of thumb and index finger.]] Even if I think I get to the smallest possible distance between two points, I can always just divide that number by 2, or even 2 quadrillion.

So everything we see is an infinite amount of space away from us...

And THAT'S the Paradox of Reality!
novice Ther is a problem in your reasoning, being that you are assuming that everything can always be divided. What if there were an indivisble 'substance', a singularity with a distance of one? 030417
hsgatincamail knowledge breathes.
her lungs expand.
metabolizes your attention.
u24 novice; what if, indeed. 040701
Thomas Quimby He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool. Shun him. 040817
hsg cumulative dividends = to the original space.
that paraducks sox.
Hi They say knowledge is power, but are there times when it is better, i.e. more advantageous, to not know? Not simple "ignorance is bliss" but a more transcendant capacity borne of juxtaposed circumstance and intellect.... It is easy to imagine myriad scenarios wherein knowledge serves as either friend or foe. Why is this so seldom discussed? The optimal awareness for a given situation is not necessarily one of quasi-omniscience, though this is a favorite assumption of academia. 060119
Bye Hi don't be stupid. Knowledge is always good. Why wouldn't you want knowledge. It's inherently beneficial. I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to know about something knowledge is always always always good. Dont be naive. 060119
marquee./marquee like all fanatics
the partisans of fact-ification
rush to the ditch and the tower turrets
to defend their little wooden fortress
Cilanthro How do you know if they do or do not? 060119
somebody i want to know everything 060119
Somebody Else If you knew everything there would be nothing to think about, nor anything to wonder about. Knowing everything would be essentially pointless. 060119
Ptolemy DCLVIII Facts. Known quantities. Concrete awareness. 061115
Einstein "Imagination is more important than knowledge." 061126
jio jio 100215
Soma "some people
when they hear
your story.
upon hearing
your story.
this is how
what's it to you?
who go