Matthew A misconception of me. You read my work and fear me and for me but what I have written isnt what you see. I am the wanderer, the child, the yin and the yang but not always both. I am the reaver of bad feelings from my friends, I wield the sicle of good intentions, looking into the eyes of the warrior and trying to do the right thing. I am the risk taker and the first and last to fly. I see beyond my life today, but live in the past where the future may be. I am a spark in the darkness, but one that wishes not to be light nor dark like the others. 000621
silentbob The Spark, The Force from Beneath, and the Path to Earth

The pit was something of a mystery to David. At first. He didnít know its reason for existence or itís purpose for being in Yolandís Woods. But within time David accepted the pit and the horror it caused.
He had come upon it late last Spring, while running through the forest. He had run by the cool waters of the Ruby River(named such for the fact that 118 years ago there was a war between Indians and the white man and the blood flowed in the water like the reddest of rubyís) and never seen the hole. Someone had been here. Someone, as had he, had come to the thicker part of Yolandís Woods and made this hole. It was too odd-looking for it to have been burrowed by some animal. The grass around it was gone. And the hole looked like it shouldnít have been there, didnít belong there.
Weeks ago, weeks after he found it, he began having horrible dreams. He dreamed an evil magic man wanted to make deals with him. He dreamed demons ripped at his flesh and mocked his soul. He dreamed situations of his past that were false. Davidís brother Vincent had died when David was little. He dreamed he had killed him or had not saved him for his own sick causes. And he had dreamed that he had been kidnapped and that the parents he lived with were not his natural parents.
He went back to the pit as much as he could. He would look down into it and some colors would swirl and swirl and heíd dream. Even though he was wider awake than as if he were in Math class. One day he had come out of the trance and he noticed the deep dark pit was slightly wider.
Today David stood over the pit which was about 5 square feet now. He had come to rely on the pit. It was what was getting him through each day since his Grandfather had died. And his Grandfatherís foreboding words chilled him through and through. "Fill in the pit, David. Ignore their words and fill in the pit." Then he had died. It hadnít even seemed like his Grandfather talking but some higher power.
fill in the pitÖ
David began throwing rocks in. He kicked sand, poured water and tossed in leaves. When he was done he was engulfed in sweat and he still didnít see the bottom. He went home.
When he woke up that day he heard horrible roars like some robotic dinosaur from a Science Fiction movie. He went downstairs and his parents and his sister, Lily, were surrounded by the window with the sill. There were giant, fat creatures roaming around and screaming. The screams gave him nightmares for weeks. They were grey and brown and some jet black. They kind ofÖlooked like they were made of rock or sand.
They heard horrible thumping from upstairs. David and his family ran up quickly to see what the disturbance was. Evil leafy-looking bird-like creatures were tearing the second floor apart! They carefully shooed the beasts away, through the window.
Then they heard a weird crackling, sizzling noise. They looked out and saw fire falling from the clouds like rain. It looked as though the heavens had stretched into the depths of hell and the sky was set aflame. The clouds were grey like the ashen pillars of purgatory.
His Grandfatherís words had not come from a God-like force, but a Devil-like force. He heard his Grandfatherís voice in his head, "Lookís like Iíve been discovered, David. And if you want this horror to stop give yourself over to the pit." Resistance was futile for David and he ran through the fire to the pit which was unusually umbrella-ed.
David didnít exactly know what to say, do. So he said a chant revealing his reliance to the hole, making the words up as he went along.
"Hole so dark, pit so deep
"You are the secret that I keep
"I rely on you to get me through each day
"You can use me to help show you the way
"But do not discourage the ones I love
"They are protected from the Power Above
"So stop the firestorm of the Earth
"And let me serve you and show you my worth."
There was a horrible rumbling and the screaming, the tearing, and the burning stopped. A deep rough voice called up from the pit. "Widen the Passage to Earth."
David hesitated. Electric pain shot through his mind, bones, and nerves. He began digging around it. He dug so much and so hard that the fingernails on his little finger and middle finger peeled off. He dug until he didnít know he was still digging.
He dreamt.
He dreamt of a universe of nothing. Darkness. Then one stream of light, one beam of life shone in a long horizontal gush. He was in the center. The light was the Force from Beneath and he was being channeled by it, widening the path to Earth by it. He couldnít stop what he had begun.
He awoke. It was dark and the path, the hole, the pit, was 12 feet by 12 feet now. Due was encased upon him. He sat up and looked within the hole. The colors were there, too. It was beginning to widen by itself. He didnít understand. He couldnít comprehend. And then it all gushed to him in a tidal wave of realization.
The Force from Beneath had channeled him only to find the hole, and begin widening it. It only needed him to start, to flare the spark. Like a lighter. He was the spark and the hole could burn by itself now. It could widen on its own.
David feared the worst for the reasons of why there would be a pit to Earth. And unfortunatelyÖDavid was right.
The pit widened at great speed, consuming everything in itís path. It got bigger and bigger until it was the size of a canyon, then molten rock and fire engulfed the Earth, burning and eating away at the life there. Hell was on Earth now. And David, the spark of it all, was there too.

The End
© Bobby Evers Dec. 1997
silvre tori, tori, tori! 000814
jillian. and in the heat of sandalwood and carpet, i kept giving myself away. it was careless, i know, i suppose maybe it still is. the way words start to whisper at my heels when i stray from them too long, and maybe it's just the way the miles between us won't add up to six hundred anymore. i guess it's that her voice never matched the poetry she wrote, girlish and laughing. i couldn't touch my hands to my face that night, watching the shadows against the lawn. i couldn't breathe sometimes and i guess that this is love. 010414
daylitedreamer totally blah.. lookin for a spark* 010428
unhinged all it would take is one little spark and this place would go up. that little pretty sparkle in your eye that makes me want to love you. the tiny sparks of the lighter before the flame catches. we always had more than enough. sparking the flame of internal thought and registry. 010622
distorted tendencies I'm just a little spark, easily put out by a soft breeze, by a splash of water, by a heavy foot... Everyone walks all over me. 010916
crimson the small flames
of fireflies
and distant diamond stars
light up our faces
we are like children
wishing, staring wide-eyed

sparks fly mysteriously
free into dark of night
I reach out,
gently touching them
to the ends
of my pale fingertips

l a u g h i n g
peyton i can't believe it
i feel like i'm writing outside the margins
even if it hurts
its awesome right now
rage sparks 051115
rage unfuckingbelievable.
i remember him throwing bottles in the fire so we could watch the spark fairys dancing together into space. he loved it.
im still spinning, flying with the fairies.
chapter3 Our spark is gone. What happened?
Is it my depression, or something worse?

I hope we can go back soon
to the way it was.

I love you with all of the blood
in all of my veins,
but where is the urgency that was there?

I don't want to settle in
Until I want to settle in.

We are too young for this to happen.
We are too young to die.
what's it to you?
who go