smurfus rex I used to be amazed at the kinds of things some people believe, but over time, I have grown a little, I'm amazed at the kinds of connections some people can draw between seemingly innocuous concepts.

For those of you with an appreciation for numerology and symbolism (you know who you are and you know who you aren't), I offer the following two websites:

They got me thinking, if nothing else. If it were true, how ingenious would it be to initiate a system where specific ID numbers could be used to spy on you (as if you are so interesting)? The main idea is that your 9-digit Social Security Number would be used to reference all of your personal information, then, your 9-digit bank routing number (on your checks) would be used to reference your financial information and spending habits, and finally, your 9-digit ZIP code would be used to pinpoint your place of residence to within a few blocks. Add some elements of Masonry, Illuminati, Big Brother, Satan, et al. and you have 3 9 digit numbers (999) which can be reversed to 666 which all points to the fact that these numbers are used by the Beast to fulfill the prophecies of Revelation.

*sigh* Without the religious overtones, this could actually make some sense. These seemingly harmless numbers give quite a bit of information about a person and how he or she lives, if they are applied in a particular way. This led me to start thinking of a cross-referencing system that the Illuminati might use to further pinpoint the person they are interested in that would use a 10-digit number.

For my location, the 9-digit ZIP code would tell them which neighborhood I live in, but my 10-digit phone number would tell them which house I live in. For my financial information, the 9-digit bank routing number would tell them which bank I have an account with, but my 10-digit account number would tell them how much I have in the bank and what I spend my money on. For my personal information, I really couldn't think of a "natural" 10-digit number that got any more specific than my SSN. I thought my drivers license number might work, but even that is 9 digits long. Date of birth? 8 digits, the long way...


Fuck. I found it. I don't know if it's the same number of digits for everyone, but my Selective Service number is 10 maddog digits appropriate.

oh man, now I'm ALL creeped out.
TK 10+10+10=30

*spooky muzak plays*

Creeeeeepy! Definitely creepy man! *L* I agree w/ you Rex you can pretty much associate anything w/ anything else nowadays if your -intentionally- looking for it
TK 10+10+10=30

*Spooky muzik plays*

Creeeeepy! Definitely creepy man! *L* I agree w/ you Rex you can pretty much associate anything w/ anything else nowadays if your intentionally looking for it
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smurfus rex then I found this site and felt a little better:
smurfus rex if you're at all interested in numbers, in whatever form, I would encourage you to watch the indy film "Pi". In it, the protagonist, Max, is a mathematician who is looking for a numerical pattern in the stock market. His computer stumbles upon a 256-digit number just before eating itself, and all of a sudden, Max finds himself in a position where people want the number. An Orthodox Jewish group believes the true name of god is 256 letters long, and they want Max's number because they want to convert it into god's name and reclaim their former power. A shadowy technology group (or something) gave Max a classified computer processor and in return, want Max's number so they can use it with the stock market and make their own money.

What is the point of this, and what does it have to do with the topic at hand?

Well, I'll tell you. Max has this friend in his apartment building, another mathematician. He and Max talk about Max's work and theory and he says to Max something like, when you fixate on a number, whether it's 3 or 7 or 256, you start to obsess over it and you find 256 "things" wherever you look. The things that do not number 256 are disregarded and ignored. At that point, he said, you were no longer a mathematician, but a numerologist.

So, given the above analysis of 9- and 10-digit numbers and how they are used by the Illuminati to track personal, financial, and geographical information on the people of North America, I have refined and expanded my earlier theories. Because you can do that with conspiracy theories, you know...

Personal Information:
-Tracked by Social Security Number XXX-XX-XXXX
--First number is the geographic code, second is the alternating group code, and the third is the individual serial number when issued.
Financial Information:
-Tracked by bank routing number XX-XXXXXXX
--First number is the Federal Reserve District number the bank belongs to, and the second is the individual company number of the bank itself
Geographic Information:
-Tracked by ZIP code XXXXX-XXXX
--First number is the post office district (common ZIP code), the second is the section number within that district

Personal Information:
-Originally believed to be tracked by the Selective Service Number, but because women are not assigned one, this information is now believed to be tracked by FBI Case Number XXX-XXXXX-XX
--First number is the classification code that indicates why the file was opened(032 is a fingerprint file), the second number is the individual case number, and the third number is the serial number of one or more documents within the file
Financial Information:
-Tracked by bank account number XXXX-XXXXXX
--First number is the bank's internal grouping code and the second is the individual account number
Geographic Information:
-Tracked by full telephone number XXX-XXX-XXXX
--First number is the area code, the second is the exchange code, and the third is the location code

This section concerns the Illuminati's cross-referencing system within their tracking system. These numbers are used to check the accuracy of the information in the 9- and 10-digit systems.

Personal Information:
-Tracked by Vehicle Identification Number XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
--Yes, it's a series of numbers and letters. But it's the number of digits or characters that is important. The VIN is tied to everything from vehicle registration to vehicle INSURANCE to driving history. This is a great number because it cross-checks personal, financial, and geographic information AND tracks driving history also.
---**POLITICAL TIE-IN** Some may remember that the VIN was 10 or 11 digits long prior to 1988, when the 16-digit system was initiated. Remember who took the office of President in 1988? Yep. Now you can talk about New World Order.
Financial Information:
-Tracked by credit card number XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
--American Express cards are either 10 digits or 12 digits long. It doesn't matter though, because VISA and MasterCard are the major players with Discover bringing up the rear. "VISA: It's everywhere you want to be."
Geographic Information:
-Tracked by Global Positioning Satellite with the ageless latitude and longitude measurements XX deg XX min XX sec XXXX alt
--First number is degrees, second is minutes, third is seconds, and fourth is altitude. At first glance, it looks like there's only 10 numbers, but AHA! you have to count latitude AND longitude, which totals 12 numbers, and then add altitude, which is 4 numbers, for a total of 16. And the population density above 10,000 feet is almost nil, so altitude only has to go up to 9999.

So, you may ask, why would they need a third system of tracking numbers? Earlier, I said the VIN is a cross-check of the other systems and provides driving history as well. Credit cards expand the scope of one's financial picture, because credit history and credit card debt reflect a completely different kind of information compared to what can be seen in one's bank statement. As for GPS, well, ZIP codes and phone numbers are only so useful in North America. To track a globetrotter, they need a *global* tracking system. (That GPS feature on your cell phone sure sounded cool, didn't it? You don't have GPS, you say? How many bars of signal do you have? There's your GPS.) The point, my patient reader, is the Illuminati, like the US Government, believes in redundant systems. Redundancy is itself a cross-check and a diagnostic. In redundancy is reliability, and in order to be useful, information, whether it's personal, financial or geographic, MUST be reliable.

so, I'm building a self-sustaining, off-the-grid settlement compound in SE Colorado, anybody want to join me? :)
sabbie does this mean that the illuminati is operational in america only?

i ask only because not every country has a billion 9 or 10 didgit numbers to track their citizens, and as one of the token non-americans in the world, i thought i would speak up.

ok, we don;t have social security numbers, but our public health system, medicare, assigns a number.
which i've jsut pulled out of my wallet.
and it's 9 digits long, broken up into a bank of 4 digits, then 5. hmm.
ok, liscence number - hmm. ok, maybe i spoke too soon. liscence numbers are also 9 digits long, although when i got my liscence it was only 8 digits long. they've added another one in the past couple of years.
phone and mobile numbers are 10 digits long, and i'm starting to get concerned.

however, post codes are only 4 digits long.
bank account details consist of a 6 digit BSB number which tells them which bank and which branch it is, then an account number of between 5 and 16 numbers

and i went to my libary card, but it has a LIFE JACKET UNDER YOUR SEAT that i stole from the plane on the way to NZ last year stuck over it. so i can't help you there.

i have no idea what a Selective Service number is, but i'm pretty sure we don't have anything like that.

tax file numbers though, which it's illegal not to have, are 9 digits long too.

so, to your illuminati theory i say

hail eris
all hail discordia
i'm off to burn my wallet.
smurfus rex the beauty of conspiracy theories is their adaptability. Here's how it works:

"While it is true, at this time, that citizens of other countries are not tracked as extensively as those in the United States, this is because US citizens will be the 'test-market' for the system, which will eventually be applied to people of other countries within the next 5-50 years."

so, yes, right NOW these systems may not apply to everyone outside the US, but when the foundation has been finished in the US, global implementation will soon follow. See how easy that is? :)

BTW, sabbie, can I light my wallet off the fire from yours?
sabbie which puts me in mind of this little piece of trivia - a lot of things are trialed in new zealand before being rolled out to the rest of the world.
this is because NZ is a western society, but only a little one, like a focus group, so that they can introduce something in there and study it's affects without it being too big a test subject to keep an eye on. also, because it's so far away from everything else, apart from australia, if something goes horribly wrong, then it wont really effect the rest of the world.

EFTPOS was first rolled out to new zealand.

i knew a bunch of others, but i can't remember them jsut for the moment.

i'm too distracted by this nice, cheery, roaring fire.

and as i toast the marshmellow of celebration over my fire of freedom, it occurs to me that when the last bit of material has burned away, when the last bank note has melted to a black puddle of plastic, when the last card has shriveled away, past the shrinky-dink stage, and my information and photgraph has bubbled away like a noxious creation in an anarchist's kitchen, it occurs to me that you and i will be sitting around a small sad blacked and charred spot on the ground and we're going to feel like they did at the end of the graduate.

a moment of exileration, and then
nothing has changed except the fact that i don;'t have any lunch money anymore.

if i thought stuff though before i did it
i'd start to wonder
who i was
and what i has done
with the real sab.
smurfus rex Here is another example of adaptability:

After additional research into 16-digit numbers, it was discovered that the GPS tracking information was slightly inaccurate. Traditional latitude and longitude readings exhibit the following characteristics:

Latitude: 00-90 degrees, 00-60 minutes, 00-60 seconds
Longitude: 000-360 degrees, 00-60 minutes, 00-60 seconds

Read sequentially, latitude and longitude readings would number 13 digits, not 12, as originally believed. Therefore, the addition of altitude to the system would result in a 17-digit number instead of a 16-digit one.

However, this does not negate the use of a 16-digit GPS coordinate tracking number. Most GPS receivers that are now commercially available make use of a latitude/longitude format called "WGS84 datum", which displays coordinates in the following manner:

Latitude: HDDD
Longitude: HDDD

where H=hemisphere, D=degrees and M=minutes in decimal format. For standardization purposes (which the Illuminati loves), latitude degrees are given three digits even though latitude only goes to +/- 90 degrees. GPS problem solved. Altitude information is essentially rendered unnecessary.
... So, what's your point? 040602
smurfus rex Earlier I mentioned redundancy in this cross-checking reference system. Further research into the Illuminati Tracking Methodology, conveniently referred to as "Beacon", has revealed that each tracking category has a primary, or homing, number, which then uses the two remaining numbers for triangulation, so to speak. The homing numbers are taken from each digit division, as well, to create an illusion of randomness.

Well, the illusion is about to be lifted.

As mentioned before, your personal information is tracked by your 9 digit SSN, 10 digit FBIN, and 16 digit VIN. Your financial information is tracked by your 9 digit routing number, 10 digit account number, and 16 digit credit card number. Finally, your location information is tracked by your 9 digit ZIP code, 10 digit phone number, and 16 digit GPS coordinates.

Within the personal information category, your 9 digit SSN is considered the homing number, and your FBIN and VIN are used for triangulation, because your SSN is a virtual fingerprint when it comes to personal information.

Within the financial information category, your 16 digit credit card number is considered the homing number because it can be used to call up your credit report, which can then be used with your routing and account triangulators to examine your financial activities.

Within the location information category, your 10 digit phone number is considered the homing number because, as illustrated by the 911 system, it can pinpoint the address of the homeowner to the street, while ZIP and GPS triangulators are used to ensure that the location is not scrambled or bounced off additional routing nodes.

So, for the quick and reasonably accurate investigation of an individual, the Illuminati needs at minimum:

- 9 digit SSN
- 10 digit phone
- 16 digit credit card

For the thorough and precise investigation, the Illuminati needs each of the 3 homing numbers above and the 6 triangulation numbers that go with them.

I should call Art Bell on Coast to Coast with this. :)
u24 UK national insurance numbers*
in the format:

* issued at 16 years old and required to get a job
cupcake impersonator what's the illuminati?

epitome of incomprehensibility The illuminati is a group of geeks who shine flashlights in other people's eyes. Not very polite. 050813
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