kingsuperspecial this is a relative term. you might want to try and decide for yourself, but society does set guidelines. this is usually the foundations of guilt, resentment, argument, or other bad vibes. Enough always seems to feel like it is merely adequate, though. It takes crossing a line to know where it is, doesn't it. But even the most careful attempt to get exactly to the line without crossing usually goes one way or the other. Either the haunting empty feeling of not having gone quite far enough, knowing a little bit more could have been said,drank,thought,pushed,fucked
or else the other, the line passing as an afterthought, hindsight blurred by pain and smoking wreckage, the free fall of disaster like a moment of peace and reflection before the inevitable impact and hens coming home to roost.

then again, you could be dead tomorrow, and for some stupid ass reason, with a pack of regrets and under utilized aspirations. so, you might as well wring life out for all it's worth. what are you saving it for, really? too bad so many people are afraid to fly, afraid to let go.
sim you donīt have to let go everything, donīt you? 010915
sim and you donīt even have to fly...
you can take the train or just walk...
or jump on one leg and then on the other singing

bupap bedoopap
hey babedebee

take your social guidelines
i am going to be free

bijou three_seconds is too_much 010916
girl_jane I always seem to give too much of myself. No-not physically...By the time I realize I've given it and that I didn't want to give it, it's too late to take it back, and the part I've given gets broken.

It takes so long for me to gather all the tiny pieces and figure out how they fit together. Then I have to find the super glue and try to make it work without getting my fingers stuck together.

Most of the time I can't find all of the pieces, and so I end up with little bitty chunks missing here and there.

Someday I hope to find somebody whom I can give everything to. This time not getting anything back broken-I wouldn't get anything back at all-they'd keep it, and they'd help fill in all the missing pieces with new plaster.
nothing is sacred why did she


jg Too much feeling makes one go numb. If you were to stick needles in my finger tips, I wouldn't notice. 020718
starved never_enough 020719
daxle never_again indeed 020719
devalis I eat too_much
I drink too_much
I want too_much

and I gotta get it somewhere
I mean
ya never know
maybe you're dreaming

(Matthews, Dave)
~gez~ too much of a good thing can bring you down. possibly true, and if it is, i want to be bought down so hard 021004
User24 I think I blathe too much.

I'm gonna watch the simpson and get something to eat.
. . 040222
damn i care too much about you

do you think it's smothering

or do you just not care, again?
ra no, i do care, i'll stop messing things up 040630
puredream not enough! 040630
pSyche way too much that I want to change.
I wanna go back and spend more time with you, wanna change the things I did so I could be with you, wanna go back and slap myself for being such a fool and wasting days ignoring you.
Now that you're about to leave....

I'm not sure what I'll do without you.

Sure, when we're thirty, and you're "happily" married, we probably won't care about what happened in high school. Heck, you probably won't remember me. But there is that part of me that says if I hadn't been such a fool, maybe-

Maybe I'll flap my arms and fly to the moon.

"It's just wishful thinking, darling. You need to grow up." Have I spent too much time in the clouds? Because for some short piece of time I felt like I could make everything right.
In_Bloom They looked at each other's eyes, the same strange brown turning to pond water green color.
A small tight smile
They stretched out their arms across and not speaking, acknowledged scars and freckles.
Fingers tapped the table surface
As they walked the street, the same gait was noted
Arms found their way around each waist
The sky was clear and black but filled with lights from stars and construction
From his wallet he took a one hundred dollar bill and said, "let's see if the guard will let us climb the building to reach the top of the crane. Let's jump tonight."
Oh god, he was so serious. It sent everything inside, an accumulation of steps, sacrifices and hopes, a half year of re birth- sent it plummeting in her guts. She might as well have jumped from the crane that night. The feeling of knowing she'd have to let him go...
Too much
LoversLament Talking to a friend today, I said something. And I realized with all of my heart just how true it is...

I have done too much bad to live life good.

How sad that my life can be summed up in a line that sounds like it came from a country song.
what's it to you?
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