Shar I really should be, but instead I look through Blather, over and over again.

Why can't you be more interesting, IE 348, Manufacturing Process Analysis?

Damn this accursed Finals Week.
unhinged oh i hear what you are screaming....

two-part inventions
the well-tempered klavier
borrowed chords
neopalitan six chords (which are treated just like diatonic two chords in chord progressions)
augmented sixth chords(which sound just like dominant chords; german; french; italian)
berlioz (eat a lot of opium; his music has absolutely no artistic merit if you ask me...i don't want to waste my time studying the drug trips of a amatuer when i can be studying the genius of a czech or russian nationalist; if i wanted to be studying drug trips i'd be studying rock'n'roll history...fuck you berlioz...)
schumann (died of syphilis; was a dick)
brahms (piano quintet in f major...loved beethoven)
hermann rollett
oh good christ...someone stop me now...after 12:30 tomorrow it will all be over...
Klarchen I will take great offence in your comment of dearest Robert Schumann. The statement that he died of syphilis is in fact an uneducated perpetuating myth. It is not know the exact cause of his death, although self-starvation was the eventual "cause", the exact pathology is not known. His autopsy was performed by his biased physician under sub-standards.

And yes, many do like to speculate.

Sorry if I have offended you, it's just that the topic of Robert Schumann is of great personal meaning to me.
chanaka i study my fingernails in a futile attempt to not see the psychology text book on my lap
integrity vs dispair
psychoses and neuroses
undifferenciated schitzophrenia
all while listening to REM
(it's the end of the world as we know it, and i feel fine)
all as a result of these fucking finals
unhinged as you say it has been speculated that he had advanced syphilis which in all probablity caused his insanity that caused his self-imposed starvation so when you boil it down to bare essentials he died of syphilis...see the connection?

i also have strong feelings about schumann. he was a womanizer that crippled his wife's career and was shown up at every turn by schubert. but that's just my personal opinion. ;)

....and i guess all the studying paid off cause those finals were cake...but we can only know for sure when the grades come in....
For sure! anytime i sleep through a class, i ace it. anytime i make an effort to study i come across about as brightly as a solar powered flashlight. 001211
klairchen I have no idea where you are getting your information from. Probably some texbook. Often this information, out of sheer convenience, is sensationalized and generalized from second and third hand sources.
Real Schumann research, which involves consulting original documents, diaries, transcripts, and letters, sheds true light on the person he really was. Most useful are the treasured documents originating from "family" sources.
However, the best places to really start from are, "The Complete Correspondence of Clara and Robert Schumann", Edited by Eva Weissweiler. and "The Inner Voices of a Musical Genius", by Peter Ostwald, a psychobiologist.
klairchen Oh yes, and one more thing. Do you call a man who stays at home to take care of his first born daughter while his wife tours Europe a "womanizer"?
And where in the medical literature does it say that syphilis "causes" insanity. Do you even know what the diagnostic criteria for insanity is? And since when does insanity "cause" self-starvation? Remember that I am talking about the the 1850's here, mental asylumns weren't exactly hospitable environments. Have you even explored the possibitities
schizioaffective disorder, or bipolar disorder?
unhinged see, the strong fact of the matter is i don't like schumann. musically mostly. i'm not a singer. his symphonies are weak. his many many lieder cycles mean nothing to me and to an uneducated ear in the matter of vocal literature, schubert was a better composer. so when you waste 4 weeks of your life studying his phantasiestuke and dichterliebe it intensifies your dislike. schumann is a composer i will encounter minimally for the rest of my career and being forced to care about his lieder cycle and piano cycle works just pissed me off when i could be studying dvorak, tchaikowsky, brahms or even schubert instead. it's basically a matter of musical taste. 001211
daxle the more I study, the more blather calls to me
at least I can see I am not alone in my finals week suffering
kendra Sorry unhinged , I just guess that I let my emotions get the better of me. I have my musicical opinions too. Yes, I have also found that it feels like a waste of time when studying Berlioz, ugh.
With Schumann, oh words cannot describe how I feel. And the musicologists and buffs alike can argue his pathologies until they are blue in the face, I'll still stop dead in my tracks when I encounter the fading bars of the Kinderszenen. And if the person playing it isn't doing it right, I tend to get a little hostile.
For some reason that I cannot explain I have been fascinated with this man forever, I always find some way or another to encorporate him or Clara into papers that almost have nothing to do with music.
Most of all, his music has this way of tearing at me. I have this extreme bias when it comes to Schumann. Yet I still don't think he was perfect, the way he particularly grouped together notes across the two clefs is enough to give me a headache. And I'll always try to scam a singer into singing Schumann, just so that I will have the opportunity to play more of him.
I don't know, sorry for seeming so obsessed, well actually I am obsessed. I guess there is no difference between me and a fainting Backstreet Boys fan.

unhinged that's ok...i would have rather been studying of MY fanatical favorites instead and that's why i got kinda pissy. 001213
lost eeeewwwwww!!! something I dont do. I always get at least 95% on test and stuff like that though. It's funny in my biology class you look at my grade print out thing and everything is blank except the 2 big test and i have a "C" in that class. My teacher says that I am a genius. I guess most of the geniuses in history were prety weird so maybe I am. NAW! I cant be not with the drug addicted parents that conceived me. At least I dont live with them anymore. 010327
Dafremen Heheh you silly sap. Of course you can be a genius. You think you're the only kid in the world who ever got great grades on tests but then refused to do his homework because he figured,"Hey this is MY time and I already proved I know how to do the work by getting a great grade on the tests" ?

Do you think you're the only little school bored genius with drug addicted parents whose irresponsible behavior left him somewhere but with them?

No little guy, you aren't. I was there too. Trust me, the homework thing will catch up with you and so will the bad study habits, and next thing you know you'll be down at the public library getting the highest score on the GED's in the history of your county. In fact you'll probably ACE them (like I did). But the long and the short of it is...homework isn't about proving that you've learned what they're teaching, it's about proving that you're willing to do something you're required to do regardless of how stupid you think it is. It's about getting ready for what society and the workforce are going to heap on you for the rest of your adult life.
yummychuckle HAHAHAHA!! something i wont have to do (at least on anything boring) til next august (school starts early august out here, which, uh...blows.).
heheheh, so anyways the only studying I'll be doing is the studying of people around me and hand reflexology. oh and handwriting analysis. just a few things i enjoy doing, so studying wont be long and miserable. Yep yep...analyzing people is my #2 on favorite things to do.
whats number 1? you say?
hm...well you'll have to guess.
Sol I am ashamed to say that for a half day i walked around with a print of berlioz's harold in italy on the side of my face because i fell asleep while 'studying' it
he should be exhumed, shot a few times and then burned in a ritual destroying of the chaff of our tragic musical heritage (western music in general i mean here)
On the anthology the wagner i also cannot abide, it is dull, unimaginative and presumptuos, he also was a venomous antisemitic. he would not even allow Jews to perform his work.
The Tippet gets a big nod of approval, I wont bother going into that.
as does the debussy (sarabande)
the rest is simply neutral chaff, neither positivly nor negativly thought of
unhinged i played harold in italy a long time ago and i absolutely hate berlioz. he writes for the violin like it is a flute and i hate that. octave jumps are a little bit more complicated on the violin. there is no octave key. you have to shift your whole hand up asshole. he writes so bombastically that it almost covers up the fact that there is a minimal amount of talent. even my history prof this year said that he was a better writer than a composer. but he does have his place in history for expanding the orchestration to colossal proportions. and wagner dear, despite his personal life, was the father of 20th century style. and his idea of the gesamptkunstwerk was a good one when you think about it. the 'tristan chord' as it where is beautiful. i always find english composers somewhat bland but i've never really heard any tippet only heard of him. the anthology i studied out of is the most useless piece of shit. they had no tchaikowsky. none. and only one example of brahms which was a piano quintet. no brahms symphonies. christ...his second movements in symphonies are some of the MOST beautiful things ever written..EVER. but i guess beauty and historic importance are two different things. 010607
unhinged oh oh oh...and debussy is absolutely enchanting. it's been proven that la mer was written following the golden mean. that sarabande is great too. his trois nocturnes. how about shostakovich's Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk? or ruth crawford seeger's violin sonata? or george crumb's black angels, thirteen images from the dark land, for electric string quartet(the score for this one is cool because it is aleotoric)? or gunther schuller's seven studies on the themes of paul klee? or mahler's kindertotenlieder? 010607
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