sunburst my skin is bad
my makeup thick
the blotches red
i am a chick
i want to be normal
give me the laser treatment
birdmad and on those days when i want to make a scene or be somewhat scandalous, i show up to the office in my ususal shirt and tie, but with black lipstick and blue eyeliner to boot 000503
jennifer when I was 11 I was taught how to put on makeup
it took two hours
today, all I can remember is:
"never sneeze after you put on mascara"
silentbob she knows it doesn't matter to me whether she puts make up on and she feels relieved that she doesn't have to pretend with me. 000606
silentbob You can't really call her a superficial sort
Just cuz she pancakes the makeup over her wart
She's just a little selfconcious about that sorta stuff
but once ya get to know her you'll like her well enough
Spill out the guts of a feather pillow
Watch it confetti round the room
Paint my portrait in your lipstick
And drown it in your perfume
Write me poems With your eye liner
primp me up with your blush
screen everyone of your phone calls
from that guy you loved so much
There's a microphone in her teddy bear
an untrusting boyfriend that doesn't really care
just wants to uphold his reputation
and not be stuck in a situation
can you feel the bile?
as it boils bubbles and burns
you feel the epitome of human waste
as you start to know, realize, and learn
you beg for her forgiveness
as she begs for your distance
you don't think how this looks
as you stagger the path of least resistance
when will he see?
shes moving on
and so should he
before time is gone
she found her one
and got some breaks
he swallowed his loss
and learned from his mistakes.
hedwig.child i put on some makeup
turn on the 8-track
i'm pulling the wig down from the shelf...

suddenly i'm this punk rock star
of stage and screen and i 'aint
ever... i 'aint never going back
Xfriend there's this girl I know... and we used to make fun of these girls together, she and I. She wears makeup a half inch thick, with big black holes for eyes. fake eyelashes, black eyeliner so incredibly disgustingly obvious it's an insult to those of us who wear it more subtly. once you can measure the thickness with a ruler, it's too much, honey. We won't even get into the idea of foundation matching skin tones. I mean, you could atleast make an effort.

Wads of money wasted on makeup that's too obvious, fake tanning fees, hair dye.

All for a 17 year old girl.

I wonder if will take her story.
twiggie the makeup has completely rubbed off of one eye, and the other is smudged because i fell asleep in the car. i felt sick so i rested my head down and woke up when the car door opened, letting in all of that cold air. for a few seconds, i didn't feel sick anymore, but it slowly crept back. it was 7 at night, and i hadn't eaten anything all day. that's why i felt sick...felt like i was going to throw up my stomach since there was nothing else there. 010103
freakizh like a painting that lights or dulls something to be aesthetically beautiful.

are we talking canvas?
distorted tendencies I like sparkly/shimmerey white eyeshadow, sometimes blue.
Rarely eyeliner.
Rarely powder.
I need chapstick.
I hate lipstick.
I like winter frost nail polish.
psychobabe my makeup consists usually of
black eyeshadow/black liquid eyeshadow

*liquid adds more effect to bring my beautiful baby blues out*

Black eyeliner, also brings the eyes out

Never mascara, i dont need it my eyelashes are naturally kinda long but beautiful

Sometimes conceiler under my eyes

Then a lil red on top of the black to add a really interesting look, dont ask it just shows

And sometimes i put on fire red lipstick and outline my lips with black and it meshes VERY well together! try it sometime, it makes me feel sexy : )
me? endo602 dark...thick...sometimes smeared...other times neat and

but then there are times when i like to put my black eyeliner on...then trace it with red...and use black eyeshadow...i put it deep into the crevice of my eyesocket...grab a red lipstick...any red will do but the sluttier the better...smear it on or put it on neatly...i don't care...just a spur of the moment decision...sometimes i'll just smear my eyeliner too...

makeup is not for queers
makeup is not for prissy girls
makeup is not for women only
makeup is not a denial of self
makeup does not imply self-confidence issues
makeup is not just for goths
dark and heavy maekup does not imply gothicity
real men wear makeup

leave me the fuck alone! i don't care what you think about me or my face. if i did i'd ask. attention you say? who's the idiot giving it to me. i'd get more attention by being living within your fucked up standards and letting you run my life. see? fuck off freak! all of you motherfuckers are weird. doing the same shit over and over and over and all look like fucking idiots in your fake costumes...
Norm real men wear makeup?

No wait now I get it... Ha ha ha. yes that is funny.
Inanna Makeup is to enhance your features, not create new ones! I feel sorry for the ones who cannot leave the house without their mask of improperly appled makeup. If you feel uncomfortable without your makeup, you are probably wearing too much.
One time this rude male makeup artist tried to sit on my lap to apply my makeup for a shoot. Was'nt he in for a surprise.
Inanna Applied properly, makeup can make the average looking look beautiful. It is an art, and there are people who do it professionally. I swear that some makeup/ hair artists are sadistic. 011130
ClairE Don't use it.

Can't handle what I was born with, I don't want you anyway.
distorted tendencies Put on your makeup
Take the wig down from the shelf..
silentbob i saw her without for the first time and it caught me. i smiled. and she apologized, but i wish she hadn't. 020716
Miss Beauty Fiend Benefit cosmetics has a great product called Dr. Feelgood. It's awesome! It helps your make up stay on better and helps keep pollution out of my pores! cool! 030605
x i tried that stuff and i hated it something awful. i go off and on with makeup, depending on how i feel and how much time i have to get ready. always eyeliner, if make up at all. eyelashes curled- this makes a big difference since my lashes are long but droopy. usually eyeshadow, occasionally mascara. for a long time i never wore lipstick because i thought it looked weird on me, and i ate constantly. now i wear it occasionally. i prefer blood red but sometimes a mauve or raspberry is good. based on a tip from a makeup counter saleslady a few months ago i've been lining my eyes differently in my ongoing effort to look more like a teacher. but that's a whole nother story. 031118
notme i haven't worn makeup in almost seven years
why does that sound like a long time?
i used to wear it every day
no-one I use makeup as a mask. Who doesn't? It doesnt enhance your features, it changes them. the way i see it, if they look at my make up, they can't see me. If they try to look into my eyes, they get distracted by the black eyeliner smuged all around.
I dye my hair basically once a month, always a different colour. I've been blond, brown, black, blue, pink, orange, and thats only some of them. I cut my hair all the time. Grade 9, it was a bob, grade ten, super short, grade 11, short, but fliped out at the end, grade 12, past my shoulders, grade 13, shoulder length with bangs. Its the easiest thing to change, and i change it often. Makeup is my defence.
ROFL making up with your make up 031119
moomin i want to be beautiful. makeup keeps me in denial that one day i will be. 040315
3 makeup is my mask
what i want people to see
its how i hide the real me
belle de jour I hate the way I look without makeup. When I step out of the shower and see myself in the steamed up mirror with my hair all damp around my face, I wish I could put it on with my eyes closed. 040901
cpgurrl cant wait till halloween 040912
uow i'm thinking of picking it up again
but this time it will be different
i will paint swirls

learned to draw with makeup
shrimmer I fantasize that my girlfriend is wearing heavy makeup all over her face. It is very dark and thick---at least 5 coatings of foundation that would normally be way too dark for her. Bright red lipstick and thick, almost messy black mascara. Of course her cheeks are flaming red with blush and her eyelids are heavy under the weight of shadow collected there 050510
whatever is this it? 050816
selfi something everyone wears to hide what really lies underneath 051107
BelledeJour I wish I could put it on with my eyes closed 110629
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