unhinged i remember what that felt like. of course it was a lot better than codiene or muscle relaxers. but i guess i don't have enough money to get addicted to something that only reminds me of something i used to be addicted to only better...it felt like an old comfy pair of jeans, a nice fat blanket, a hug. made all the anxious flutterings in my heart stop. i was numb. i couldn't feel a thing. she makes my heart beat too fast. you were my shelter. but that shit is a cardboard house that will fold in the rain. 030326
god watch out for that shit 030327
cube Is this a recreational drug or what?
MDogMA yeah it's a fairly new substance it's supposed to be similar to trippy flipping or to the lay man a mix of X and acid 030327
unhinged they are painkillers. tiny pinhead pills. they are an 8 hour time release pill. they are perscribed to people with dehabilitating pain. but they are also sold illegally to people who are pillheads and cokeheads and smack junkies. the addiction to oxycontons is supposedly a lot worse than a heroin addiction. they are really expensive around here...usually like $50/pill. a lot of people crush them up and snort them. that's how a lot of people die. i'm suprised that a lot of people around here don't know about oxys. last year there were more deaths in trumbull county from oxyconton overdose than homicide. it's all the rage in ohio. 030327
continuous ache the buzz of an oxy is completely comparableto that of heroin. i have done both on a semi-regular basis. if you have done heroin, you have done oxy, if you have tried oxy, you have done heroin. oxy's are just the government regulated form of h. it's just as bad to get into as heroin. i knew a boy who snorted 8 80's a day. oxy's come in 20's 40's and 80's, i believe they've stopped making the 160's. but it's not hard to get hooked and once you are, it's just asbad as being a crack addict. some people can do them and exercise the willpower to not be that way, but if you've never tried it, i wouldn't suggest to start now. 030507
unhinged yeah, the night that i took it i dragged her outside. i knew she thought i hadn't taken it cause i made such a big deal about it. but then he sat down next to me and started whispering telling me that it was just a painkiller, that it was too expensive for me to get hooked on. and when i asked him what it was and he said 'oxyconton' part of me wanted to prove to him that he wasn't the only one that knew how to pop pills. i realized it even at that very second that that was a stupid reason to do something that serious; that i had promised myself after seeing what it had done to another friend that i would never eat oxyconton. but i said yes. and after it started to work, my conscience that had been shrunken down to this little muffled voice way in the back of my head started to make me feel guilty. the guilt melted away by later in the night, but i had to tell her. we were standing out in the little parking lot right outside the door; 'dude, i did it. it was oxyconton.' and she looked at me and didn't say anything. 'please don't be mad at me.' 'i'm not mad at you.' 'well you look like you're mad.' 'i'm not mad dude. i just thought you weren't going to do it. it sounded like you weren't going to do it.' i had been hopping from cement bumper to cement bumper and i stopped and grabbed her arm until she looked me in the eye. 'please dude, whatever happens don't ever let me do that again. ever. if you have to kick my ass, whatever....just don't ever let me do that again.' she looked at me and fidgeted a little under my touch; she knew what i was saying without saying it. 'i can't believe i did that. i told myself i would never do that after what it did to him.' 'well, it's too late now. and you know i will kick your ass if you do it again.' even before it totally kicked in, it felt too good. everything was beginning to melt away. the next day i got completely strung out. the day before the place in my head that my conscience had been banished to turned into this little monster. there wasn't any guilt this time. just this little voice telling me that i knew that i wanted it. that i always wanted to feel like that. and the only thing that stopped me was the fact that i had let myself down completely; that i had let him down completely. i don't think he knows that i ever tried it. she told me i was stupid for trying it. but i knew that. i was just lucky enough to make a promise that night. i am surprised that i was strong enough to walk away. very surprised. 030612
trixie ya i did the whole snorting it thing when i was going down because you can take less and still have a rush from it...

my doctor actually told me to do it...

funny, huh?
chris This is life, with order, in perfection, in its beauty.

A warm rush flows through the brain in less than a second after pulling the trigger. Comfort surrounds your mental state, followed quickly by physical comfort, as if being cradled by a tender, caring entity, protecting you from all anxieties, misfortunes, bad feelings: these have all been forgotten. Any part of your life that was out of place now fits perfectly like a puzzle. Every part of life seems to be happily repaired. A grand sense of euphoria surrounds every sense, while each cell in the human body is treated to a warm bath of pleasure, accompanied by an indescribable gravity that only adds to the pleasure and overall bodily sensation. But the bodily sensation isnít what makes the experience so incredible. It is experiencing life as if it were perfect.
alicia my husband is addicted to oxys 80mg he chews 2-3 at a time about 12-15 a day. we had issues because he could not make love to me. the oxys took all he had and everything i was entitled to. 040218
bean my friend took 2 80 mg pills last night and said that it was the worst thing he had ever experienced. he once took heroin pretty regularly and these pills were such a bad experience. i was lucky enough to be the one he called when he thought he was ODing. 040302
unhinged he died of an overdose this weekend. no one knows if it was intentional or not. circumstances argue both yes and no. knowing him in a limited sense, i would say yes.

sex: male
age: 20
race: white
cause of death: heroin overdose

for months i was afraid of this and it came from an angle i didn't anticipate. he used to defend my brother on the bus. me and my brother smoked a joint on our front porch with him in broad daylight. he would come to chat with my dad because his dad didn't like to talk. he played lacrosse with my brother. he came home on friday night and went to bed and never woke up. at least he died in the comfort of his own bed.
unhinged but_im_experienced_babe

she was right. we had our times with 'i can't believe it's not heroin' she's doing coke now. i'm losing all of them. i lock myself in my apartment and cry. i'm losing all of them and i won't have much to go home to.
unhinged it's not perfect dear. far from it. doing drugs does not make life perfect. it only delays our own ability to comprehend just how not perfect it is.

life isn't meant to be perfect
two sides of every coin
i just want you to
stop and think
one minute
that what you see
when you look at me
might not be exactly what you get
i could never judge you
i would never be ashamed
i love you
when you're pretty
i love you
when it rains
i have this habit of
running away when i'm scared
so i guess it's hypocritical of me
to ask you to come to me
when you are weary
scared of what you see when
you look in the mirror
i couldn't judge you
i would never be ashamed
i can't watch it ruin you too cause
i love you
and i'll sit here in the rain
let me be your umbrella
shoulder some of your pain
so that we can get through this
cause i won't get through this
if i lose you too
i won't get through this
if i lose you too
unhinged you_know_you_want_it

'does your cough syrup have codiene in it?'

even if it did, i wouldn't give you a drop
heh are the name for god on the lips and heart of Rush_limbaugh 050823
Emmy Lil nothing on this earth compares to the feeling of shooting oxys or smack... your soul leaves your body and you become vacant... nothing affects you... nothing matters... all is well with the world... staring at the wall occupies you for hours on end... after a while you start to come down... but its ok because all you have to do to escape reality again is inject a little bit more... and once it enters your body... you are once again untouchable 050911
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