misty she was like molten lightning, something unreal, something untouchable... something infinitely dangerous. she was so ethereal. 000330
dean-bean They used to think that a substance called ether filled all of the space where there wasn't already "stuff". However, later, they decided that wasn't true. Those science bastards, always changing what's true and what's not on us. The Earth's the center of the universe, then it's not. The world is flat, and then it's not. Make up yer frickin minds. 000330
girl science sucks
sometimes id rather not know the scientific truths
MollyGoLightly And when boys tell you you're ethereal, singe their eyebrows off with some unexpected fire... 000403
Brad I composed and arranged a tune for jazz sextet a week or so ago, the 3 horns were voiced using lots of fourths and minor seconds. I had lots of #11s, #5s, fully altered dominants and other weird stuff in it. The chords all resolved to illogical places. The trumpet player described it as "ethereal." This was satisfying, because that is precisely how it was intended. Successful communication is where it's at. 000403
MollyGoLightly long live Emmylou Harris! 000521
lokkust I was just saying the word a few minutes ago. over and over again. 000521
lotusflower five-ten-fifty-fold 000609
grendel what you do for breakfast when you are four years old and have no front teeth 000609
613 Long live the glorious aethers and miscellaneous vapours,
For though these phanatasmic and vague spirits do haunt our dreams,
And at times scare us, with many strange things...
xipe totec Ęthyr.

an archaic concept for what might now be considered "Dark Matter"
nevyn Aethyr is one of the elements according to a fantasy novel by katherine kerr. It is the combination of all of them, usually seen in the etherial or magi... 000724
distorted tendencies view of outside
innder being
distorted tendencies And you were.. Ethereal Porcelain. Like a doll. 010916
.<. I think he is, but he thinks I am. 010916
nah....! david_gilmour's voice. 011114
nah....! let's try that again: david_gilmour 's voice. 011114
nah....! guitar_solos 020903
nah....! tori_amos 020905
nah....! syd_barrett 020905
ethereal what does it mean to be ethereal?


there that's it.
Borealis lights out 040226
Borealis heavenly?

or something more..something not quite in reach, something desired, but unattainable.
I was once described as having been to someone who I valued, of interest, but unable to reach due to the "DO NOT TOUCH" signs I have been surrounded with for so long. picture a museum, a gallery, beautiful art, artifacts, paintings..and all of it, fading almost into the background, as a result of the signs and loudspeakers, and fences, proclaiming the untouchableness of these things.

I don't want to be untouchable.
I just want to be again.

make me live..
pete intangible is to be alive

rationality kills the human

exist in the flame
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl the candles whisper silently
the flames entrance;
deceptively warm with icy blue hearts.

your spirit flickers
i touch your hand
together we have flown
on the scent of the night

on your bed
the moonlight shines on us
calm as a winter breeze
your sweet breath
the sound of your heart
the feeling of being lifted up
away from our problems
to a calm oasis
filled only with love
no longer frozen
but real
tender emotion
the tingling in the spirit
a shock of sweetness
no longer of this earth
we become
whisper the word
magicforest Who are you? You've become quite prolific lately, I have noticed. 040331
ethereal I am, as only I can be.

I am an artist, an expressionary, first and foremost.

Who am I?

I don't think I've ever delved to answer that question before.

I am Meg.

I am the shadows that move in between the suns rays.

I am the wind that gently moves your hair.

I am the emotion that sets all apart.

I am the pebble in your shoe.

I am the chirping cricket hidden among the tall grass.

I am the whisper in your ear.

I am light.

I am ethereal.
ethereal A poem now called ethereal, and a book subtitled ethereal. It's a good day for the ethereal. 040410
pete Its been awhile

The night is lonely,
These four walls are humming so gently
To the rythm
Of a soul long lost
In the space of time.

The paths were wandered
Silently in the starlight;
Houses wept for their own births
And wished to return
Home again.

Without foresight
Into this cold night of wonders
Our eyes weep softly
Against the grain lodged in my heart.

The night is lonely,
Tucked away from eyes' sight
By a viel of darkness
Echoing within
Hollowed realms.

Hold me close,
Protect my innocence
From this nighttime stalker
Grinning at me
From beyond my dreams.

In a glance
The kalediscope of reality
Unfolds in a smile
Sitting peacefully
Beneath sunflower eyes.

(c)Pete Anderson 8april2004

(Its been a while refers to the title of the days writing in the book which I hadn't written in for a month and a half or so, the subtitle is ethereal, which is also the name of the poem. So ethereal is both the subtitle of the entry and the title of the poem)
Flame The person who writes as Ethereal is the biggest cow in the world...she broke Chris's heart, called him a leech, and pretended to actually care about him when she only wanted to turn it around and make it seem like he used her. Only a cruel, heartless person could do that, and she has perfected it. Ethereal, you don't deserve Dustin, you didn't deserve Chris, and maybe you should get a life and quit being a pain in the butt for everyone around you. 040426
ethereal Chris get over yourself.
You don't deserve me.
ethereal And cows are pretty :)

kookaburra rawr, your name is pretty.
it makes me think of beautiful greens and blues.
"ethereal" (greens and bluez)
"ethereal" (greens and bluez)
:) i could do this all day...
ethereal me too...definite greens and blues. 040426
jthemo to Flame:
how dare you insult with such confidence and tell someone that they are undeserving.
i dont know who you are and i dont know what you're trying to do. cows produce a hell of a lot of manure, dont they? .. seems like you're the one spouting a load of shit
aNgRy_GoTh_GiRl ethereals cool
leave her alone you asshole!
Jess I must say my friend Ethereal, you certainly are fascinating!
All these Chris, Pete etc..!
Im finding it hard to put it all together!
The people above me seem to find you interesting too but they seem to have worked you out!
Give me time!
puredream ethereal is puredream also

goodluck figuring me out
puredream and I cannot be "work out"

I am not a puzzle
blather spell checking myself in shame *worked 040707
Jess Sorry!
I'm reading all the things you write!
You're far more poetic than me!
A-ha! I knew you were Puredream as I found you under "all the names I use on blather" or something!
I've nearly got you down, but you've done so many blathers it takes ages to read them!
Jess Is mad at me!
"For what!?" I hear yoy cry!
I dunno, I think it was trying to be her friend!
I spose I must be TOO friendly!?
kookaburra YES!
too perky, too much talking to other people, too much self centered assumptions that everyone is talking to you.
pleez, just write something, something that isnt talking to other people.
this isnt a chat room, some people are writing only for themselves.
please do a little writing that isnt in response to other people, and then you will (probably) stop annoying people.
good luck and happy blathering...
kookaburra too many, is what i meant...
grammar never was my strong point
Borealis kookaburra I love you.
grammar issues and all.

I had my hesitancies before..but I am now officially a fan.

Jess So you can't like Boreallis then, as he talked to you!
Damn! I just talked to you!
But I'm sorry, I really DID NOT think you could be too friendly!
BUT! Because I am so damn friendly, I will do as you say!
(You better go read my new Blathers now!)
puredream Borealis is female. 040804
Borealis Borealis enjoys the fact that she was mistaken for a male. my dear need to brush up on your reading skills.
Jess Sorry dudete!
I just thought you name was like Borris, that's all!
But if you liked it, then your welcome I spose!
Tell me, why do I need to brush up on my reading skills?

P.S. I thought you weren't speaking to me Puredream!
Jess Damn!
I meant Kookaburra! (not Puredream!)
Jen whisper 041209
? I find cows actually really sinister, with their staring unblinking eyes, their heads that follow your every move, never blinking, always watching, whilst all the while wiping their shit all over their arses with their tails. 041209
?? wtf??
andru235 is it better to bash the wall down,
or etherealize through?
stork daddy hmmm...not there a door? 050308
hsg aka

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