jeff without a higher power over me, i always thought that fate was a dead concept - a relic from times past when lightning struck the earth and was attributed to the almighty gods of fire and brimstone. now, i am not so sure. efforts made to resist have been thrown aside and tampered with. perhaps it is fate that things are so futile? 980905
sarah jane we'd like to think that we're in control. 981014
kat sisters in the sky
whispering in ears
gently pushing
slowing or speeding
creating those clicks
those coincidences
leading us towards
Benji The definite existence of fate/destiny is no excuse whatsoever to stop pretending like you control your own life. Make your own decisions. 991111
matrix x 991219
bob fish as in the oposite to god's almighty will, and the whole idea that we control all that we do in this world 000102
Q has chosen
wack-o diddly-o Calvin: Do you believe our destinies are determined by the stars?
Hobbes: No.
Calvin: Oh, I do.
Hobbes: Really, how come?
Calvin: Life's a lot more fun if you're not responsible for your actions.
Midnight Bliss i don't beleive in fate because i don't like the idea that i'm not in control of my own life, that i was programmed to live the life i am living, i don't beleive that when i was born that i was already "programmed" to have the problems that i have, to have the feelings and go through the things i have. i don't beleive in fate. i am in control of myself. 000328
dean-bean Mmmm. Fate. The tasty icing on the revenge tragedy cake. She's a bit like lady luck, but not so fickle, eh? In the purest sense, no one can avoid their fate: you can't escape the fact that you did what you did. In this way, free will and fate can happily intermingle. Whatever I do is my fate, but I am free to chose it. As Bonzai Buckaroo put it : "Where ever you go, there you are." 000328
Christy I told her I believed in fate, which is true.
I didnít elaborate though.
I didnít tell her about how fate had given me the perfect moment.
I didnít tell her about the soft smile he wore as we talked, or the way he looked directly into my eyes, or how he paused before letting go of my hand.
I didnít tell her those things.
I didnít want to acknowledge them myself.
How do you let yourself know that you were given the chance and you froze?
How do you make yourself wait for the next perfect moment?
How do you even keep the hope that another moment will come?
So, I just told her I believed in fate and left it at that.
frippy The force that causes bad things to happen to us and good things to happen
to them.
emily ...maybe...it could exist...but what would be the purpose of putting me throught such hell? 000530
WingedSerpent prophecy
what is
what was
and what will be

The eternal conspiracy
whirligirl a concept that just doesn't fit right on me. 000717
grendel with my middle fingers extended in defiance to the heavens

daring, demanding, even begging Atropos to cut my string and set me free of the whims of Lachesis

damn you
tourist I am comfortable with fate
content to have all of this beyond my control.
Choosing rather to believe that all is used to the ultimate good.
we die, civilizations fall,mountains crumble to dust and build deltas out to sea.
The death of ancient suns coughing out their dying dust has given me this world
this body this time.
No need to struggle, to swim against the tides of time.
what was is now shall be you see
I won`t blame you so don`t blame me
as was said once before
"the truth shall set you free"
bob potassium i invented potassium 001019
barnaclebill Arh! Yer just bannanas bob! 001031
bob potassium no it's true, i...
oh, i get it! ha ha ha ha
splinken we went to the haunted forest.

the volunteer fire department runs it.

it is epic. it takes 45 minutes to go through it.

one of the boys in the vampire cave stood me up when i was in high school. his best friend badgered me until i agreed to go to a movie with him, and then he stood me up.

the high school girls behind us kept whispering about how cute he is. i beg to differ.
J. there is a pattern. the pattern is there. 001227
birdmad worse than death 010107
bob potassium i'm trying to lose fate 010222
anna each life is a universe where the body revolves around the mind and the mind around the soul. souls like stars-grow up, die out-and start over once again. moon bodies revolving only around single-tracked minds. as we know nothing of opposing worlds, each universe is unaware of others surrounding. know ur own universe but be aware of other planes 010514
bob potassium no, really 010522
reitoei fight it. drawn to our destiny
or do we row the boat
did you drop your oar?
can we choose the path our life takes.
No fate is ultimate. limiting to one thing:
this we cannot esacpe
shall be thank god?
or beg for immortality
eternity is long
fate or not
sleepyone has set the paths before us, It is our decision to follow which path seems best for us. Fate is not solid and new paths can be made. As one path can be forged by the strength of heart. 011114
dB Fate always wins at the end of the game.

But still the forces play the game.

Thunder rolled.

It rolled a six.
reitoei what is your fate? 1-900-856-4528 (1.99/min) are you tied forever to a single destiny? or do you shape the world and choose life's twisted path. can you ever know?were you fated to read this? are trapped in tank in the matrix, toys of things we can never know? or do we have our own little engines to get us hither and thither? 020110
Mahayana ][is married to destiny][ 020308
coldmeshach Noone has blathed here in almost a year.
For goodness Sake.
Begin the Colors.
Begin the Circles.
It must be fate.
mahdi heAAAhahhaa!
ya hya hya!
deliver us from the thinking machines.
my copy must not keep my soul within a
metamorphosized (your undiniable REvolution) boxtube. feel the knife!
niska must be... 030302
xXShadow_GoddessXx we as humans, we die by our destiny, and live by our fate. 030703
delial it seems to have a twisted sense of humor 030703
ferret if God knows what choices you make you_have_no_control 030703
Freak "Are you a masochist?"


"Whats with you? Everytime I see you, you've been wounded."

"Fate's a sadist."
tinie Candy kane coÔncidence, a treat of fate. The stage is set I guess, but we have to lay out the path towards our dreams, that is OUR responsability. Picking up the present, laying down what's done. 040109
sirflaccid Fate and the "meant to be" is nothing more than an excuse for those who refuse to live with the consequences of their decisions.

Everything that happens to you in this world is a summary of the decisions you or someone in your life has made. There is nothing that happens by chance or by some omnipotent force.

If you want to sit there and tell me it was "meant to be." Then I guess that you believe no one should ever practice any kind of control or protection. Because that would be trying to control fate.

The worst part about it is, these are the perceptions we used to laugh at. This mind-set is the very thing that would piss you off at your friends.

This was not meant to be.

This is the result of your irresponsiblilty.
Freak There is a difference between "meant to be" and "happening for a reason" 050106
sirflaccid Yeah it "happened for a reason." I can tell you exactly what that reason is.

But I will not be that crude.
Freak i know how babies are made and I never tried to give this situation a reason for happening besides how it happened. 050106
eau i'm somewhere else. which i assume is what you wanted. i'll always have an 8th house fateful sort of feeling about you though. maybe if i would have found you ten years later, huh? maybe.... 050114
falling_alone how can you call it fate if my lion already has a girlfriend 050424
Sirius I believe in fate but donīt blame fate for beeing unhappy...if fate depends on the constellation of stars or not ... thatīs a question that cant really be anwered.. 050513
sylverquicklight what a joke. 050515
nick when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth 051028
who i am doesnt matter anymore am i crazy for thinking your part of my fate?

do you know why everyday a little part of me dies?

because i cant do anything about it.

so what if your part of my fate, im just some lousy person miles away and no way to hunt you down.

thanks fate, you rock
***r@|\|$c3|\|d3|\|@|_*** After you are born into this world, it no longers exists. 060903
somebody Then you believe in free will? 060903
barefoot revolutionary oh fate is sich a silly thing. i think im far too gullible for my own good.

on a sidenote i was just reading through some of the other words of this blather situation and so many people bitch and moan. what is the problem if people want to spill their guts? if you dont like it dont read it. some people have no one to talk to so they simply type it out.

anyway. have a nice day
Witness I believe in fate. 071025
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