The shy dog wagging its tail between its legs and peering out at the wide world from behind the eyes of its master.
marjorie when life twirls around your fingers
and suddenly tightens
like the string of a kite
that never stops moving in the wind
and will not allow itself to be brought down out of the wind
ac complete thought:
the longing and the love are together the whole. everyone longs for oneness, for true enlightenment, perfection, the time before we were born, the time after we die-assuming that will be blissful oneness. Rumi, the dervish guy, has a poem called Say I Am You. oh, please say I am You.
artists are continually longing for insight into truth always grabbing, can't hold on, grabbing again. the creative process is so momentary...the spark the light.
love- that which comes from inside. the love for world, the people who love me, the people i love, my love for myself, the smiles, the hardship, the art, the beauty. that which says i am alive, and basically I love. the passion. without love, the longing lives in agony.

so, today, just this one day, i am thinking that the longing and the love are todays yin-yang, like the letter of the day on sesame street. i still don't know what motion is.

that's all.
camille Another great thought of *Rumi*

That hurt we embrace becomes joy.
Call it to your arms where it can change. A silkworm eating leaves makes a cocoon. Each of us weaves a chamber of leaves and sticks.
Like silkworms, we begin to exist as we disappear inside that room.

Without legs, we fly.
When I stop speaking, this poem will close in silence more magnificent...

I don't regret how much I love, and I avoid those who repent their passion.

Hundreds of sweethearts!
I am the lover and the one lovers long for. Blue, and a cure for blues, sky in a small cage,

badly hurt but flying
Everybody's scandalous flaw is mine.

whirligirl let's hear it!
Brad apology accepted. 000627
futility keep it locked in a cage
monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday.
5:00PM, friday afternoon
free it, temporarily of course,
let it have a romp around town,
until monday morning when it must retun to its submission.
me Man gets tired
Spirit don't
Man surrenders
Spirit won't
Man crawls
Spirit flies
Spirit lives when man dies
Man seems
Spirit is
Man dreams
The spirit lives
Man is tethered
Spirit is free
What spirit is man can be

Lyrics: Mike Scott (The Waterboys)
queen of darkness i'm there in spirit...

you know you can feel me there
sandra spit, oh spirit, the taste in my mouth is vile, the sadness comes as an acid, it eats my love and I beg for my spitual pain to cease. I know now it will never cease this yearning for you, even in the face of death I long for your spirit to take some time to love and never leave me in sprit again 050224
sandra Well folks you only get ONE. make good use of it. 050323
hsg a_warm_place 061213
hsg s o
p eace
i s
r eally
i n
t rying
f but if you walk slowly, you will tune in more, if you are rushing like a blue arsed fly everywhere, you might just miss something,

and because you have missed something you will pray to god asking 'him' why you didn't see the beauty in a million stars, a beautiful horizon, a ladybird or a person.
. (don't try, it comes through you) 070612
hsg can i try to not_try

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