dallas the only way available sometimes 980827
sarah go 981021
Darren away is what it means to know,

just how far is not geographic or time
just an empty something not even not-nothing
adam from me is where she wants to be, far away because the way i have to love her with everything i am is confining. 990212
lokkust voivod 991107
me? when Jamf conditioned him, he threw away the stimulus. 991110
valis everything goes there eventually. must be a great buffet there. 991209
sonny summer I'm theeeeree 991214
deb my away messages for my messager
seem daily more morose:

"just huddled in the fetal position, crying. don't worry i'll be back soon"

"don't worry. i'll clean them when i'm done. i hope i have the energy when my flesh is slit like that"

unfortunately, no one pm's me to see them... it's almost not worth the effort, and yet... ::grins evilly::
amy ...
in the kitchen i somehow didn't say hi, which you pointed out later. and then i think i didn't say hi yet again. i'm an idiot.

so, yeah. hi. i'm amy.

but i'm friendly... with no other designs. way i see it, not all the evil (live?) boys are necessary. and girls are better anyway. :)?

i think i'll see you there...where it's easy?
Brad This word is sort of depressing. I'm not really sure what to make of it 000529
moonshine Why must you be so faraway? 000530
silent bob it wasnt until i was away from my girl friend that i realized how much i loved her. when she wasnt with me my friend asked why i was pissed. i told him i wasnt. i just didnt like the feeling i had when she was away. and he said, "Dude! It's just an hour!" 000601
moonshine aww.... What you need need is a good sturdy fish net and bind your feet in newspaper. Sure cure! 000602
moonshine need need. I stuttered =] teehee 000602
The Schleiffen Man the easiest way to send me away is to tell me.... 000703
startfires sometimes i walk away for awhile so it hurts that much more when i come back. or it feels more intense. 001003
startfires it feels beautiful. 001003
marissa is where you seem to want to be.
away from me.
and it makes me sad.
i never know what to do.
Trent Away

The mirror was so clear
That for a moment
I thought it was a window
And I could see through myself
And beyond into another world
Where everything made sense
If just for an instant
But now as I look in
I wish the specks of dirt
And haze and impurities
Would go away
Someday they will forever
Go away

Copyright 2001
Chrity go to:
ladybird Does anyone else wish Christy would go away?? I feel like she's ruining the poetry of all this... 010514
phil I figured it out for the last time. You want my room, you bastard. I'm waiting for you to go away. 010521
karmakazie I've never had a problem with away,
until now because you are.
butknowing that your heart beats in my chest.. that we have to look no further...that pools of joy's tears have been made...
thank the maker for away....
it brought me to you.
cynara constantly running away

i don't know why

i wish i did

i always regret it

well, not always

but this time i do
lotusflower "away...away! is where i long to be." I say to myself wistfully. 010814
Keemeers I wish I had wings so I could fly above the world... riding on the stars and dancing in the lights... and then when I tired of the air and the wind I would return. Fold my wings in my back and live a life mundane and cruel... knowing that I could be free again to fly away. 011231
T47 Major i know that someday soon youll be called away, and i feel its going to be sooner than id hope for 020209
Syrope In Environmental Science, we learned there is no away, because when people throw things away, they really just build up - the law of conservation of matter...and I can see how this works, because no matter how hard I try to push memories away, they stay around, but...I still believe there's an away somewhere, because I'm still working towards it. 020210
silentbob there are eight people on my msn list that are signed on. There are eight people on my msn list marked as AWAY. 020318
nissa forgotten memories and we dance away, towards tomorrow's cobalt sun, towards tomorrow's trees of ashes. Hand in hand we imagine protection from the gale winds yet finds ourselves fallen at the feet of stone. 020604
here i stand head in hand where i've got to hide my love 020604
Freak I feel so much better now that I have finally just got away. 020604
gelfling He goes away again.
And here is gelfling,
left with no fuel to fly,
no fuel to keep breathing.
devalis all here but not all there. 020807
Reverend Lough "i try to save myself, but myself keeps slipping away." 021214
Patty everything ceases to be, eventually.
in the end, it all goes away.
god but away is a place just like any other 030531
mr.decker away...
to just return!
mr.decker ...infinite series whose limit does not exist...(once again) fuck me. 030619
radiohead i'm not here... 030619
spiffi You are always away.
Especially when you are here.
crimson .long.gone. 030724
Tin Sloth is where i am right now

i run marathons through fallen trees and over polluted streams to get away.

and you are still here.
jezebell that i may fly away
bluebird like,
happiness and all that jazz
char If I close my eyes really tight and hope really hard, maybe it'll go away. 040511
tr away...
a way
pete far far away
did you watch shrek?
witchesrequiem We couldn't fuck then b/c we were not single!
Now we are, but you have to go away and smash violins somewhere in Texas ...dumb ass...
otab Away. A way. Any way. Anyway.

A. Weigh;
B. Calculate density.
B2. Divide by the number of objects in the box.
B3. Add this to the total number of boxes. This will give you a completely meaningless figure.
B4. Be 4. Be four. Before... be, before you be four you must be three, be 3, b3 - my father's license plate starts with that, I see it most days lately.
I see. Aye c.
(i)(c) Can you name seven types of swordfish? In the deep sea. Deep. Sea.
DPC. DPCS. The pieces always end up in other people's food, did you know that? Never buy anything stuffed in a restaurant, rather bring your own.
E. End. Everafter. Endafter. Everend. Reverend Everett how do you do? I didn't see you there next to that farm-hand.
Farm-hand. Farmand. Far Man D. Man D. is far away.

Away. A way. Any way. Anyway.
Paul Any moment is a beginning. What are we gonna do today? Let's run away. 041106
bricolage the whole thing was stupid. you know if you spit at my feet i will just drool in your direction and pray for the wind to carry it towards you.. to spite you. to hurt you. i know it wont.

underwater punches, underwater screems.

and if there's nothing i can do i will atleast do nothing.


smeared lipstick,

fervor. a thousand years later, happy at last.

driving away, 2 am, 4 hours or 500 miles to the nearest light.

trixie Do you know what I love the most? Even suburbs would be o.k. With you between my sheets And the breeze in the window 'Cause we will go there and ignore all our neighbors I think I'll bring you breakfast and play Johnny Cash on the stereo I'll sit in the lazy chair all day remembering the things you do So when you come home I'll jump up to kiss you and it will knock you back You'll fall over our TV set I'll pick you up and dust you off Oh, Baby let's give it a go I'll kiss your thighs to make you feel all right And then I'll get closer to taste a little sweat Oh I think I'm rearing to go You're gonna get knocked out and tied up in my trunk In ten years we'll go to Ohio and steal Cadillac's for a living. 050209
lou_la_belle i've been away
out a limb
testing the waters
and taking a swim
it's all over now;
time to go back
regroup my thoughts
and try a new tack

i've been gone too long
it's nice to be home...
outsider i don't care where, just far.. 050912
stork daddy bugger off me! bugger off this! i'm going to open the door and somebody else can close it! and if they ask if i was raised in a barn, i'll say maybe! not like you'd know the difference! 050912
no reason i need to find something other than what was never there in the first place
it's scary but in a way it's good to get away from the illusion
no reason i hate good
not-so-good was always much more interesting
i need to fucking get away from the computer
fuck is too satisfying to say right now
Shinnokxz and don't forget to right click and set my status in irc. 061207
krea i'll fly away!! 070207
Courtney The best place to be. The grass always seems greener there. 070404
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