silentbob If you take a name like Guttermouth, you'd guess that a band with such a name probably acts kind of rude and obnoxious and speaks with the eloquence and tact of a drunk truck driver. You'd be right on the ball if you were talking about this band.

Guttermouth, another Southern California export, is a five-piece band where band members basically made their reputation with their totally un-P.C. observations on life and a fun spirit that recalls the beginnings of punk, when bands weren't careful about what they said and weren't out to impress anyone. Vocalist Mark "Half-Empty" Adkins, guitarist Eric Davis, drummer Capt. James T. Nunn, guitarist Mr. Scott Sheldon and bassist Steve Rapp fuse the intensity of hyper-speed punk music with the lyrics and rhyming schemes of a bathroom stall wall.

Courtesy of Nitro Records
Members of Guttermouth challenge any norm which music audiences may expect.
"We do write very juvenile," Adkins said in a recent phone interview. "We know it, but that's how we write. We don't put too much thought into it ... We clown around; it's non-stop."

During the span of seven years and four full-length records, Guttermouth's made at least a few jaws drop. Even the band's latest record, "Musical Monkey," is chock full of more words of wisdom including a commentary on how punkers take themselves too seriously ("Baker's Dozen").

"When I first got into this punk stuff at 14, there was punk ... not like today's hardcore who all have their little rulebooks and dress codes and whatever ... - weird New York stuff," Adkins said. "The hardcore bands were the ones that were way more aggressive like BlackFlag and the DeadKennedys ... everyone was the same."

"Now it's so separated. It's kinda bothersome that everyone has to have their own genre of music and claim they're from a certain area."

Adkins particularly can't understand the whole concept of straight-edge. "They're not getting anything accomplished, No. 1. And they all grow out of it, number two," Adkins said.

"My parents, they were totally down for their stuff but they grew out of it. Everybody does. They try to change everything while they're young, then they graduate from college or whatever, get married, buy a house, and forget about everything. I think we're one of the few bands that sees that. We're more like realists."

Another song, "Abort Mission," deals with vegans. The band photo on "Musical Monkey" is even a hamburger. "It's the best tour food. I eat two or three a day, and we've gotten into it with vegan and vegetarian bands before, actually fistfights and stuff because our diets didn't match and they get really upset about it."

Guttermouth's careful about where it plays, too. "They could send us to Casper, Wyoming, but 10cowboys are going to show up and vandalize your car, which happened to us in a small town in Texas before, where we didn't belong ... it was really ugly," Adkins said.

So, as you can see, the boys are just making friends all over the place. And this new found popularity going to make Guttermouth as big as the Spice Girls, correct? Not if Adkins is right: "You need good looks and talent. One more strike and we're definitely out."

Guttermouth might not make the Top 20, but it will make you chuckle. Check the band out, along with old school jokesters Toy Dolls and Detroit's own favorite ska outfit, Telegraph. Have a blast, have a beer and get a preview of the new Guttermouth live album, due to be released in a couple of months.

silentbob LIPSTICK
on a tuesday afternoon my mom came into my room and said get the fuck up outta bed and get a god damned job so i told her hey fuck you yom and threw the phone at her head but i missed and hit her in the cunt so i slamed the door in her face and said don't ever barge in my room or i'll kick your ass and call the cops and tell them i'm abused and you'll wind up in jail while i go snowboarding in vail no one to post your bail cuz daddy loves me more he says that your a your worthless your lazy your stupid a little over wieght now give me 20 bucks no make it 5o bucks now mom writes me letters i write return to sender let her rot in her cell i watch the dogs mate on her bed s0 sorry mommy i had to pawn the china silver and all your jewelry i had to eat and rent a bunch of prostitutes like you
silentbob 1-2-3 SLAM
okay, here's the story about my mom and dad one was white one was black i bet you think you're glad i'm a half breed, my skin is fair yet tan i don't know what the hell i'm on so 1, 2...1, 2, 3 slam!!! kinky hair when i wake up straight when i go to bed my dad speaks jive talk to me, don't know what he just said my mother she's a honkey my dad's kentucky fried i don't know what the hell i'm on so 1, 2...1, 2, 3 slam!!! back at home it's black eyed peas with a pot roast on the side it's hot dogs on friday nights the chicken's country fried my dad says "yo boy pass the peas!" my mom says pass the squash i need something to ease the pain so i'll go downtown and get some downers whoa, man, i'm a little bit slow but i've got to get up somehow got no money just a good idea let me tell you how i'll steal my parents credit cards oh yes i'll rip them off i'll go downtown to where dad works and get myself some cocaine now i'm high, and i'm not shy i'll get it off my chest my mom is white, she thinks she's right she thinks that she's the best my dad is just a negro, he's not one to play golf i don't know what the hell i am so1, 2...1, 2, 3 slam!!!
i tell you not to drink so much my god you never listen if that happens one more time it's me that you'll be missin take it back take it back don't make me raise my hand don't talk back or you'll get slapped if it happens just happens one more time one more time one more time one more time you try to lay a hand on me just keep your fucking distance the cops are going to get you if you threaten my existence take it back take it back see now your eye is black i told you if you call the cops it's teeth that you'll be missing one more time don't you know it breaks my heart that you call it abusing one day you'll obey these words this method has been proven take it back take it back it's just a little smack to let you know i love you but it better not happen one more time one more time one more time one more time you filthy whore you fuckin' cunt you dirty bitch
Barrett "P.C."
You know what pisses me off more then anything?
Is all these people who aren't exactally politically correct.
Like, the other day I was walking my "Sibierian American Huskies"
I mean how canines are, they like to sniff everything, including each others butts.
And some guy walks up to me and says
"Man, get your dogs ass, outta that other dog nose."
So I replied "How dare you call them dogs? They're "Siberian American Huskies"
(the next few lines are left out as not to offend)
It pissed me off so bad, I got a nose ring, dyed my hair blue, and moved to San Francisco.
"P.C." from the album
"Friendly People"
startfires most girls i know are so lame
red hot bods theyre all the same
nothing in between the ears
lots of space six cans of beer to fuck
see you later thanks again
maybe we should just be friends
all that space inside your head
makes me want to go to bed to fuck
2.99 the six-pack deal
see her with another guy
it makes me laugh she thinks i cry
girls in bars they make me sick
but i don't care if they suck my dick
six bucks on dollar night
prostitute for just one night
*Ziima* Trenchmouth, Guttersnipe, RatWhore 010719
Aimee *ziima*-
Quit talking about me....
*Ziima* Aimee....I was talking about me! 010719
silentbob So yeah. This is what i think of when i think your description of gutterpunk 020206
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