Norm Me.

In a nutshell.
nocturnal I've been told that I have one of these, but I think it was meant that I become addicted to things easily, not that people get addicted to me easily. 011008
silentbob my addiction affliction 011009
unhinged yeah, that's why i have to lay off the pipe for awhile 011009
lovers lament with that beatnik style
how could i deny?
you wisk me to the bedroom
a purr deep in your throat
and a playful smile
grown accustomed to coming in second
learned that lesson,
so hard and uncompromising
wished to be center stage this time
didn't make it, still came as you beckoned

for greg
copyright 2001
nmb is there any other kind???????? 011031
anti-social butterfly i am the worst. i can't escape addiction from anything once i have tried it. i can't deny it. but which is my worst addiction? alcohol, weed, opium, pain killers, people, love, boys, chai, coffee, caffeine, locking things, music, concerts, im, films, reading, writing, pain, self-destruction? i think that blather is once again proving my addictive_personality, because i have only known about it for a week, and i already can't stop reading it or writing in it. will i always be this way? 011031
nmb I think anyone on this site has to be a bit addictive, but is that bad? I mean, I know I have an addictive personality - I was a drug addict and I used to smoke 2 packs a day and drank every day, and was probably a slut and then I stopped all that because I was going to die (or go to prison, more likely), so now I have a baby, and I'm addicted to her love and to being a good mommy and to reading and to writing...let's just say I get a bit obsessive, but now I've tried to turn it from bad obsessions to good obsessions, which is a good thing, right? Most brilliant artists and writers and musicians are addictive personalities -- some with good addictions, some not so good. so what's my point, I have absolutely no idea, but I still think "addictive personality" is just another term for NORMAL. 011031
Jami I agree. To be addicted to something you love, that doens't harm you, then it's not bad. How can it be bad? I guess if you're addicted to something you love it.. whatever I'm trying to say, but anyway, an addictive personality is probably another way of saying admiration 011031
anti-social butterfly hmmm... i never thought about it that way actually. i think i will try to move towards good addictions rather than negative ones. though, i don't always feel in control. i can at least give it a thougth, i guess. 011031
Norm Addictive personality is another word for normal? Hmmmm, I never thought about that ya maybe everybody needs alcohol to get through a day with out being violent. Maybe everyone needs to smoke up just to cut the surface of their anger and bleed a drop of anything else. It could be possible. But wait... No, it can't.

I'm dependant on alcohol now. But, how bad can it be?
ronela you'd be better off switching to the grass, my boy. a stoner's much better than a drunk. trust me on this. I know you already smoke all the time, but as far as dependency goes, pick only one. and between the two of those, Mary Jane is far kinder than Al K. Hall. 011031
Norm I'm beyond the stage of choice, by far. 011031
mmm i have a very addictive personality... once i find some thing i like i stick with it... like cigarettes, or weed, or becky. i love my becky... 011101
stork daddy at nights in bed when i was a child i'd get very lonely. i used to sneak out to watch nick at night when my parents fell asleep. they'd snore so loudly i could watch it at a reasonable volume, but mainly i'd sit real close and watch it with the volume low. (incidentally after my dad died we found out that perhaps the snoring wasn't only him as we had originally thought, since it did not go away.) i used to love all of the shows, mr. ed and the dick van dyke show, and the mary tyler moore show which had rhoda who i loved. and it felt so bad, so rebellious. i couldn't wait to plan it, it was my own secret. if i could go back to any moment, i'd go back to a night when i could do that. strangely, i wouldn't want to talk to my parents as some would in nostalgia. i'd prefer them sleeping, that's how they were to me, that's part of what they meant. i'd just want them to sleep while i watched bewitched or dragnet. of course, i don't know if it'd work, because i'd have to have my present state of mind for it to make sense as it is right here, and what i guess i really miss is the feeling. what it felt like. 040322
freedom Needing
can't do without
if it's not one thing
it's another

sounds a bit like everybody for something..
ethereal Chinese Fortune Cookie

:You have an extremely magnetic personality.
stuck on you *shoop* 040323
pete Remembrance from the past:

I am hopefilledly addicted to you
unhinged and him of all people telling me that made me go out and get trashed for the first time in months...i guess that really wasn't showing him anything but it was the only way to get the intense anger to subside. 040324
silentbob her, with her cat glasses and intoxicating smile 040326
They call me Truth hmm. 070213
sunsetblue so.

i'm told that addicts want to escape reality, get far, far away from the real world. and so, the subsequent 'abuse' is then secondary to this so-called need.

i have been escaping my own reality alright, with words and imagination as my drug.

we all cope in different ways.
h|s|g Perhaps art can be defined as an addiction to distortion.

escaping_reality I buy that definition of addiction.
Addiction seems to be traveling life in small cycles, whatever the habit might be. My definition of reality is a finalarge circle or cycle. I think it is the entire story of time like a mathematical proof of consciousness finding a way to create free_will out of dust. Any premature conclusion of that finalarge circle is death, or not_yet_enlightened
Our normal model of life and death seem reversed to me: I don'think we're dying I think we're becoming alive. And I think we're addicted to being afraid of waking_up_forever cuz then we'd have to make_an_effort forever and that's too much for the ego. It would seem then that to become addicted to effort, to break_the_cycle and also knowing_how_to_relax when you want to keep_going is the direction of opening_our_circle of habits or certainty. That seems the direction of enlightenment, or confronting the addictive_personality
hsg OCD 101206
epitome of incomprehensibility I am addicted to laziness. This is not good. 101206
unhinged addiction to laziness = depression

vitamin d, and eventually some exercise will help that

i took my sleeping_pills with some beer tonight; drinking_alone in the hopes it'll help you fall asleep seems self_indulgent ly pathetic, but i'm trying really hard to not be tweaked out by the assholes in my life
e_o_i in shorthand unhinged, you're partly right... Not really depression, but discouragement, and it helped today to shovel snow. Endorphins and such. 101207
e_o_i ...and thanks, and good luck with the job situation, either way... 101207
unhinged vitamin d is chemical encouragement for your brain and your immune system. since i teach kids and live in wisconsin, i take a lot of it at this time of year. when i first started supplementing with d in the winter, i noticed the absolutely wonderful side_effect of a much happier disposition. to the point that people at work asked me what i was on ;-)

and i've also noticed the benefits of exercise in the happiness department in the past year. i've had a really difficult relationship that i decided to use exercise to deal with and it totally helps; but is hard to do when i feel so sad all i want to do is cry.

i've tried so many methods of dealing with my sadness, and those two seem to be the healthiest. so i like to pass them along whenever possible.

the work situation got markedly worse today. i guess that's how things go...darkest before the dawn and all that other trite crap. so my good old addictive personality led me to the wine bar underneath my apartment tonight. i wish i wasn't so sensitive and could stick up for myself better.
ergo Yeah, so ooze your old man! 180622
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