silentbob who always seems so sad
who never feels quite right
who never feels so loved but he loves many things
who always buys me things
who always makes me giggle
who never sees out of his sad little bubble
does he?
Teddybear no

because he never leaves algona,
he is forced to stay
in his prison of sadness

he has no reason
to leave this runied town

even if he did
he would have no one
to go with

Therefore Casey can leave his bubble
his prison of sadness
but it only confines him in lonliness

(This doesn't mean people have to take pitty on him and drag him along)
Casey sorry, maybe that didn't sound good.
I'm just coming out of a year of withdrawl, and I feel good!
carden i miss talking to casey during play practice when i was still at school :) 010509
Casey Who are you?

Also I'd just like to say I don't like my name all that much.

Do people think Casey is a girls name or a boys name?
carden hi casey!! it's molly...remember me? 010509
Casey At first when i asked bobby i didn't...but i remember now. We both were wondering where you have been. We haven't seen you in so long. I was so young back then, I don't remember having any really big conversations. You should come visit 010509
herr dressup und finnegan, ja, du weist es........ 010509
Casey what does that mean? 010523
the one you are such an ass hole you raped me of all that I used to be and I hope you have a coke overdose and die with your stupid girlfriend. I hate you. I hate the way you used to make me feel. I hate the way you ripped it away and never fucking told me why. I want to punch you right in your face and tell you to stop saying my name like it means something to you. Your a piece of shit and I fucking HATE you. dont tell me you think im being quiet. Dont guess that you KNOW me you just fucked me and FUCKED me OVER. I hate you I hate you and maybe someday Ill stab you in the eye and you will die. Ill give you some coke though so you will think 'it's all good' And if you ever fucking tell me you want to go rock climbing Im gonna scream. Ass hole. 010601
Dafremen Too bad I'm married. This girl could've been the one. Oh well, I already have MY "the one" anyhow. 010601
Dafremen P.S. Therein lies the down side to letting him f*ck you before he was in some way obligated to stick around. I'm not saying you're a slut mind you, just that to a lot of guys, a hole is a hole is a hole. So if yer gunna start making YOURS available and think that he should treat you like something special because of it...well he will..til he finds some OTHER hole to poke. That's why pussy is such a HORRIBLE thing to introduce into a relationship if you want something REAL. Next guy, make him wait, if he leaves cuz of it..guess you know what he was REALLY after in the first place and good riddance to him.

P.P.S.Most of you folx have HEARD this sh*t before, you just don't want to believe that it could possibly be true about YOUR guy. All I've got to say is: Looking forward to your NEXT "Oh I hate this guy, he told me I was special, then f*cked me and left me" blather.
Casey I hope you two are not actually talking about me, but about another casey. And if you are talking about me, then I am very confused 010602
Casey Nevermind...

Who is now a loner once again

Who has no true friends

Who is trapped here alone

Who always tries being nice to everyone

Who cares more aboutr other people than himself

Who was reintoduced to classical rock

Who was introduced to punk

Who doesn't like country music

Who isn't good looking

Who no longer cares about having a relationship with girls and just wants to have fun and be their friend.

Who hates his name

Who doesn't like to litter

Who likes to walk around town listening to music

Who everyone askes if he needs a ride and/or if his car broke down while he is walking around town

Who always gets annoyed by that

Who always measures his life at night

Who always vents to people that don't need to hear it

Who is always sorry

Who always means it

Who can't do very many things right

Who drives around listening to Counting Crows

Who has no direction in life

Who is useless

Who is a disapointment to his parents

Who likes to act

Who is a bad actor

Who always says the wrong thing

Who sometimes studders

Who wants a dog

Who doesn't want 2 sisters

Who likes his brother

Who doesn't want a mother

Who doesn't like politics

Who doesn't like to fight

Who doesn't like to debate

Who has heard very few michael jackson songs

Who is confusing

Who will die alone

Who is a dreamer

Who doesn't have his own opinions

Who is always afraid people wont like him (And is usually right)

Who gets yelled at alot

Who doesn't like being yelled at

Who has an uncomfortable bed

Who only has one person who loves him (grandma)

Who wants to die

Who hates missionaries

Who will always be alone

Who will always be trapped.
Toby One day I will take control of him 010624
Casey That's me 010625
Casey who always feels trapped in the middle of everything. As the world revolves he is just trapped on the sidelines watching it go by, like a saop opera. All I need to do now is find out i have a long lost twin brother 010712
Casey who always feels trapped in the middle of everything. As the world revolves he is just trapped on the sidelines watching it go by, like a soap opera. All I need to do now is find out i have a long lost twin brother 010712
silentbob i want to orgasm on your hands 010713
Casey no 010713
Dafremen I would like to know less about you.

Could you please help me out?

Dafremen There! See how EASY that was?

Thanx, I sure appreciate it man.

Keep up the good work.
the one your gonna have a baby. know that you ruined her life. she could've been so much more and now shes stuck with you.and i hate you even more. 011003
Casey Yay, now people know less about me, mwahahaha 011007
distorted tendencies Casey is always so sad and lonely. I wish I could give him a pretty red rose and the girl he wants, then he'd be happy. 011007
silentbob i agree 011008
the one i had a dream and you were in it. I dont remember what EXACTLY happened but i know you were in it with me because i woke up with a feeling of you, The way you used to make me feel. I remembered that you were just trying to have fun and you just got involved in a mess. I dont hate you. I dont love you. I never did. but i dont hate you. I respect you and hope that you take care of her. Really take care of her. show her what she means to you. if she means anything.
you have to grow up....and she has to even more than you. just know that i dont blame you.
Casey Why is it that many people named Casey have to be bad people? Who knows.

Thanks guys, I'll be waiting for my rose. And I will smile even more if the thorns prick me and draw blood, because it was a lovely thorn.
Dafremen Mmmrhhmrrmmmrrmmm. Mrmrrhrrrhrmmrm. Mmmmhhrrhhrrr....mrrrmrmmrrmm. 011023
FreakFly Please explain yourself.
You comment on everyone else's blathers, but form none of your own???
Sonya I don't really know this person, but he seems pretty nice from what he blathers. Why is he always so sad? : (

Hey Casey if I could I would give you a hug. And the beauty of roses is that they are so fragile and deeply coloured yet they've got the harshness of thorns. If I had one I'd give it to you too. Cheer up! The moon is shining and people out there feel your pain. Your sense of loneliness permeates only the realms of your own mind. I see what you write and everyone else does too. There are always connections to be made.

Casey has always seemed to be a boy's name to me. I don't know if that means anything but I hardly see any girls with that name. At least they don't spell it that way.
Casey Thank you guys, you guys are great. I'm not going to be as sad anymore actually. I'm splitting myself off from the people who hurt me and I'm totally standing up to them. Blather has helped me a lot with that. I love you all 011123
FreakFly Not trying to be mean. Just wondering what Casey is? saying?

Many sad things are blathered around here. Its nice to be able to find yourself with others. Understanding or not as we are.
Casey what do you mean...I have started my own blathers before. And I don't quite understand the part about what I'm trying to say, could you explain please. 011124
Casey Yeah, this is me. And as the world around me revolves, I hope to somehow leave my own mark, but how I have yet to determine. 020220
silentbob oh lord, i accept you into my heart, to know your way, i need you in my life, i want to live with you in the kingdom of Caseydom 020403
Casey Do you know that it is always you and I posting on this subject? 020403
Arwyn i love you casey 020403
silentbob i didn't know you were freakfly casey 020403
Casey well I'm not, but I ment lately. Sorry for my vagueness again. And I love you too Aimee. Someday I'll come visit you and well make sundaes 020403
Arwyn I still love you Casey! :)

You won't come visit me if I visit you first!!
Casey Wow, it's been a while. I'm now in college, and so far the only word that I can assosiate with it so far is pain...just pain. 021024
Strideo My name too
Casey Well I survived my first year of college, 10 more credit and I'm a junior, so hopefully I'll be able to find a major I like and just have a nice summer. 030510
Casey Wow, talk about taking a trip down depression memory lane. What the fuck was wrong with me? 040218
Casey Casey is the 245th most popular name for boys right now...and the 301st most popular name for girls. 040503
Casey_The_Blather_Killer Some day I need to go though all my posts and see how many conversations I've either started and no one has responded to, or how many conversations I've killed where I'm the last one to post. I think it's funny. 040503
KENNY i know a casey shearer (her parents own Shearer potato chips) she is mighty fine AND MIGHTY RICH!! SHE ALSO HAS A NICE BOD INCLU. ASS & BOOBS 040515
"Lays" Man What the hell is a shearer potato chip? 040527
Casey After a 3 year absence I can still remember the address to this fucking site. Man how awesome is that?! 060403
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