Weed Eater The world has seen and will see many bad fashion fads. Even some will return to haunt us, and further separate us into cliques. But cliques are used to enhance corporate marketing power towards teenagers. Otherwise that whole wretched "gangsta" fad would have been deceased before the posters of "angry black men" hit the kids clothing dept. in white suburbia. 010724
Dafremen see also Dog_Boot_Company

or better yet...don't
Aimee the white boys wearing the hat around backwards... it doesn't look good, it never did, it never will and you will never be as cool as a black man... get over it.. you're white, and you're lame... and so am i 010724
Weed Eater see, here we have a victim of bad fashion marketing. 010724
Weed Eater see, here we have a victim of bad fashion marketing. 010724
firefly pants with shorts over them...thoes weird bumpy shirts that were like the ones in the micheal jackson Scream video...theres gotta be more... 020112
Toxic_Kisses Men in short jogging shorts in the 80's
my god ur legs are really really hairy, what makes you think for an instant we want to see your skinny hairy legs?

Fanny packs, no matter how you wear thoes things thay just look BaD!

MC Hammer pants

Blue Eyeshadow (And some shades of green for that matter)

Blue Jean pants under skirts
kelli crane blue jean skirts 020112
ilovepatsajak the "shirtvest" 020113
cube Thick-souled clunky shoes/boots for women. You know, the ones that make you look like you're growing out of the earth. I thought they looked grotesque when they first appeared and was sure they would never last. Wrong again.

It's ironic that girls are always concerned about the size of their feet and then they wear these clods that would do an army tank proud...
devalis pre-ripped jeans, half-afros and those ugly multi-colored sweater/pant suits. 020818
unhinged low rise pants and thong cleavage. i hate low rise pants because i hated it when my grandpa's asscrack hung out all the time; i sure as hell don't want mine doing that. 020818
blue star flares. 020819
neverender visors 020819
your mom Hey, dumbass. Visors are the shit. Maybe you are just a dork so you don't like cool stuff. 020820
neverender ::gasp::
::hightails it to the mall to buy visors in every color 'cause ya know, it's "cool stuff" and of course no one loves you if you're not coooool::

ya gotta have the shit if ya wanna stay cool...sooo coool...i think i might even bedazzle some of them. awesome idea...score! woot woot. now i can walk around with my head held high acting like queen shit of fuck mountain.

::rolls eyes::
Aimee :: laughs uncontrollably ::

you two are "arguing" about visors... I have to say I agree with the opposition. Those things are so fuckin' lame, especially when they turn them up side down and backwards... holy living fuck is that hilarious cause they take themselves seriously!

rosemary visors aren't so bad if you don't do the upside-down thing like Aimee said. i personally would never wear one, but they look okay on some people.
but when i think visors, i think the old 80s florescent-pink plastic visors. yick.
stork daddy definetly smiles, you asses 020821
lo pointy toes look like the wicked witch of the west. why in the hell as the 80s look reappeared on worse then it ever was. do not buy high heeled lace up boots. especially not with frilly socks. pants with words on you ass. thats stupid. thong no don't do it. though i dig hip huggers. you don't need to get them so low cuz ass crack has never ever been attractive. clear bra strap bras. i can still see the strap. only it's made of cheapo plastic. show it with guts or wear a strapless. those weird looking bowler shoes. i've seen cool looking ones but whats with the really ugly shoe trend. they are really ugly. don't you see that they look disfigured? they don't even resemble shoes. that all i can think of now. 030506
pobodys nerfect From the 80's, two terrifying words--"bubble skirts". Ack! Those things made every girls ass look like it was being eaten by a Jet Puff marshmallow! And I had one. In white! hahaha! :D

I didn't mind the shoes back then. True, they were pointy, but remember all the colours they came in? You could get a pair to match every outfit. Kinda neat. At least they looked feminine. Like those "jelly shoes". I miss those. Todays shoes are either ugly, brown, boyish,or a combination of all three.
joda - Popcorn jeans
- Slouch socks
- High-top sneakers.
- Chip & Pepper.

And the Granddaddy of them all: Hyper-Colour. I don't think I need to see where your sweat-moons are going to be in about a half hour.

margaux grandma sweaters/sweatshirts 030507
lo every girls ass look like it was being eaten by a Jet Puff marshmallow!
ha! yeah i think i had it in this weird pink with paint splashes every where. bad lo bad.
when i say pointy i mean scary you could stab someone with the toe. and it's like four feet from where your actual toes is. and maybe just maybe it's pointing upwards (what!?) there are still some beutiful shoes out there that make me wanna cry. or buy. whatever..
minnesota_chris the teens in my town wear one leg rolled up, and the other hanging down. 030509
rubydee peg-legged pants
slouch socks
multiple swatch watches
splinken ironic mullets

ironic members only jackets

ironic anything, really.
splinken oh, and WORD on the peg pants. that shit isn't even remotely flattering on anyone. 030510
nudist cloths 030510
nomatter acid washed jeans 031009
jenny enny dots with all the mention of peeking thongs, how about the sagging baggy pants for boys where half of the boxer is showing. Especially pants 10 times too big for them. 040118
Witchesrequiem Camel toes.
Tighty whities.
Daisy dukes.
T-shirts like "I'm with stupid" or "Girl power."
Puff paint.
Splatter paint... Pollock wanna bees.
Denim button up shirts.
Any shirts from a concert in the 80's.
Real fur coats.
Hoop earings.
Ankle socks.
Hawian print shirts.
Mc Hammer Pants.
100% Polyester.
Pointie bras.
people in white powdered wigs.
lip discs.
Clothes sowen in side out.
Jump suits... for people that don't work out.
folding and rolling up the cuffs of jeans.
Corsets... Ouch!
hair peices.
Marylin Monroe.
coke heads.
Bee hives.
Comb overs.
men in tights.
Smoking!(Should have never started.)
man thongs.
Sweat pants.
velcro shoes.
Pants so low that skinny male butts hang out. Or lare ones for that matter.
Cosmetic tattooing.
Shaved off eyebrows.
Brown lip liner with pink lipstick.
Pink lipstick.
Sunday school dresses.
Super models.
Ok thats enough for now....!
hyena i counted up the number of things on this page that i do in my own wardrobe. i came up with 14. a few of note, not that all of these are among the 14...

real fur coats: i have one. it's made from possum. possums need to die. i also have a rabbit fur scarf, and plenty of spare rabbit pelts. i also had a pet rabbit for a while. my cat will be food someday.

baggy boy jeans: yum. let me say it again: yum.

lice: not exactly a fad, now, is it? more like a hellishly unpleasent experience that's damn near impossible to get rid of, in my book. trust me.

clothes: i agree, but they're warm, and occasionaly fun to peel off.

white powdered wigs: can be very yum in the right circumstances.

clothes sewn inside out: wouldn't those be being worn inside out?

corsets: again with the yum, in mass quantities. if you don't like the sensation, don't wear them. in the meantime, i'll be hunting girls with them, because there's nothing quite like looping your arms around a corseted waist and running your hands over taut satin. let's move on before i make a mess.

togas: if they're done right, like with some really lightweight fabric and creative pinning, they're wonderful and comfy.

marilyn_monroe: i will reserve my anger at her appearance on this list in the name of free opinion. moving right along.

ear muffs: you live in a warm place, don't you? or do you just wear hair-destroying and icky feeling hats? or are you too cool to feel the cold?

cosmetic tattooing: as opposed to medical? wouldn't any form of tattoo be done for esthetic purposes?

shaved eyebrows: i think i've met three people who did this. two pulled it off well.
Aimee leg warmers... 040123
nu2004 girls in baggy jeans with theyre thong hanging out i think its gross 040929
girl_jane I like wearing corsets. Every show I've done in college so far has required me to wear a corset. I like the feeling of being constantly hugged. The only thing I don't like about them is when I take off the corset, I have lines running up my stomach from the boning. 040929
emmi people around here have been mad about ponchos lately. i've always thought them unflattering and not very practical as they don't allow even the very basic arm movements and don't keep you warm all over. but with the new colours and varieties that are now available at every market stall and fashion shop, i'm thinking of giving in to the temptation. the really big chunky ones with fringes are starting to grow on me. hmmm 040929
falling_alone i seem to have this fetish for corsets, although i have never really worn one.

and one can never have too many ponchos. of course, i'm not talking about the ponchos that have become fashionable this fall. no, i am speaking of rain ponchos, those oversized garish plastic bags that i carried around everyday this glorious summer but never had the chance to wear.
sameolme My shiney green iridescent pants.
I really loved them. I didn't realize that only "greasers" wore them.
They gave me worlds of eye enjoyment
during the boring hours of 5th grade
"education". They were my favorite
bad fashion.
what's it to you?
who go