Casey Haven't you guys ever wanted to dress up in white with a pointy mask, then rape a woman in front of her husband all the while singing "Singing in the Rain?"

Come on, admit it.

Just beware the Ludwig Van 9th symphony, 4th movement.
silentbob Uh, no time for the old in and out, love, i've just come to read the meter! 010813
nemo a_clockwork_orange 011209
kill rhythm that book totally warped my mind 020318
silentbob the american version of the book is like the movie. Every other version of the book has this final chapter where everything is ok, and alex grows up, so the bad things stop.
the author was kind of pissed that the american version of the book is waht was made into the movie. he liked his original ending.
misstree bob, i could kiss you.

i wrote an 8 page paper on cockwork orange for a class, and spent a great deal of time discussing the missing chapter... the puclisher said that americans didn't want to see the moral improvement, yadda yadda... turned it from a novella into a fable.

there was also the issue that burgess had written 21 chapters specifically because of the number's link to the age of maturity. also, the chapters divided neatly into sets of seven, and in each of the three sets the same pattern was followed... similar events, similar themes... the missing chapter messed everything up.

and i was thinking in nadsat for months after writing this paper.
silentbob my eyes wouldn't be wide right now if you had just left your caps lock off 020319
carne de metal CABEZA DE PUTO.
kill rhythm i read the original version and i think it had to have the original ending. i agree with doesnt end the way the american version ends. there is always some resolution. you cant say the author was whining like a 6 year old when he was the one who wrote the book. what if you wrote a book and someone said that you cant include the whole thing because it sucks. i think you'd be pretty upset, and then when you finally got your way, you would explain why it wasnt in the first place. 020321
carne de metal welly welly welly welly welly welly welllllll!!!!!! 020321
silentbob what_i'm_wearing_today 020406
kill rhythm you know...i see the old him. not the new one that loved me. when he is sitting next to her, not even acknowledging my presence, and im supposed to be his little sister, his best friend, i see him as evil. he looks like alex. alex when he is thinking of an evil plan. 020417
kill rhythm i am in the mood for some eggiwegs and a bit of the old coffee 020514
eklektic i love this movie. probably one of the most socially grotesque films out there but a favorite of mine. me and dan quote this movie all the time. he says he's going to dress up as alex for prom next year. i would go with him if only to see that...

"gorgeousity made flesh"
alex, talking about Ludwig Beethoven
freakizh i was cured all right.. 020515
continuous ache eggy-weggs. i would smash em! 020516
jessica made me worry that my boyfriend was a psycho because he likes that piece of tt movie. it kills me. it's so sick 020517
continuous ache cabbages....knickers....its not got a beak. 020523
gerdle capitalism 021012
jane reminds me of when i was with aaron and he laid his head in my lap and we watched this together completely stoned 021012
SuicidalAngel strange and disturbing.. you have got to be fucked up to make a story like that. 021215
painted marbles i wrote my carnegie mellon application essay on this book. it was awesome. here you guys can read it. lemme know what you think. email me about it if you want. that would be sweet.

There are books that inform, books that amuse, and books that enthrall. Occasionally, there is a book that has such impact on the reader that the memories are lasting and the ideas do not fade with time. Anthony Burgess’ book, A Clockwork Orange, was that significant book for me.
The impact was perplexing. Rather than achieving a sense of finality at the end, I was left with a vague sense of emptiness. The end was inconclusive even though the story was completed. I sought to reach closure by reading other Burgess novels, yet I found that his other works continued to foster the unsettling ideas that I was left with after A Clockwork Orange.
A critical comparison of the works had no results, so I attempted an analysis of my personal reaction to A Clockwork Orange. I found it amazingly clairvoyant of society in the 1970’s, 1980’s, and today. The invented language and the brutal slang callednadsatby the characters was a precursor to the current rap and hip-hop language by 40 years, yet the focus and observations of Burgess on thisfuture languageare uncannily accurate.
The events in the plot are depicted in extreme detail. Crimes of public violence, sexual assault, and betrayal are portrayed in harsh realism. We should be appalled at the blatancy of the actions of Alex and hisdroogs,” but we are compelled rather than repelled by them.
Amazingly, to me, Mr. Burgess scoffs at the impact I describe. He wishes that the bookbe erased from the world’s literary memory.” It is possible that his bitter taste comes from the decision by his publishers (and Stanley Kubrick in the cinematic version) to delete the 21st and final chapter. In the original conclusion, Alex grows upmaturity is attained. Even knowing this my uneasiness is not alleviated. I am still left with a growing, perplexing hunger.
Unlike Dickens, whose characters struggle with the inequities of society, Burgess’ characters create the inequities. Alex victimizes society more than he is victimizedbut the twisted society absolves him and blames itself for its depravity. Burgess may represent the anti-Dickens – not looking for sensibility but looking to assault the sensesnot looking to create a language which explains the society, but one that defies the society.
Burgess does not try to fill the cup we hold out for ideas. He makes the cup larger so that it cannot be filled and we are continually left wanting more.
Well? Did you get into C.M.? 030303
painted marbles i dont know yet. they dont tell till april :( 030303
piglet i just read the book. it was really good. the first few pages im like - what??? but then you get into it. and its really good. and i dont understand why the would have taken out the last chapter. that would seriously ruin the whole effect. 030620
celestias shadow and we were in the mood for a bit of the old....ultraviolence...

this was an amazing book. i just saw the movie yesterday. i tried to watch it this weekend, but um, my friend's mom didn't know we were watching it and walked in right at the part after he's been "cured" at the prison. you know, the part where he's onstage with the practially naked girl? It didn't look good- I was the only girl watching the movie with 4 other guys. I tried not to be seen, but failed. She gave me a VERY weird look.

Anyways. Great book. Almost as great movie. Have to say I liked the philosophy of the book better, but the ending did somewhat suck. On the other hand, it made sense, so I can't really say I prefer one ending over the other. I like them both.
magicforest Book was better than film.
A perfect ztimulating_question.
Mandijabster i have yet to read this book..jill read it, and was sad when she finished reading it. the 031105
misstree tick tock, the inside clock
dreams us up wooden and sore.
drip, drop, the meaty prop
screams and hungers for more.

wound up machinery tugs at the threads
that chaos runs flailing to break
while sterilized fingers place gears in our heads,
convinced of our passion's mistake.
with each part that's broken a race will begin
to grow it to clockwork or fruit,
but always remember whose head it is in
and strive to make sterilized moot;

let loose all the virii that gobble cold reason,
then bark at the moon and laugh at the season
that mankind is in, cold and restrictive,
spread freedom to others, now this is your missive;
let animals run, no cages or leashes
for gold are the lessons vitality teaches.
without them we join the mindless undead,
stripped of our primal, just gears in the head.
lovers lament one more movie i won't be able to watch for a very long time because it reminds me of you. he always reminded me of you in a way. no matter what he did, he always had a thundercloud that followed him. 031107
oren 95 060508
Webley UK has become this film, in all our media it occupies, Youth with no morals, no compassion, no conscience, God help them not us, for there will be a time when they are punished and let them know one thing, if they draw blood, blood means vengeance, vengeance is a human right. God help them and forgive me, for in their hearts they know not what they do. 060509
- - 080428
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