yummychuckle last night i had a dream that involved blather/blatherers. wanna hear it? (if you don't, just leave.)
k. so i got finished fighting with my mom about the dishes, and I thought to myself, "i'm going to go to blather". So i opened some door and walked into this huge blue room, and all these people dressed in blue were walking around. All of them were how I pictured blatherers (blatherers_appearance or something). Sudenly, above all the constant chatter (monotonous rumble), black/blue-dyed gel product (who doesnt write here anymore--i dont think...) yelled that he really wanted to sing something sad. so I walked up to him and i was like "cool, i wanna hear you sing, lets go to some corner", so he started singing. It was a really beautiful soft song and he sang really well, even though he was singing so quietly. I closed my eyes and suddenly saw the music video for whatever song it was.
****the video*****

police officers were working, investigating something and they figured it all out. they went to this big broken up house and surrounded it because there was supposed to be some girl kidnapped and raped, inside. so one police officer was about to go around a corner when this *obviously* dead, pale, senile looking old man with curly gray hair came rushing around it. He was all shifty eyed and was hopping around. he was dead. zombie or whatever. anyway it was the creepiest thing i have seen in a long time basically. and this is the zillionth dream i've had with a "zombie" in it, although most of the living dead people are female. seriously, what is UP with this. it doesnt seem to be toooo positive.

ok. done.
ClairE I write in my sleep. 020113
ever dumbening recently, in the_string_between_sleep_and_death, i mentioned my intention to return to looking at my dreams. i bought a notebook with a stiff, red cardboard cover. already a flurry of activity, including two separate dreams with blatherskites in them. in the broad sense, it reiterates what i already know--this blue place is important! compulsively saying things like squillo and goat_soda and scahu in my waking hours, i should've known that this dream world and my inner one would begin to dance_deadly.

one dream involved an annoying police presence and paste! getting hassled by said ueber_tools. [fly low, bro, sometimes there's a connection.] the second involved unhinged. i kissed her. [unhinged, it was my subconscious at work; i can't be held responsible. i certainly enjoy your work, but in this situation i think you were more a representation of something.] i'm looking forward to meeting more of you in the deep non-sequitur of middle night. towards lucidity.
j oh should i be reading this at work? kinda bad i know. but i cnt stay away from u. losing my life for the umpteenth time. my frnd use to call me katdaddy. many lives left? ill get 1right soon. no fear.[ok just a lil..] 020311
spider from mars last night, paste! showed up in my dream under the guise of music artist beck. he was driving around in a volkswagen beetle with jaymers, who was holding onto her baby sister ariel. it was all very very cute, and i wish i remembered more about it. 021101
paste! aww shucks.

i wish it were real.
squint Ariel, eh?

I think paste! just likes hanging out in dreams.
Jeca Oneric=dreamy
Hypnagogic=in that state between waking and sleeping.

i collect beautiful words like that but i don't use them for fear i'd be speaking a language unto myself... but these are the words i was thinking of when i think of the state in which i blather.
flower girl i know i am hypnagogic sometimes, i really should not allow it

this might be the last time
kookaburra i dreamed that oldephebe was my dad, except that I had been adopted and we had never met.
what the heck does that mean?
nonlucid That's pretty damn crazy, because I had a dream where oldephebe was your dad/grandfather/relative a couple nights ago. 040712
kookaburra are you serious?
that is crazy...
oldphebe, are you sure you know where all of your children are?
ever dumbening unhinged, you made it into my dreamworld again last night. i think because i've been thinking about your increased interest in buddhism. you had red hair in the dream (natural not dyed). i told you i had more of that incense for you.

the setting was some type of blathercon. i said that during the planning of blathercon i was very cynically skeptical that it would ever happen, but then as i live and breathe, here i am at blathercon talking to unhinged.

right before the blathercon scene i was skiing really fast on a slope that had very little snow on it. lots of ivy with snow dusting, so it was still springy enough.
REAListic optimIST intimately drawn,
connotative rabbit holes
dance like prose photons
dreams... "If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disharm all hostility."

"We have a dream. Someday we'll have a little house with a couple of acres."
jane dream_about_blather 070615
jane hi guys! i had a dream_about_blather last night...

and you were there, and you were there, and you...

well no, not everyone.

i distinctly remember



i kept finding money on the ground
i think e_d went parasailing
and had us all
"roast_beef! roast_beef!"
meta meta 100715
bringing the system down by using the -k option. I had a dream about blather, breaking into a house and stealing someone's panties.

I need therapy, true, but in the dream I got a job at this place and there I found the "blather book", a huge (size of a door) indigo book which contained all the code that makes up blather. I was really excited to see this and I kept talking to a colleague about how awesome blather was, how it lets you broadcast your thoughts, passions and stupidity to the Internet. Strangely, all I got back from this colleague, was a confused look and lack of enthusiasm. All of a sudden I was on the street hoping to find some pupusas because I was hungry, then this old, brown firebird pulls up next to me and my girlfriend is driving it, there is another woman in the passenger's seat so I'm forced to the tight back seat. We head into this house with many levels (not sure what we're looking for), each level is connected by small, narrow stair cases. Many people live here and while I do not see anyone around, I know they are home but for some reason I don't want to be seen. I am with the other woman that was in the car, she is not particularly friendly and she seems to be looking for something... Then I see this kind of leprechaun-looking being, he keeps popping up wherever I go, he's fucking ugly. I'm looking for something.. I don't know, I keep following this woman I'm with. I see many small, private bathrooms, this place seems like a dorm for young women, there are girl things everywhere: perfume (the smell of perfume is intoxicating and it's turning me on), clothing, hair brushes, makeup. Then I get an idea and I smell a dirty panty that's just hanging there, it smells great so I put it in pocket. I walk into a second bathroom, I can hear someone in the adjacent room, she is getting ready. I go into one of the drawers in the small piece of furniture in this bathroom and I see a stack of neatly folded panties, I quickly grab one and put it in my pocket, my pocket now has to panties and it's bulging. A female voice asks "who's there" so I run out into a small hallway where there are stairs going down. The woman I am with is already running down, she seems to have found what she came looking for and is in a hurry to leave this place, we have obviously been discovered. I am running down the stairs, jumping over the steps to climb down faster, voices are calling behind me but I can't make them out. I see the door and the brown firebird waiting for us, I climb in the back seat, there is a bag of pupusas next to me, they are hot, the car takes off rapidly. I think about the panties in my pocket.
. listen. 110818
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