The Schleiffen Man they're on my tv right now.... SNL has transported me to the days of Gish 001029
splinken the alcoholic likes them. it's because she looks like they sound.

there is a boy whose last name sounds like a body part. he likes smashing pumpkins. he used to wear marilyn manson shirts to school. they got him in trouble. that's the only thing he ever got in trouble for.
j_blue they will be missed. i actually liked them, and am very sad...

the last time i bought one of their cds, this fat girl intimidated my friends into submission and stole it while i was at slim's. we passed each other as i was coming back and she was leaving. she even said good bye.

i haven't seen her, or it, since.
silentbob Dammit! i was supposed to be the one who blathed about them first! damn_me ! 001030
birdmad local radio DJ's just dropped a 470 pound pumpkin out of a helicopter...

coincidence abounds
silentbob they are on my tv right now. vh1 storytellers. billy seems really really nervous and i want to cry for him.

They were one of my favorite bands back in the day
Why are all my favorite bands breaking up?
is it some kind of sign that i have to make some changes? seriusly, if countingcrows breaks up in the next few months, that will be all my little alterna-favorites and i'll just hoard all the material i can find and then find new bands. and i dont want that. i want new stuff by the same people. and i want that stuff to be good.
like this vh1 concert...i'm really enjoying this.
Barrett When my friends and I were about 17 or 18 we
I mean, some people we knew, would go out the day after Halloween. They would steal pumpkins off peoples porches, line them up in the street, and drive over them with the car. This process was refered to as smashing pumpkins. W e
They must have got some sick kind of thrill out of that.
j_blue the early nineties are dead. wait ten more years silentbob, and they will resurrect themselves (at least if my theory holds) 001106
silentbob i think you;'re right. they'll have some kind of anthology or something. or make some kind of Masters Edition and rerelease all their albums and stuff and The Aeroplane Flies high, which rolling stone considered their "anthology" 001106
deb i miss the old-school stuff-
billy, billy, billy,
what have you done to your
now-few scattered fans?

i miss the days of
siamese dream
mellon collie and the infinate sadness
pisces iscariot

unhinged aeroplane their anthology? that's about the stupidest thing i ever heard. i saw the storytellers too and i did cry. i think i wanted to be like billy when i was in junior high. the first time i ever heard the pumpkins my dad was driving me and my sister to school and she was like "nicole you have to hear this song. it has violins in it." and she put disarm in the tape player. somebody told me once i write poetry like billy corgan. he just had those empty eyes. oh billy, when's your goth band starting up?

the smashing pumpkins were just another band that i started listening to so that my sister would think i was cool but i ended up really liking like pearl jam. sometimes it's great to have older siblings that can influence your taste in music. i think one of my favorite smashing pumpkins songs of all time is soma. "i'm all by myself, as i've always felt...i'll betray myself to anyone anyone but you."
silentbob Why is that the stupidest thing you ever heard? 010124
unhinged aeroplane isn't an anthology. it's a boxed set of cds that are all related to each other. an anthology is something that compiles their whole career. aeroplane is just a collection of singles cds from meloncollie. ugly, cherry, set the ray to jerry, and blank are some of my favorite songs from that collection. 010128
Sintina I deeply wish the band hadn't broken up and the lead singer hadn't gone and started doing solo crap like he did. 010129
green_tenedril my daydream
bitter till the end...

i miss them.
i named my tall silver bookshelf billy.
it wobbles when you walk past, a bit unstable like billy.

i live about 4 miles from billy's condo. someone told me how to get there, but i don't want to bother him.

i just wish i could give billy a hug. he needs one, i think.
yummychuckle my friend dillon's screenname on AOL instant messenger involves the word "zero". I asked him why one day, and he said that it was his favorite song by the smashing pumpkins. I got it on napster. I really like the song. 'god is empty just like me.' 010601
ClairE When I was say twelve, fourteen, just coming up on music, they were my standard.
I listened to them too much.

See growing_up.
ellen cherry charles

they provided the soundtrack, the backbone to my high school years
Phil You know that feeling you get after takinga nice long dump. That's the feeling I get whenever it starts on the radio, "Today is the greatest day" 020131
oasisoncloud10 billy corgans a power whore and an asshole. He belongs with courtney, they should have stayed together... then kurt would have never had been hurt. F-you Billy (but through all my rage... the smashing pumpkins was yet a great band in the grunge era) 020201
freakizh mysteriously, i randomized here.


i love 'em.

last time, in some mickey mouse cartoon, they presented the duck triplets as the smashing duckins,plushkins,chopkins or something like that.
lobsterman jeesh they were great!
disarm is like the greatest song ever, cupid de locke, thirty three, tonight, today, and all their hard rock songs are okay too. They tapped into something with their music, something most musicians these days can't say for longer than a week.
lobsterman oh i like soma too...and 1979...and a lot other on melancholy...siamese dream too...sweetness...mayonaise...didn't like pisces iscariot as much...hmmm oh well...i'm glad they broke up, their music is much more teasing that way. 020522
lobsterman haha...good memory with disarm...when i was younger we used to listen to smashing pumpkins on the way to soccer practice in the city, and when this song came on we would all be silent, all the joking and talking would stop and we would stop momentarily the jockeying hierarchy of putdowns and identity finding and unify momentarily in our adolescent angst. I still remember it, and i wish i could go back into that car and regain the right to adjust my personality. 020522
unhinged i think billy gave everyone the right to adjust their personalities. back then when i needed to cry, it was always billy that could bring the tears to my eyes. 020522
crimson love

"I put all of my Smashing Pumpkins CDs into my CD player and tried my best to die"
They will always remind me of her.

Billy Corgan screaming lyrics out of my stereo.

jenny enny dots i used to absolutely worship the pumpkins. i still refer to pumpkins at halloween as billies. what the hell happened? i can't tolerate anything after melon collie. billy's new band really sucks.

emptiness is lonliness
and lonliness
and lonliness is cleanliness
cleanliness is godliness
and god is empty just like me
. loneliness _ferchrissakes 040130
unhinged i started listening again this week. i wrote a song on the piano the other day and someone told me it sounded like the smashing pumpkins and i wonder why they said that. they are still good after all this time.

there is some good stuff on adore. it's just not all of it is good. it's machina that goes totally down the toilet. but they lyrics are all good. pretty much every single last one of them. when i read the lyrics to machina, it makes me wish that it was different music so i could get into the words.
agony_herself Heh, when I first heard The Pumpkins, Billy's voice annoyed me so much that I hated them. But then I got the Adore album and things started to change(the album booklet caught my attention when I read the lyrics in it and noticed how the words started to move..must've been some eye-trick effect they've made), so eventually I became somewhat addicted to those songs. Now I can say that I adore everything touched by Billy's twisted mind. And I don't understand why people are so narrow-minded about Zwan, they were great and unique as well! But just the same, we desperately dream of a reunion or something pretty soon, Pumpkins! 040828
ll bridge_to_my_insanity 040828
ll the_bridge_to_my_insanity 040828
ll ah, fuck it... 040828
unhinged adolescent angst
when every twinge felt like
the end of the world
and no one could possibly understand
and i laid on the floor
of the room i grew up in
and stared up at the purple ceiling
the patterns those weird plaster bumps made
tears pooling behind my ears
leaving puddles in the carpet
unhinged i wish i was blank
i wish i was blank
i wish i could think
i wish i was blank
what's it to you?
who go