cali j I am....Lions are kings of the jungle but what if your a lioness? 010518
TalviFatin Then you are the queen.

Normally, Leo's just piss me off because they think they're right about everything all the time. Also, they're so overbearing and dont like the assertivness coming from one not of their kind. There are only two or three Leo's that I can stand to this date. They would be my friend Aimee, and my brother Jon. They're awesome as far as Leo people go. I miss Aimee and Jon. Perhaps Aimee more than Jon because I tend to talk to Jon more I think..and Aimee's like a sis. Jon is one of my kind when it comes to wolves n shit...and Aimee's my musical pal. I miss singing with her. I miss feeling on top of the world with her. I'm not gay or anything, but I love her. Seriously...I love her like a sis. The feeling probably isnt returned with the same amount of potency, but I dont care. And Jon...He's my bro. Already said that...but he's my big bro who still needs his younger sis to hug him...

I miss my Leos...
unhinged male rockstars that wear girls jeans...

pralines&cream I used to have the hugest crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. I had a Romeo+Juliet poster (minus the juliet) hung on my wall, and i'd kiss his over-sized lips every night. By the time my grandma gave me a 500 piece Leo puzzle, my obsession had pretty much fizzled out. I gave the poster to a friend. 011119
CRO woah! I hope I'm not overbearing and arrogant.

I know i'm right most of the time though. but i recognise this as one of my weaknesses and unlike other people (not just leos) I can be swayed by a good argument.

I love Leos. And April babies (aries? i orget)
Novice I'm a leo...just wanted to say that 040201
Witchesrequiem Lions my Ass!
They might think they are King or Queen, but they tend to be completley oblivious to reality.
Hypocrites at best, they laugh and smirk out loud, like a ignorant red neck.
They Smite those they do not know, assuming only they can figure people out.
Julliete is cool though.
...AntiqueClocks... Humph.... I'm a leo. But I don't act like one... 040330
no reason a magnetic and unhealthy attraction. 041007
spreegurl you've made this leo smirk... 041216
astrologically obsessed big hearted.
passionate lovers.
[in my experience.]
ninecat Leo Kottke 041217
Sagicadabra Leo's are great. I like them a lot, mainly because they're strong enough to keep me in check, they're open to suggestions, as long as they're practical, and are tons more responsible than I, the spoiled Sagittarius. Many a dollar has been saved because of my leo boyfriend's discipline. And while yes, they do have a tendency to judge things and people before they get to know them, no-one's perfect. If you simply put forth a valid argument as to WHY they should give it, him or her a chance, they will, (whether it be reluctantly or not). They'll say "I told you so" if it really WAS a waste of time, but if it wasn't, they won't be ass-holes and try to act like they didn't like it. The reason they're seen as king of the heap is because they behave that way. And, Witch's Requiem, you (a virgo) should be about the LAST person calling a leo a hypocrite. Virgo's tend to be very critical of other people's shortcomings, even though they carry the same faults. Overly emotional and dramatic, you tend to read into the littlest things and turn them into huge "problems" that usually don't have much relevancy to the issue, and then wonder why a leo has absolutely no interest in speaking to you. And let's talk about oblivious--you also tend to be very oblivious to the "bigger picture" in most situations, thus making things far more complicated than they need to be. Don't get me wrong--Virgo's have their strong points, and are very dependable. My mom's a Virgo, and I love her to pieces, but the reason you're having so many leo problems is because they're about the last sign (apart from Aries, of course) who would be willing to put up with that kind of thing. Your best bet would be to hang out with one of those sensitive water signs like Cancer, who feels the need to take care of people. THEY don't have a problem being up your ass or putting up and/or bargaining with your bull-shit, and they even get mad if you don't call them every day...well...some of them, anyway. See...? Perfect match. :) 060103
fucked up fool "i've got something that's all mine"

you'll have to fight me for it!

yeah, of course i can get you AA batteries, what the fuck is wrong with you?

i want that life too, but we have to work for it, not just sit and ignore that shit is going on. I used to want to just run away from all responsibilities too, hide in simplicity.
Well, it looks like i'm as far away from that idea as i can get!

It's not what i wanted either.
what choice do i have?


unhinged as much as i love them, seems like they all end up leaving me in the end 080722
amy horrible leo I've chosen to wear pants this summer. 080723
no reason it's leo time 080723
misstree i came into contact with two of this species at around the same time recently... one had full-on the arrogance, believing he knew exactly how everything was, clashing bad with saggitarian openness and questing. the other carries his pride playfully, and is entitled to damn near every bit of it, but keeps an un-leolike openness... i theorize it's that he's realized that, the more he learns and knows, the more he has to have pride in. also, this second one seems to have kept some of the best bits of kitten, with fearless pouncing and frolick.

the only other leo i've known was eris's hand while she hijacked me into discordianism, pope vincent verthaine... he too was prideful but not arrogant, good in a mentor, and was leo-gorgeous in the goth clubs of new orleans, where there was much sermon and prayer (aka dance, drink and debauchery).
Lia Sagittarian with Leo Moon,
my Leo is more subdued--
a quiet indefinable pride,
finding nothing more
difficult than to admit pain
or ask for help.

When people get
all to cozy up to
humble, understanding,
easy-going Sag
and try to take advantage
of my kindness
or exploit it as naive
or stupid,
the Lion occasionally
has to ROARRRR.
unhinged yes, i do feel like the bad naughty cub abandoned by my pride. one lives in hawaii, the other alaska soon to be oregon. two left bands we were in together to persue other bands. one stopped talking to all her friends because she was going through a rough patch and i haven't heard from her in years.

but i think about them all and often. have the arabic for lion tattooed on my left hip/leg/butt.

everywhere i turn these days, i am reminded of impermanence.
They call me Truth I am a Leo and I didn’t realize that we had such a bad rap. I personally do not believe that I know more than everybody or that I have the right philosophy for life. And I have a deep resistance to judgment because I know how flawed limited and biased a judgment can be. In terms of arrogance or pride…hmmm…I think I have some of that (can’t argue there).

But no one has seemed to express any of the leo’s better qualities. Leos can also be:

When it comes down to it, its all about which side of your nature you choose to nourish and which part you choose to let go.
unhinged i have always enjoyed the better side of leos, been very close to most that i know. that is why i have them tattooed on my after all. the loyalty, affection, creativity all things i highly value. often times they need to be in the center of things, but i don't mind standing just to the left of center, basking in the glow. but these days, they all feel far away from me. and every single last one of them, i wish that they would come back. the family i have made for myself in my adult life, mostly leos, cancers, and scorpios. lions and exoskeletal bug-like creatures...strange metaphor indeed.

also, it is a time of pretty momentous change in my life. i always get cranky, nostalgic, sad when change comes knocking.
amy i display a lot of the negative qualities - bossy, belligerant, think the world goes around me, etc. and only some of the positive qualities. I am outgoing and gregarious for about thirty seconds before I become deflated again. a lot of non-Leos don't seem to understand the tremendous shunning of egotism necessary to become a Leo that people are okay with. that sun shines on in, 24-7. And it's not that ego is a bad thing, really. that's the paradox of being a Leo. you wind up being very likable.... until you're not. i wind up reflecting others in this mostly annoying but sometimes edifying way, because my Moon is in the 7th house (the other). so i have these great boundaries that are actually really pumped up by the Leo Sun. there's a "glass wall", apparently. it doesn't really matter anyway, i'm a burnt out hollow shell, who struggles to track correctly anyway. my goal is to chill out and take on whatever responsbilities I am considered by my guides and masters capable of taking on, and no more. more challenging than it sounds, because ambition does take over from time to time. of course i'd like to support myself as well, a point that i got to and lost and i'm getting to again. 080724
Mysticphoenix She isn't beautiful. But pulled me in like a magnet. What should I do. I'm drowning in her warmth 100612
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