me? isn't it wonderful
to think you've lost something
and then find it again?

what did you say?

good, i thought so.

yes, yes, yes, i'll get right on it.

no, they have no clue.

i'll keep them there until you come. it won't take long. i'm almost done now. you can come and see how we have progressed.

fancy meeting you here. what was your name again?

yes, wonderful, wonderful, we are all having a good time. yes, we are all having just a super time.

yes, and speaking of time,
Tess falls easy wonderful 000106
apr!l somebody once told me that i was a wonderful girl, but it hurt anyway 000213
amy the officemate is getting more and more action from this person she is dating... but everyday she racks her mind with doubt... she's sure he doesn't like her anymore, he's gonna break up with her because he's too busy. as far as i can tell everything is going great... (but she has memories to make her wary of people). i said something like, i'm sure he's not going to break up with you anytime soon because he thinks you're wonderful. (sort of a silly thing to say, as she subtly pointed out to me, but hey...)

in an attempt to sort my email, i found this story by some raver kid probably:

The Tiny Sunshine Experiment
by Jacob the Baker

Running Water: By running water he crouches in the still. A faucet
runs running, speaks speaking, sounds like sunshine to the child who has
made her bed there.
The bathroom he finds himself pulled into the corner of has four bland,
off chestnut walls decorated with peeling paint and weathered scars. A
window looks out upon a forest that he has never been into. The light
soaking in gathers into a warm feeling that covers him like a quilt of
the leaves that have scattered themselves by the feet of the trees.

The Tiny Wristwatch: Over the uncomfortable looking bathtub there is a
orange coloured curtain that has become dull by the weight of time and the cleansing of water.
The child has in her hand a tiny wristwatch. She offers it to him in
silence (other than the rush of water in the sink). As he tries to
thank her, his words are dismantled by the sunshine peeking through a
crack in the wall.

The Moments Between: He pauses, and she looks at him in question.
Forest Floors to Walk Upon: He follows with his eyes down the rust
stains in the sink that hang from the tap like a cloak.
The child takes his hand, and leads him out into the forest to a great
oak that has taken root inside her imagination. With her hand she
touches his fingers to it's coarse bark.

The Beginning: All the senses have gathered themselves. All the
moments that surrounded them have assembled at their feet. The wind has
cooled, and the rays of sunshine fall in splinters from the treetops
above. Everything begins to anticipate...

The Experiment: "This tree," she begins not in words "has an outer
coat for every year it has seen. For every moment that has passed, this
tree has produced a layer to correspond. It wears it's history like a
skin. It has done this for two reasons. First, to keep itself
shielded. Like pages turned in a storybook; it encloses itself with
itself. The second reason is to beautify. To adorn itself in itself."
She whispers softer this time. "Each moment spent is a moment kept."

i still want to be a rock star.
yojimbo hello

Tank life 000707
Zoe wonderful was the time that you held my hand and looked into my eyes. i know that you were getting over that breakup and that to you it really didn't mean a thing, but to me it meant the world.
wonderful was when you kissed me; ok, so it was kind of like a best friend kiss, but i can imagine.
Brown Evan: Do you sell wonderful?
Operator: Excuse me
E: Wonderful do you sell it?
Operator: I'm sorry sir I'm afraid I don't understand...
E: That's fine I already have some, if I was you I'd update my standards.
Operator: Oh, I think I see, I'll look into that
E: Then it's set you'll take the rest of the night off and listen to all of your favorite songs
ixt jolie is not 010916
distorted tendencies Is how I feel when I talk to you. Because I open up and laugh and smile, for the first time in weeks. 010916
J have u ever been so wonderfully high that u saw color/design shifting patterns when u closed your eyes? thats so fugggggin indescribably beautiful.
i miss shmokin pretty lil cute lil nugz with so many crazy colored crystals all over them that it looked like cinnamon toast crunch cereal
starchild the way i felt
when you looked at me

not so wonderful
was the way i felt
when you turned away from me
blue star Jimmy Eat World is wonderful.

Life is wonderful.
Wow, I can actually say that sincerely sometimes... I'm excited.

Tell me honestly, do I strike you as perky?
angie Isnt it romatic? Music in the night. A dream that can be heard. Beautiful. I want it to be warm outside. It makes everything so much more beautiful...with the wind... 020310
wonderful If we keep clinging to this desperate idea will we all be okay? 040331
. wonderful is FORK 040331
nighean_siofra please don't tell me everything is wonderful now... 040925
Syrope today a friend and i joked that we spend more time on the fourth floor of the engineering building than in our apartments, and it's true, but i like the feeling. i like belonging somewhere where people like me are doing things like i'm doing, who are just as stressed as i am and just as excited when we get something to work as i am :)

and then tonight i'm thinking...working here has always made me feel really popular, cause i know so many people who live here who wander by and say hi. and people who have nothing better to do than to stand outside the window and chat with me for hours. then there are the creepy people who come and talk to me for hours and i have to IM out for help "please come visit me at the desk! i need you to run this guy off!"...and people seem to be amazed that i can work these hours. and i get complimented or over-thanked for things i just consider regular service. it's all very flattering...and i realized tonight that i don't really care. not the way i always thought i would. the popularity and respect that i would have killed for in middle school/high school (not just the "wow you're really smart" but people actually liking me for more than help with homework...) doesn't make me feel that much different.

and my sweetie brought me coffee. i think tonight's been one of the most rewarding shifts i've had at this hour. i haven't had to snack or sip on something constantly to stay awake (maybe if this gets easier i can start eating during the day again :-p) and i've actually gotten a lot done.

i remember why i love reading so much, i remember why i love cheesy soft rock, oldies, & country, i remember why i like being awake when no one else is :)

it's wonderful to be happy with yourself, regardless of how other people see you, and to have other people see you in a good light anyway :)
kariann must i blather on everything?

yes yes, i must

wonderful is riding in import cars with hot asian guys.

i will be attending tonight, my love.
sugar she is my honey.
that one there.
mous is what he calls me. 050919
I Heart Me I am so wonderful, you should be utterly astounded. 080417
Ryakoth words are wonderful

and even when they lie they also tell the truth

that is wonderful

even when they are made up on the spot, they can symbolize something

that too is wonderful
Jurisprudence Two weeks in December.
So much so that I began to believe with my eyes and not just my heart.
There are photos I can torment myself with now that tease me to believe in us and they somehow offset the photos you've shown me that set me to run away. Almost.
More wonderful is in order if we're to swing the odds.
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