The Truth These are the poems I've written over the years.

The Truth *Border of Control*

I look into your eyes
I can see your soul
If infinity is God
How far can we go?

Cause love is never pure
Even when youíre old
So truthís our limitation
At the border of control.

All at once
We feel alone
Darkness has itís
Teeth sunk in

Together we all
Share the pain
All of time
Is lost Ö again
The Truth
*Artificial ions*

Those artificial ions
Created deep inside
Form a shell around you
So youíve a place to hide

The foolish ones decepted
The evil feed on lies
But I can still detect it
By looking in your eyes

Some doors should never be opened

Some keys should be thrown away

I can see far past the horizon

And your glass castle shattered

When the connection came.
The Truth *Subconscious kiss*

Did you receive my subconscious kiss?

Or did I (not) send it?

Or did I miss?

Are you passing up this

Chance at bliss

By ignoring my

Subconscious kiss?
The Truth
*Double negative*

The deepest reaches of my soul
Inaccessible to me right now.
Iíve been their - seen infinity
But pain has blocked the way somehow.

The son of the sun can heal me
Disintegrate this misery
I believe I will again be
Revisiting infinity.

So Iíve made the wrong choices
Thus altering futures
But Iím still creating
Rebuilding my willfulness.

If I accidentally spill
My bottle of wisdom
And messages pour out
Into the sand,
Will I treasure forever
My insightful endeavors?
Or curse altogether
The works of my hand?
The Truth *Just one night*

In this blink of an eye
We know as life
So much can happen
In just one night.
This world we knew
We thought we knew
Suddenly changes
Because of you.
Your image is lodged
Within my head
Your scent remains
Atop my bed.
Who cares whatís real?
Or wrong? Or right?
It all can change
In just one night.
The Truth
*Screaming Silently*

Maybe I fall in love way too easily
Maybe I am just easy to use.
The pain doesnít start until weíre apart
But while weíre together I love the abuse.

You are guilty of stealing my thoughts
Youíre the sole reason my mind is caught
In this web of negative depression (I fought)
Until I am with you itís here that Iíll rot.

You said you believed in destiny
What if we were meant to be
Iím so sick and tired of missing you
Awaiting the next time We kiss the Way you do

This delicate hell derives existence from loneliness
Iím under a spell caused be distance between us
Emotional swells
Behaving so violently
Alone with my thoughts Ö
Screaming Ö silently
The Truth *Lose-Lose Situation*
*Lost Situations*

How could your love have died so swiftly?

Now I believe it never existed

How wrong I was to search your eyes.

ďThere must be something more than lies

You lost me againÖ
Forever this timeÖ
I bear all the painÖ
You made it all mineÖ
Why canít you feel?
Why donít you hurt?
Need the reason you kill
Buried heart in the dirt.
The Truth I Dedicate this to my wife, Jennifer. I met her exactly a month after writing this, while snowboarding at Steven's Pass. She is my soul mate. I knew instantly.

*Soul mate*

Iíll tell you, though you didnít ask,

How Iíll know whoís "the one".

Iíll look into her eyeís inside

At light beyond the sun.

Her inner brightness

Shines through darkness

Lies canít breath

Where beauty lives.

The essence of her

Gentle nature

Wraps my soul in grace.

A brilliant silence fills the waves

Of solid, gas and liquid.

And nature sighs eternally

Of our unity completed.
The Truth But WAIT! there's more! 010609
The Truth *Visions*

If The Gravity of God can Touch You

Then Total Silence never Falls

And only Music Levitates

The Sound of Love

Which Hears us all

If the Brilliant Light of God can See you

Then Shadows never can be Found

And only Visions can Reflect

The Sight of Love

Which Looks Around
The Truth *(Untitled)*

I can see the pattern now.
Complex Variation
This Key unlocks the future now
Deciphering Vibration.

___Waves of Energy___
___Waves of Matter___
___Waves of Light___
It doesn't matter...

It ALL belongs to ONE
The past is yet to come
This circle we don't run
It all can be undone.

It all belongs to YOU
Every wavelength, every hue
Then Love comes into view
And time we never knew.

A flash within my frontal lobe
I lost before I found it.
And even though my eyes were closed
The imaging was perfect...


I can see the pattern now.
Complex variation
This Key controls the future now
Deciphering Vibration.
The Truth *Element of Conflict*

So to the list of Worldly Constants
add the Element of Conflict.

___The Trinity___

___Soul Cavity___

Like Gravity...
I believe IT - I BELIEVE it - I believe it.

seed ape from mice
bring on the ice
"we turned out nice"
Plant Sacrifice!

Ooohhh YEAH... I Believe It.

Are we now Like them back then?
Who entertains you like us men?
Or do we all have matching ends?
On your command it all depends.
The Truth *Anti-Depressant Pills*

Are you worth my devotion?
HATE to... Have to ask.
But I'm not really certain
You're up for this task.

Will you take all that I offer
And give nothing in return?
I could teach you EVERYTHING!
But you could never learn.

I've often Never wondered,
But now know how it feels.
Identity mistaken for
Anti-depressant Pills.
DannyH I begin to see how wonder you are... 010723
Gollum pink, warm, squishy, yummy 010723
Casey I enjoy much 010723
MollyGoLightly g-l-i-m-p-s-e 010723
The Truth (Hey, thanks everyone!)

Yes, I know I left out the E

That sucks! Oh well...
the repeater not repeating it's a compliment and a nod towards conceptual continuity 010723
The Truth Oh yikes...I guess I should have copyrighted my poems. But...they aren't really mine. I simply gave birth to them. They were planted in my mind, allowed time to gestate, then when the time was right, they simply came out onto the paper. How can I possibly take all the credit for that? Whoever planted them there gets half the credit. He is the Father, I am the mother of my poems.
(C)copyright 1996-2001
The Truth
_____*A New Poem*_____

A glimpse of the inside?
I've been softly scraped.
From uninspired feelings
now replaced by waste.

I stand in this valley
The high peaks surround me
although I once stood on top
their altitude's astounding.

I don't remember falling down
descending camly toward the ground
I never even heard a sound
perhaps that mountain's just a mound.

I bring myself together now
I tell myself the truth
I tear off the outer layer
of this menacing cocoon

And push my past out to the floor
it lays in broken heaps
this perfect stool gives me a boost
so higher I may reach.

Deep below I hear this rumble
crashing toward my feet.
I see a newly rising hill
come to elevate me

I worry not now anymore
this exercise proved helpful
I see I'm only resting now
to break through higher levels.

Well, I'm not too impressed. There was once a time when I could spontaneously create a poem and be totally satisfied. Perhaps my outlets are jammed. Perhaps I just woke up. Perhaps... I'm still asleep.
me i wish that i could write poetry. i have so many things that i could write about but i just cant put it into words 021221
littel_elf once upon a blue moon I can do that, The Truth.

Maybe your Muse is merely having an off-time. Not your fault :)
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