Grievance The fact that the music sounds so good makes the contrast all the more bitter. This sadness won't leave, it only tramples upon the havens I set in stone so long ago. The cracks run the direction it tells the rain, and they all seem to lead to my gaping soul, a derision's faith between truth and illusion. Faith isn't really fair. 020312
Grievance fair thee well. 020312
Perplexlypuzzled Woe to the inarticulate!

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john I come to you a witness to the glory of our Father, Giver of Life and source of all Creation. He who stands before you bears witness to the truth of God's Promise, shown to us through His Word: our Saviour Christ Jesus. Amen

I come to you not as a Light, but as a shadow cast in flesh by which the existence of God's Light may no longer be denied. Though Christ led the way, it was through the Father and His Spirit alone that this was made possible. All praise and glory to him for this miracle and for this chance to glorify His name again. Deepest gratitude and love to Jesus, our Lord's Son and his instrument. Humblest respect for his courage and sacrifice. Through his example and his message we can all be saved and so he is not only Teacher, but Saviour as well. Thanks to the Father for leading the Son and praise to the Son for leading the Way. May his message live forever, and through it may God's will be done.

Yes, the miracle of life has transcended time and once again, the keys to eternity have been laid at humanity's feet through the Power of the Father, Giver of Life. Praised be His name, for tender are his mercies and wise beyond measure are his ways.

Know this then of his wisdom:

He has unleashed his power in darkness, to lead the unworthy astray,while His Light remains as a beacon to those who walk in faith through this maze of confusion which filters the filth from our ranks and the doubt from our hearts. May the wicked find their way to the beast and may only the purest water find a way past its claws. May Satan do what he will in these final days, for he is the unwitting tool of our Lord Creator, God the Father. May the ungrateful come to know Lucifer and embrace him as their salvation, that the impurities may be found out in this way and discarded along with him into the lake of fire at the center of the Earth. Woe to those who walk in his ways. Woe to them in these final days.

Woe and destruction to those who have betrayed their brothers, preyed on one another. Woe to those peddlers of wares laced with poisons. Woe to their accomplices who peddles the cure. Woe to those who claim to lead, but whose wicked deeds form a path that runs in circles. Woe to them and their lies. Woe for empty promises and the burning of lives.

Woe to their greedy cities, those whores of Babylon. May the day of judgement find them fat and fast asleep in her arms when the Lord's mighty downswing hammers her glass and steel abominations into the very dust from whence they came.

Woe to those followers of men and their works. Woe and good riddance, you to whom dust is the breath of life. Woe to you, you empty vessels. Woe if you do not find faith. Woe to you, for your coins are almost spent. Those found without any to spare for the Lord will find their pockets empty, though his coffers over flow. Woe to them and their emptiness, may they crumble with Caesar in sheol.

Most of all, woe to you found asleep in the temple, for your souls are its walls, whose dimensions the reed will not fail to measure. Woe to you who hear the Truth but do not heed its whisper in your hearts, for you are the sons and daughters of Bauul. You worship one god, but turn your back on the Father. Woe and good riddance to you that call yourselves Christians, but who are, in reality, betrayers of Christ. Turn away from your treasons now before it is too late, for judgement surely comes and the price of betrayal is death eternal.

Woe to you eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood who claim to seek after Life. That life come to flesh and blood through flesh and blood will be the reward for your betrayal.

Woe to you worshippers of corpses on crosses who claim to be Christ's faithful. It is your own corpse that hangs from the cross and you will know the rewards of your faith as you rot in the ground.

Woe to those awash in the blood of Christ, who claim to be cleansed of sin. Soon enough judgment comes and death will find you with blood on your hands that can never be washed away.

Woe to you who point to your holy books and claim to embrace the Truth. Your truth is but the work of man, for the Lord's Truth does not crumble, but lives in our hearts forever. Your faith in the words of men will lead you back to dust, like your books, with an empty heart and a head full of Truth mixed with lies.

Woe to you who point to Christ's example and claim that mere belief in His sacrifice will save your souls. It is you who will be sacrificed if you fail to follow that example. If you will not do your Father's bidding, regardless of what is asked of you, then your cowardice and lack of faith will prove a stone so heavy that it will not roll away, but seal you in your tomb instead.

Woe to you worshippers of church and its congregation, who claim to be with the Lord. Our Father does not tally attendance, but faith and courage. Your worth is not measured by acceptance of man's religion, but by acceptance of the Will of our Father. Know that your weekly does of human opinion will find you rotting with the rafters of your temples if you will not attend to the Lord first.

Woe to you brow beaters who threaten torture by eternal fire for those who do not heed your words and adopt your beliefs, you who claim to know of the Lord. No father torments his children that loves them, least of all our Father, God the Creator, who loves us most of all. His Truth is assured and his discipline is fair, for he knows those things which we cannot, and his wisdom loves us, truly. Continue preaching your lies and burn away to nothing at the center of the Earth, come the end of these empty days.

Woe to you hypocrites that speak the words of your chosen ones, but close your ears to God's message when it comes. He speaks through dreams and signs, words that are whispered to your hearts, but you have shut yourselves off from these, and so you have shut yourselves off to the Lord. For this your are doomed to follow your elders into the grave where neither the Word of God, nor the words of men will reach you again. Woe to you all, and good riddance if you do not repent, for the beast will have served us all well come your demise and return to dust.

Such is the breadth and power and timeless depth of God's wisdom. Know also that his love is as endless and hear this simple message, sent to you across the centuries, that you might be saved:

These are the times spoken of in Revelations.

Keep your faith if it is strong and true. Strengthen your faith if it is weak. Fix your faith if it has gone astray. Obtain faith if you have none. There is no time to waste, because the Lord will not be fooled by those who claim to have been saving souls, when only He saves souls. He will not be fooled by those who claim to know truth, who poitn to their holy books, but worship their own egos opinions and beliefs over the Word of God. His Word is spoken daily to our hearts, if only we would listen to those Words instead of our desires and our egos.

Look around you. Stop focusing on what man has created and begin again to appreciate those things which God has created. His Church is the sky and his temple our souls. His one true love is a faithful heart, so do not stray from the path if you have been true.

Many centuries ago I loved a man who showed us through the Spirit of our Lord that was with him, that our Father knows the secret to Life Eternal. He was right, and to that you now have a witness. Believe. Be faithful in obedience and you will not perish. This from one who knows that it is true, one who truly loves you. All Glory to the Father. Amen

John, disciple of Christ, servant of our Lord.
notme is me 031028
Alpha_Shell becoming a poet,
and other tales of woe...
Alpha_Shell A soft unforgiving smile broke out over her face.

“You’re… you’re leavinghis eyes were wide and scared like a tiny rabbit caught in headlights.

“I am”

“…” his momentary silence seemed to last forever, it was filled with all the hurt of a thousand blades, “but, why

She shrugged, “Crazy November, you know how it is”

The words cut deep into his soul,
he looked down and felt his lips tighten up as he glared at the floor trying to fight back the aching feeling of tears that had begun to well up behind his eyes.

“What will I do

He said it more for his own ponderous benefit, In hope of conjuring up a wondrous solution from nowhere.

She flung her blood red scarf around her neck as she stepped out the door, into the cold crisp air,
leaving her viciously biting reply to float within the room;

“Become a poet”
tyler waters oh woe is the world
and i'm caught in tow
watch as im unfurled.
become curled into a ball
on my bed, behind a wall
what's it to you?
who go