kirstin i can't belive no one else has used this yet.

it's happy, it's a feeling, bliss, maybe a feeling brought on by love.
allie look at all this love i've found.... 990501
emma also a really irritating band. 990501
daxle maybe because they weren't irritable 990503
amorfus lemon 000302
amorfus just one of those things... 000302
Ben The confusing fog of day to day is just a mist that passes by as we search for meaning in life. 000728
When you grab a hold of me Tell
me that I'll never be set free
I'm a parasite,
creep and crawl I step into the night.
Two pints of boose
Tell me are you a badfish too? Are you a badfish too?
Ain't got no money to spend
I know the night will never end
Lord knows I'm weak
Won't somebody get me off of this reef

Baby your a big blue whale
Grab the reef when all duck diving fails
I swim but wish I nevered learned
The water's too polluted with germs
I dive deep when it's ten feet overhead
Grab the reef underneath my bed
Ain't got no quarrels with god Ain't got no time to grow old
Lord knows I'm weak
Won't somebody get me off of this reef

Ain't got no quarrels with God Ain't got no time to grow old
Lord knows I'm weak
Won't somebody get me off of this reef

Were Only Gonna Die For Our Own Arragence

Early man walked away
As modernman took control
There mind's weren't all the same
And to conquer was their goal
So he built his great empire
And he slaughtered his own kind
He died a counfused man
And killed himself in his own mind

Were only gonna die for our own arrragence,
so we might as well take our time.


Dont Push
Stolen from an african land
Chased out with a knife
With a face like Bob Marley and a mouth like a motor bike
Oh well the bars are always open and the time is always right
And if God's good word goes unspoken well the music goes all night

And it goes...
If i was Bob Marley I said could you be loved
If I was half pint I'd ball the lord up above
If I was Mike Tyson I'd look for a fight
If I was a BoomtownRats I would be stayin up all night
IF I was the king Ad-Rock i would get stupid dumb
If rythmes were valiums I'd be comfortably numb

If I had a shotgun, know what I'd do,
I'd point that shit straight up at the sky
and shoot heaven on down to you
Oh well the bars are always open, and the time is always right
And if God's good word goes unspoken, well the music goes all night

I want a lover, I can't find the time
I want a reason, I can't find the rythmec
I want to start some static, but I can't afford,
to hit the ground like I fell off my skateboard
Now a days as clear as you please, strap with protection or strap with disease.
Laughter, it's free any time just call me
439-0116 when your down with Sublime you get
funky fresh lyrics, you get nothin

Stolen from an african land
Got chased out of the bar
I saw (Ice is) my best friend tonite so don't push me too far

I gonna run come down with the new lyrics,
get hit get hip you knuckle heads
Racism is scism on a serious tip
You don't believe me I go and bust your lip.
I hear the moutain, it hard to climb
Rougher the rythm, then it must be sublime
Listen yellow lover you got it right on time
We got cricket with the quickness and the bassline

Go and raid the sound and tell people the news oh, hey
tell them regaee music is on the loose
Here i am from the place where the sun shine down in a unique fashion
Good good vibes that keep on playin, playin

People gonna come and try tell me smokin crack cocaine better than sensi
You're pumpin' that shit and I'm sick of it
Teakin' every weekend we just can't take it (WORD)
daddy i got a new .45 001128
daxle everytime I hear "some day I'm gonna lose the war" my soul just sinks into my feet 001213
daddy what i really want to know
(my baby, ooh)
What i really want to say
Zoe Kicks ass. I wish I could have met Bradley Nowell. He was a genious. 010328
nocturnal I know this guy who says limp bizkit is very influenced by sublime. he actually said the two bands are practically the same music. I almost hit him. I was arguing and screaming at him for at least 30 minutes, but he was drunk so it obviously did no good. 010328
and i go (unnh) ...trataron de matar
but they did not
get too far
un poco después
tuve que regresar
con un chingo de dinero
'cause they know i'm a star

si no me dio cuenta
you probably never will
you must be a muñeca
if you're still
standing still

¡levanta! ¡levanta!
i'm your papî
take your chones
y los manden a mî

..caress me down
drew a band which a new legendary style of music that is a mix of reggae, ska, and punk. 020209
M;ateo I dont cry when my dog runs away, I dont get angry at the bills I have to pay, I dont get angry when my mom smokes pot. 020216
continuous ache 'we sold some mushroom tea
we sold some ecstasy
we sold nitrous, opium, oxide, heroin, and PCP...'
blown cherry sublemon

Underground Citrus.
Running through the night.
Scurrying from corner to shadow, crevice to safety.
Never safe.
Always hunted.
But rebels and resistance fight on.
The light within will soon be mirrored with sunshine on the outside.
girl_jane We talked about it in chemistry the other's when a solid skips the liquid state and turns straight to a gas- 020321
silentbob also mixes a blend of hip hop 020321
good people once, i was playing with melted glass and marshmallows... i found out that if you put withe-hot glass on a marshmallow, it sublimes.

also, the best band ever.
continuous ache i had to learn the hard way
just to let it pass by
let it pass by
cheer-up-emo-kid Lying in my plasic bed,
thinkin' how things were so cool to me
My baby likes to shoot pool
I like lying naked in my bedroom
Tying on the dinosaur tonight
it used to be so cool
Now I've got the needle
and I can't bleed, but I can't breathe.
Take it away and I want more and more
One day I'm gonna lose the war
Does Erica Rhyme With Orange? It's heart-breaking to hear, documented in song, how an amazingly ingenius artist such as Bradley Nowell, tragically predict his own death by drugs.... it's also heart-breaking to know that nothing was done to stop it, and let him know that there's a better way to live than off the buzz of a substance... Even though he's in a better place, I sometimes selfishly wish that he was still with us... it's music like this that lets me tolerate the music industry of today. 020827
birdfish lord knows im weak
won't somebody
get me off of this reef
joda summertime,

the livin's easy...
shadow it just fucking rolls of your tounge and out of youre mouth like something happy and good, hmmmmmm.. 030613
celestias shadow april 26, 1992 030831
nomatter total hate 031002
cupcake umm, no matter, isn't that like a waste of hate? i mean they're just some stupid badn that you dont like, it's not like they punched you in the face or antyhing, just turn off the radio! 031003
nomatter uhhhhh
I love sublime
its a song
cupcake oops! sorry! 031004
power trip who loves you like i do? 031029
lovechild SUBLIME
OH sublime
there are not enough words to express my love for sublime and bradley.

~ if rhymes were valiums i'd be comfortably numb ~

rest in peace, man... in the big secret tweaker pad up in the sky :)
ambermoon he sreamed "she lies that little bitch" but the judge knew he was full of shit and gave him 25 years.

i LOVE sublime......keep bradly alive.. dont stop playin there songs.
uhane ku oko a music from jamaica all the love that i found...
pull over there's a reason why my soul's unsound

poetry is sublime

the waves are the music & the ride is the dance
your mom I love my dog
I got to keep my PMA
giff the music i heard just a while ago as i had wild, crazy, awesome sex. 050201
summertime i'm locked up
like a penitentiary
she spreads her lovin' all over
and when she gets home
there's none left for me
i said i'm gona play with myself
gja Turns 11 this weekend.
Has been the setting for good times and gooder times.
Isnt the same anymore. Or...maybe its me.
; i'm psychotic, it's ok though, i feel like Alice in Wonderland, coool, i just need the costumes now! 070717
gja Ah yes - costumes - proceed at will 070717
fuffle NO !
thats their Castle!
you idiot!

i'm going to the french revolution one cos maybe she might invite me.
UES playing while i played
spin_the_bottle for the first time
ues was playing while i played
for the first time
what's it to you?
who go