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probably Im gandering at this Midrin conferance, and Ive just taken two down with my cold oolong tea. I havnt decided weather or not Ive taken to get rid of the headache I feel coming on or because I need to get high again and its the only thing I have. thinking about selling some to make some money, wonder if Ill get very far with that. Wonder if Im beginning to get too messed up in drugs??? Beginning to wonder if im hurting myself? How I love the sound of Jerrys voice. 011104
liegh I'm also wondering if I'm too caught up in drugs as well. I've been smoking weed a lot more latly and letting more people know, that I smoke it. My friend mentioned that he wants to bring me to a rave with him but it would be more fun on acid or something. I'm actually considering it. I would never consider this, but I keep telling myself, that I could try it once. Not only to feel it, but to actually have the experience. I don't know, it's horrible. It's like a downward spiral. 011104
liar Mine:liarliarliar 030724
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Bizzar bizzar. big surprise. but I dont post there anymore. too many stupid people.

my blog is

I like it there
magenta the more i say the less sense i make, and i can't believe i'm still checking this outlet of yours, this stupid stupid journal where you don't mention anything about me, or the way i kiss, and instead you just talk about her. 030730
floaty mine is /users/oneshotnothing
feel free to come read & friend me. :)
no reason /users/tracesofsilver

finally got a code. wahoo!
delial myopic 030910
endless desire /users/sometimes_she

damnit i gave in
notalice oh goodness. Livejournal! I feel like such an immense ass for having one, but I've been using blogs for ages to whinge like a big emo kid. It's great. 040512
kookaburra im really liking this.
i can spew all the crap that only i want to hear and make it look pretty.
kerry /users/loner_dottie 040627
minnesota_chris i WRITE aack how about that caps lock!

I write over there more than here, now. It's nice to have a place where you can just write stupid stuff about yourself, without feeling like you're inflicting it on people who want poetry.
james joyce james_joyce 040628
cherise it's my favorite place to be and write and things along those lines. i love staring at this one skin, it's all purple and blue and pretty digital things.
prettier than blather, even! :o
bum bum olivia i'm bumbum, possibly soon to be olivesammich.

LJ is a big drama factory. so many fights are played out over the internet i don't think i know how to verbally defend myself anymore.

and i always feel cheap when i see my problems on the internet in plain sight of everyone else. but i'm a voyeur. it's what i do.
Lila Pause users/miss_nonchalant/

But I've stopped writing there since I discovered blather.
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ItGirl users/ItGirl240 040817
Strideo mine looks kinda blatherish
endless desire users/mytwohands

people listen to me.
maybe that's all i ever needed.
minnesota_chris oh whoops, over there I am at

come leave an anonymous message somewhere and spread the nonsense
no reason remember this? no one seems to use it anymore. i still like to vent on it and self-indulgently talk about myself and my life to a sort-of audience. the audience has clearly dissipated though, and moved towards other/newer internet outlets, but i'm not sure there's anything that quite replaces livejournal. everything else seems less personal. 120613
flowerock Live journal : ) I loved live journal, also had a dead journal, then I had myspace, now facbook. Now I'm feeling like live journal is the way to go, back to basics. sucks to get ads on lj now though, or the last time I checked... lost my early account info so no more grandfathered in privileges. remember when you had to "get a code" to make an lj? 140130
epitome of incomprehensibility 1. If you could be any of these animals, which would you be?

a) armadillo
b) bear
c) capybara
d) human

2. Which rhyme do you find particularly creepy?

As I was walking down the stair
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today,
Oh, how I wish he'd go away.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.
Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he?

Algy met a bear.
The bear was bulgy.
The bulge was Algy.

d) None. Don't be silly. I bet you didn't even copy those correctly.

3. The word that best describes you is:

a) philosophical
b) hairy
c) warm
d) sensible

4. You are at a business meeting when a colleague suddenly and inexplicably turns into a giraffe. What do you do?

a) Chuckle!
b) Get out of the way.
c) Bring him/her some lettuce to eat.
d) Refer him/her to question 1 of this quiz, gently explaining that "giraffe" is not among the transformation options.

5. You fantasize about:

a) Fractals.
b) Lesbian fractals.
c) World peace.
d) Other humans.

6. Imagine you are in a room. What item of furniture do you most expect to encounter?

a) a chair
b) a chair
c) a chair
d) all of the above

7. Imagine that the last question was written by either a), b), c), or d). Who would be most likely to write it?

a) a
b) b
c) c
d) anything but d

8. What are you thinking about right now?

a) What the hell are lesbian fractals?
b) None of your business.
c) This sounds like a short story. Is it a short story? Why don't you focus more on the human condition?
d) Why am I being singled out? I thought d) stood for dull. I thought I was supposed to be the boring sensible one. Is this some sort of reverse psychology thing?

9. What is the opposite of psychology?

a) Oh, I get it. Reverse psychology.
b) Un-psychology?
c) Inner peace.
d) Actual science.

10. If you could go back in time and kill Hitler, what would you eat afterwards?

a) Definitely chocolate.
b) Does it matter?
c) I wouldn't kill him. I don't think I could kill another living soul. I'd just take him to the beaches of Antarctica in 2055 and give him horseradish to eat. Me, I'd have pineapple gelato.
d) Probably a peanut butter sandwich.


Mostly As:
You probably did well in school, and if you still go to school, you probably think you're not doing well enough. You're clever but a little fickle, and you need more leafy greens in your diet. The next time you meet an attractive person of your preferred gender(s), you will blush, even though you don't usually blush. To ease the situation, start talking about green leafy vegetables in a committed way. You are prone to engage in intellectual warfare with D) types, and possibly physical warfare with B) types, unless you're both on the same sports team, in which case you'll be best friends.

Mostly Bs:
Beneath that hairy exterior you have a loyal heart. A) will tell you that loyalty is overrated, but C) will say it looks nice on you. Of course, C) says nice things about everybody. Don't be afraid of opening up to people and showing your vulnerable side. Just be afraid of people suddenly turning into giraffes.

Mostly Cs:
You're nice, but a little vague. Luckily, in mild cases of vagueness such as yours, targeted adjective therapy has shown to have immediate and impressive results. Unlike many other sensitive-minded souls who throw around adjectives and adverbs like confetti, you don't use them often enough. A well-placed adjective can invigorate your activist aspirations. Don't just say, "Vladimir Putin is a bully and he should eat cardboard!" Tell us what color the cardboard should be.

Mostly Ds:
You don't think outside the box, but you do question why there should be a box in the first place. I mean, what's with boxes? Is it that they're square? Perhaps square is radical... The fact that metaphor isn't your natural habitat has a bright side; it gives you leverage on explaining the mechanics of metaphor. (That was a mixed one, as you can see). You don't like mixed drinks but you enjoy a glass of aged Scotch every once in a while. Your main weakness is that you've never seriously considered going back in time. Type A) and B) people may resent you for "showing off," but eventually your cando(u)r and optional Canadian spelling will win them over.

Mostly Es:
Congratulations! You either didn't take the test or you didn't like the choices. Either way, you're now mad at me for categorizing you, even though you win.
e_o_i word check (Damn it. That was meant to be arbitrary_quizzing. I'm sure you could find something like this somewhere on livejournal, however.) 140130
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