lycanthrope i think the video music awards
shouldn't play thirty times
in my house even when the TV's
And they should go back to the 80's
and retire words like millenium
and human spirit.
They throw away words like love.
Don't just give back
to the philosophers
our hard earned momentary stays
like Aha's "Take on Me."

Fit history into that song. I've done it. It's satisfying.

In light of recent tragedies-
people should stop being cultural.
Stop wearing condoms, i mean
burqhas - i mean just stop being.

In light of the fall, perhaps we shouldn't celebrate spring.

Recent tragedies you know?
like that whole thing before
the big bang, and all the lonliness
outside the universe.

That's all the religions mean
when they go on about virgins.
And they do go on about virgins,
and unicorns too sometimes.

Less recent tragedies too though,
the burning of Carthage.

great works and not so great works
all smelled the same to those barbarians
with their dull tongue hissing
"smells like victory."

And i heard the story, but who's
ever died for math?

Good thing we're better at building now.
what else are we better at?

I can't wait till we fill our potential!

we can become so meaningful we're gone. It's a lot of work
carrying out the universe's
appearance of indecision -
from bubble pop to snap to well
we've only got probabilities so...

full speed ahead?

is slow down as big a fallacy?

well it has to be testable!

hmm dr. white
gloves? what next?

mmm scalpel
mmm chapel
mmm adam
mmm atom.

"we lost another one"

"well we'll value it so much we'll learn from it"

"the crying mother in the waiting room doesn't want a lecture doctor."

"she's just doing what comes natural"

"well then why lecture?!"

"it comes naturally, listen, send her something personal like his heart, the rest we'll donate to humanity"

. . .

In light of recent tragedies, lovers please stop loving, poets please stoep doing that with words.

from now on, one word will suffice.

in light of recent tragedies,
maybe we should see other people,
go out for coffee every now and then
because you make my judgments
seem arbitrary and you know i hate it when you do that!

let's not make this about boys and girls!

you ask a guy how much sex he's had and was it his mom or his dad who told him to bring exponents into the answer? God?

"worship me with lies"

"my dick is .0000001 miles long and has homing capabilities as well as long range possibilities, also it gets cable"

yowwww can i get a social norms catcall?

gender stereotypes changin? boooooooo to that.

ummm i hoo...i'm sad too.

in light of recent tragedies, shouldn't we listen to more techno?
with all of it's monotonous
excitements and emergent qualities untill it's all just too much information.
like when my friend told me about the first time she squirted.
thanks...i was saving that desensitization for my thirties.
techno disco is it.

did it suck when the sixties weren't the end of the world?
when paradise coming meant only that each day was as
difficult as it had been before.

and i don't blame anyone who took the easy way out.
there's so many new easy ways out.
and you wouldn't even notice a war anymore,
if it weren't for all the older folks who sit at home and play chess
and think about each move for hours while listening to npr.

it's easier to ask if it's worth it being a human
it's easier to ask if we should seek truth unequivocally
than it was for plato rex etc. etc.

and it has new meaning. and the philosophers and scientists
and artists are all like...well we knew it'd come to this...
and they say go to the neighbors and ask if we could borrow some
and they all say sugar at the same time.

but everyone knows britney spears is the sugar queen.

okay so you'd think it'd be harder to ask those questions.
but you don't know how hurt i am.

in light of recent tragedies,
if a building should say, collapse beneath our feet,
shouldn't we enjoy the ride,
people pay for that feeling,
but it's free without the parachute.
see, you can leave the earth briefly,
but it costs to get back on.

in light of recent tragedies,
shouldn't we become our enemies?
shouldn't we hate ourselves?
shouldn't we make an accident purposeful?
like compassion is?
eklektic my sister came to visit from chicago. from chicago...on the same night you didnt pick me. its ok.

goodnight austin.
reitoei you can now buy commemorative fill-in-the-blank's for only 10-100 times what it cost a chinese laborer to make.

wear your generic, factory-made, tearful, enforced memories! stock up for yard sales! be proud to be an american! proud to be a slave to fear, commercialism, and paranoia. fight abstract nouns!!
jane lycanthrope

that was one of the most awesome pieces of writing i have ever read

i just wanted to say thank you
silentbob we lived through another day and its a good excuse to celebrate

let's celebrate mediocrity, apathy, and entropy

not only will the revolution be televised, it will also come with free t-shirts courtesy of whatever network wins it over. Fox. Abc. Nbc. Cnn. msnbc. MTV.

i'd like my apocalypse gift wrapped please, in red shiny paper
lycanthrope aww shucks. in light of recent tragedies we shouldn't give credit to individuals anymore. thanks though.

hmm i wish i could add something though. after where it says from now on we'll only use one word. i think i'd put a line that says existence or something. or maybe that's too strong a plea for the overall plaintive laugh that is the rest of it.

anyways. thanks.
jane no problem...keep me updated 020909
u24 lycanthrope

I came here via 'go', and unlike most times, when I scroll down and down from past to present, for some reason, your words caught my eye, and I read.

Then, when I'd done reading, I scrolled down and saw that jane had already said what I wanted to, so, all I have left to say is, I second jane.
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lycanthrope thanks. if i was confused then, it only worsens with each passing day, but we try to graph out our thoughts...i hope i helped. 031104
24 I thought you'd left. (or perhaps you are a pseudonym?)

stork daddy see...with more organization to this'd know via all the aliases i've ever whatever'd on...that i'm also stork daddy, werewolf, knot meat, knot me, lobsterman, curious king george III, happy mom dolphin, knot i leaving any out? in light of recent tragedies though, i think i need a new one. 031104
werewolf i've just cheapened this blathe 031104
king kong NINJA i'd say` 031104
book of eris i want this close and don't know why. 031104
oE i read this 031104
ClairE You ought to come here and kiss me right by the hip, following the curve, your lips against my skin.

Touch is like eating, eyes are like clapping and jumping, your eyes on me is like laughing. Smiling is like kissing and the pillow is your_smell. Don't you see that the way your head bent into mine is what won't fall away?

Don't you see the way the heart rises, chests rise and fall, time itself raises higher and higher? Don't make me sing you the explanation.
celestias shadow lycanthrope, that was absolutely fucking amazing. I'm speechless. 040202
. wow 040414
egger (i just printed this the other day to keep it. and you say you don't know what to publish. silly storky.) 040415
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werewolf wow. i actually still feel the same way as i did when writing this. 060309
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